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  1. Thanks guys, most of that goes over my head, my initial thoughts were from the safety aspect of not having the carbs over the dizzy cap etc. Also from a reliability point of view too. I suspect even this would have its issues then. Thanks for your thoughts though, it is something to think about. Regards to all :)
  2. Hi folks, Im just wondering on any opinions of a conversion to fuel injection. This place is near me. No Esprits on there but i think there is an Excel. Anyway have a look and let me know what you think. TIA Brett
  3. I have no idea, so im not much use, but i too have the same button on my 86 s3 N/A so it must be factory. Mine had loose wires attached which i removed but im sure someone will come up with the answer soon!
  4. Perfect description there, ive done it many times on both sides with no problems. The door cards are stronger than you think
  5. That has definitely been trimmed for some reason, it should be the same as the other seat, very strange!
  6. When i see cars like this i always think back and imagine it sitting in the factory, all ready to be shipped out, its so sad
  7. Hi David, according to the manual its 14.5 - 15mm
  8. Do you happen to have any pics Henry? TIA
  9. Mine rattles and shakes. I think it was fitted the best it could have been but im thinking now of seeing if someone can fabricate a new one..
  10. Will look forward to some pics soon Wayne!
  11. Hi Dave, Ive seen the Lotusbits one up close. Its very impressive but as you say v expensive. I did consider going back to the cast manifold, i still wonder if there wouldnt be much difference going back to standard....
  12. Hi folks, ive had an SJ's SS Exhaust manifold and downpipe assembly for a couple of years now. While it did ok as a temporary job its time to upgrade to something better. (I was one of the ones who had some difficulty with fitting (by my garage) which did involve a bit of cutting and welding). Does anyone have a suggestions where to go next? Its a 1986 N/A S3. Quicksilver is a no and as far as im aware Alunox only make them for the Turbos? Many thanks folks.
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