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  1. Hi Guys, Glad your enjoying the new kit @tim_marra To answer a few of the questions on the N/A upgrade.... It's possible to do an NA but the cost gets up there very quickly. We use the Evora S file as the base map for tuning and to upgrade the NA to S in most cases means the ABS module needs to be replaced to the later level one which can have the program updated (the early ones up to about 2011 have a fixed program that cant be changed). Even with a later model N/A there is plenty of cost involved in getting the car into an Evroa S type spec before the 1900 or 1320 goes on. First and foremost the clutch needs to be considered, we have converted a few N/A's to the factory TVS1320 and most have been ok without a clutch but our first customer who did the 1320 upgrade blew his clutch the other day at a hill climb. An N/A upgrade to the TVS1900 wont last long at all and we haven't had anyone try this yet. Unfortunately the clutch upgrade is an engine out job which has a good 25-30 hours in it. There is lots of other hardware like the engine mount/idler bracket, injectors and inlet manifolds which N/A owners need to buy which are re-used on the S and most of these are only available through Lotus so the cost gets up there pretty quick. I'm not sure what used Evora pricing is like in the UK but if it's anything like here it would probably be more cost effective to sell the N/A and buy the S as the starting platform. Stu
  2. That should be your best option Benny, we only have one 311 here in Australia so I dont have any upgrade options for you anyway!
  3. Hi All, Apologies for my absence, had time off on holiday recently and came back with a mystery virus which had me in and out of hospital so I have a lot of catching up to do! Some responses to a few points raised over the last couple of days in this thread; @550superfast– I have the new intakes and the smaple batch of headers here. We are testing both at present but I'll get some images and some info together to share this week. Might start a new thread regarding the headers. @Mark030358 there would be no difference in engine hardware on the 380 vs. any other Exige variant other than the small pulley on the supercharger. Interestingly the 430 Cup is advertised to make it’s peak power at 7000 RPM so my suspicion is that the rev limit is to keep the supercharger in it’s operating range rather than the engine. I have an idea which may work on your car though. Please email me and I’ll let you know what I’m thinking. @tim_marra & @Turbo911 We are expecting the chargers late this week or early next week. Unfortunately the delays have been out of our hands but we should have the chargers to you really soon. @JG220 We aren’t speaking in code at all, a dyno is a great tool for measuring peak power however it’s pretty rare that people share results of a stress test where 6 or 7 power runs are done in a row to show the ongoing effects of heat. It's also probably hard to do a repeatable back to back test in this manner so lap times are the best reference of performance in our opinion. There is a lot more info on our site if you go to the product page ( and then click on the “SSC’S OPINION” tab for more info. Power is very subjective so we try not to put a laser focus on it. In a nutshell if we are installing a bigger charger which is operating within it’s peak efficiency window, this will result in lower intake air temps at higher intake pressures. You see the benefit of this when the car is run through the rev range in gear after gear. Putting a smaller pulley on the 1320 only pushes it away from its efficiency range which generates even more heat. A charge cooler is one way of dealing with the heat however we have tackled the problem at the source rather than fix the problems the heat from the OEM charger creates. We believe our product does this at a lower price with an easier install. Based on the feedback from 550superfast it seems the track performance is pretty similar although we might have the edge with our new intake. I'll be sending Gary one as soon as we have signed it off which I'm hoing to do over the weekend. @BatMobile We do have a charge cooled 1900 in testing and the results are looking impressive. This product will be in addition to the non-cooled kit as there will be a decent price increase in comparisson to the non cooled kit. The 1900 with charge cooler is the ultimate solution though. No forged internals are required for the base level kit however if internals are done there will be a lot more power available. Stu
  4. Hope it went well for you @blindside
  5. Hi Tim, Just sent you an email earlier today but to fill everyone else in, we have another batch of chargers in production which will be ready mid march. We are doing our 2nd install on an evora this week with our last charger in stock. We will do our install guides and some photos based on this one. I'll get some photos once I have updated the induction kit to our new design. I have some carbon filter shrouds coming in 2 weeks which are part of the induction kit which will be shipping with the kit. Stu
  6. Thanks for the feedback Oz, Feel free to drop into the showroom again or shoot us an email on [email protected] to get more news on the release dates of any new models here. Stu
  7. Hi Guys, Stu from Simply Sports Cars here. I've been following a few threads on this forum but this one has slipped past me for some reason but I'll be on top of it from now onwards. Apologies for the delayed replies to some of your emails. We have had 4 Events in the last 4 weeks which have stretched the resources to say the least but we are back to full steam ahead here in Sydney with no more major interruptions for the rest of the year. If there are any questions I have missed or emails that I havent replied to plese shoot them to me again now > [email protected] To bring you up to speed on the charge cooled TVS1900, we are finalising fitment of our development kit at the moment and should hopefully have the list of items that make up the kit so that we can finalise pricing in the next couple of weeks. I'll share results etc once we have them with and without our new header system. I have a bit to catch up on but I'll put together a post with my input on some of the questions and claims in this thread in the next few days. Stu
  8. The Cup R/380 Cup style hatch was required for our last charge cooled TVS1900 becuase the charger sat above the charge cooler. The new kit doesnt require any modification to the boot lid and can be fitted under the glass or louvered 350 tailgate.
  9. We have one of only a couple of kits that have been made at the moment. It's going ont an Exige so that we can finalise the BOM and start testing. Until we have confiremed the spec and design of the rest of the kit we wont have pricing but we should hopefully have this all sorted in about a month.
  10. Hi Tim, We have fitted our V6 kit to a few Evoras but there isnt enough clearance from the pulley to the bodywork so the ones we have done needed some grinding, re-glassing and painting. Some are happy to do this but it's much more viable if it's a direct fit with no cutting and grinding. The new adapters are overdue now and I have a customer ready at this end for the upgrade to check the final fitment so I should hopefully have things wrapped up in the next few weeks. I'll keep you posted!
  11. Our new adapters are bing machined at the moment. My first trail one will be here in about 3 weeks from now. If that fits as it's supposed to then we will have a batch made. Realistically it will be about mid september before we can have everythign on the shelf ready to go.
  12. Updates are possible BUT..... The tool we ship can update your existing software level if required but so far that hasnt been needed. If Lotus progress to the next software revision and make worth while changes to the overall claibration then in order to get the TVS1900 tune into the new software revision you would need to 1) Go to the dealer and have the software updated 2) Read the software using the tool supplied 3) Send us the file to modify and send back to you again > DISCLAIMER: In order for us to modify a file we need to have loaded it into a car here first and tested it and sometimes this can take time. Before you go updating any software version with the Lotus tool which will overwrite our file completely (No way to re-load old software once Lotus release an update) Please check with us that we have the file tried and tested. And yes Dave is right in that the files cant be touched by the end user.
  13. Hi Guys, We have literally just this week re-designed the mounting adapter to give us clearance for Evora fitment. I have a bit more work to do on an evora specific intake but thats the easy bit. One more install here and we will be god to go with the Evora 1900 kit. Just an FYI, The upgrade from Evora S to 1900 is fairly straight forward but going from NA to either 1320 or 1900 needs a lot more parts, more time for the install and the ECU needs to come to us for the upgrade. There are also other aspects of the install which require the Lotus dignotic tool. Either way to save the barage of questions now, just know that we are on the case and the kit will be up on our site and available through Hofmann's as soon as we are ready with it. This should realistically be about 8 weeks from now. Stu
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