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  1. Hi all, here's a video now that my car is back on the road! Hopefully demonstrating that the cars are not a total killer to repair and that there are plenty of good sympathetic mechanics out there Oh please subscribe so I can go live at the The Lotus Festival!!
  2. Such a love / hate relationship with these! Hope to be all sorted for the Lotus Festival.
  3. Cool! Well lets see if we can meet up on the way!
  4. Where is Kimberly? Aiming to get to Matlock for 7:15
  5. yes i think so!! Meeting at Melton at 5:45 if you want to join
  6. Anyone want to join our run from Melton Mowbray to Matlock? Roof's coming off, going to be a great day!
  7. Great event guys, thanks for organising had such a great time as you can see in this little video I did.
  8. Hi Chris, can I add you to our Whatsapp group? Drop me a PM with your number! cheers
  9. @PhilW Hey Phil, we'll be arriving around 8 so let me know if you are running late and you can come with us!
  10. haha ok i'll let you know if we are going to be anywhere close. Oh and there is always the drive back!!
  11. We may not get to South Mimms till later. I think we can't get to Brooklands any earlier than 10am if I understood correctly. Cheers Charlie
  12. Thank you for all the hard work gone into organising such a great day. (And my first car show with the Esprit) I was gutted to get home to find my GoPro didn't record a lot of footage however, I have put together a short video summarising my day
  13. How about next weekend? You heading to Brooklands?
  14. Anyone driving down from Norfolk / Cambridge / Herts area and want to travel down together?
  15. I took a few sneaky ones @rizla603104. Will upload soon!
  16. Ermm. It sounded freaking cool. Gutted as I thought I was filming on my Go Pro. got home to realise I wasn't... Sucks!!
  17. Hey @JayEmm were you in the Yellow Evora? If so nice little drive out of Duxford.
  18. Thanks Martyn, see you tomorrow! All ready to go!
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