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  1. Have now fitted the LOTAC suspension - straight forward to fit. In spite of only having covered 20,000km, age had obviously taken it's toll on the original factory dampers, as they were quite easy to push in and out when removed from the car. The improvement to handling with new Bilstein/ Eibach setup is extraordinary. The handling has gone from a bit disappointing an inconsistent to absolutely superb. Braking has also been massively improved. Ride height has worked out well on the lower of the two settings. Could not be happier.
  2. Thanks for the feedback Alan - have now got this kit on the way. Looking forward to getting this on and trying it!
  3. Thanks Matt - appreciate the feedback. That gives me confidence to order this set-up.
  4. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience fitting the LOTAC Bilstein shock & Eibach spring kit onto the Esprit V8. My only concern is ride height as I have seen some comment that the car sits higher after fitting. I am not wanting to lower my car from stock, so happy with the factory height, however just concerned that the car will ride too high. Any comments?
  5. Just looking at updating the suspension on my V8. How did you find the Lotac suspension, and is the ride height of the car with this kit installed looking reasonably factory stock?
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  7. Great to see a New Zealand regional forum for all kiwi Lotus enthusiasts is now up and running. Well done having this set up Rich. Hopefully plenty of people get onto this and use it. It will be interesting to see how this evolves over time.
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