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  1. Hey Tim, looks like you are down the road from me! 

  2. Not the best but the closest I could get!! Lots of people think it says E14 PRAT! Exactly what my father said to me when I bought the car
  3. Haha! Makes the whole experience a bit more genuine. Once I got her started she was fine though!
  4. Thought I would share the love by posting this video of my drive this morning. - Initially couldn't get it started, think it was a fuel pump issue, anyway I managed to fix it and took it for a lovely drive in the sun!
  5. Yup! I had all of the games, even the later ones that came out on PC. I remember clearly the intro videos and the pop up headlamps as well as choosing music on a realistic looking lotus stereo prior to starting the game! :-)
  6. Nice video demonstrating what could be done if the car is beyond "keeping it original"!kmt-start=10
  7. I've seen that there is a Club Lotus track day at Hethel. Not sure if this would usually count under normal track day insurance because its a "test track" Anyone able to shed some light? Cheers!
  8. Hello Fellow Cambridge S4 owner! :)

    1. rizla603104


      Hi there! How are you and where are you? Have you had your S4 for long?

    2. charliejd85


      I'm in Waterbeach. Picked it up on Monday. How about you? I see we are both in the same line of work too! :)

    3. rizla603104


      How funny!  I'm based in Newmarket - small world! We'll have to meet up.

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