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  1. Hi all, I've recently had my car re-painted (front end) and seriously considering having the new paint protected from future stone chips. If anyone else is thinking of having their Esprit done, please get in touch as we could collectively make a significant saving on the templates.
  2. Sorry in advance for any hand position misbehavings (this video was shot prior to the last one) I never really noticed my hands when shooting video, perhaps its my laid back approach, either way thanks for the feedback! I'm way more conscious of where I put my hands now:) Of course on track both hands would be on the wheel as much as possible 😅(Going for the ARDS test in a few weeks so I better get practicing!)
  3. So to keep the journey going, here's my first video on the new (for me) Lotus Evora
  4. This car belonged to my Uncle for about 10 years he regrets selling her and would love to learn its whereabouts. Cheers Charlie
  5. Hey all, please get yourselves signed up to our event! We have an Argentinean BBQ and DJ to set the scene for what we are hoping to be a nice way to send off the scorching summer we have had!! Any questions please get in touch! 😎 For details on Facebook: Directly sign up here:
  6. heres the promo video I was very happy to shoot for Mloc. Certainly a good event to get involved in! See you on the 15th July!! 😊 😂 oops sorry for the double post! Just saw @bibs posted it 👍
  7. We need to be there before 10am so the plan will be to meet at 9 am in the Newmarket Homebase carpark. (CB8 7SX) so we can drive in together in convoy. Let me know if you are interested!
  8. Hi Pete, Cars need to be delivered before 10am and cannot leave until 5:30 pm unfortunately down to the organiser's insurance terms. Cheers Charlie
  9. Link to the event website is here:
  10. Hello everyone, we have been given 50 free spaces at Motorshow east if you would like to bring your Lotus this coming weekend. (Sorry for the short notice!) The event takes place on Saturday and Sunday (2nd-3rd June) at Newmarket Racecourse. Please get yourself signed up on our Facebook event: as well as the Google form here:
  11. @martynv is there still space for this? Totally forgot to get a ticket. Let me know and if the answer is Yes I'll go ahead and buy my ticket!
  12. Had the newspaper visit us today! Still space to sign up! Get on the form:
  13. Please go and check out my latest YouTube video!!
  14. Hey all, just to give you an idea below is a list of cars already attending. Please get involved if you are interested in coming. Might also be a good warm up event to do before Duxford!! 11 Lotus' coming so far!! Lotus Esprit S4 Lotus Esprit x180 turbo Porache 911 C4GTS Lotus Elise Type 25 Lotus Turbo Esprit Lotus Elise 220 Cup MG B roadster Lotus Exige 240s Porsche 911 C4S Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Veloce 1750 Porsche 993 Lotus Exige S380 Lotus Turbo Esprit Toyota Sera Corvette Stingray Lotus Exige cup 260 Aston Martin DBS Ford Cortina Morris Marina Rolls Royce Ghost Ford Galaxie 500 Lotus Elan +2 s 130/5 Lotus Excel
  15. Martyn - Esprit SE Bibs - Evora ChrisJ - Turbo Esprit or Excel SE top-plumber - unmentionable nigeninja -Europa S Bazza - S3 Esprit markw996 - S4 Esprit JAWS - Evora Rupert - Elise SC Scott - Elan M100 Charlie- Esprit S4
  16. Come and join us for a fresh perspective on a Car Show. Our first event takes place just outside of Cambridge at the Soda Bar & Bistro on Saturday 28th April. A great opportunity to meet new people, explore other cars network and enjoy a BBQ! Facebook Event Page (please sign up): Here is the car entry form you MUST fill this in if you want to bring your car: Further details will be provided soon but please save the date!
  17. Thanks guys! Had a great day out Who's the guy in the Orange Evora in front of me who managed to spin off during the track parade!? I salute you!!
  18. Haha got another video on that so far the Esprit is winning as being the most expensive! ?
  19. That would ge great mate but got 2 other cars in tow. Put our names down on the reserve if you can? Charlie D - Esprit Simon F - Evora Simon J - Elise
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