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  1. ah ok, i thought it was heat related. Does anyone know the best thing to replace it with?
  2. .....of lining the coil box in the silver heat tape stuff? mine has all but disappeared and im wondering if to leave it or re-line it? Regards all
  3. I changed mine to LED's. Before, i could barely see the instruments at night, after was a massive difference. I also took the dials apart and put reflective tape around the insides. Im not sure it made a big difference in that respect but overall it was so much better!
  4. Hi yes it is a DLB198 form SJ's. Ive also got a spare from PNM
  5. Its really hard to say as they all have different numbers on them, other than buying a complete unit for £200 odd from SJ, its a case of trial and error i think. I used the ref GM 1875990 that Scott mentioned as a guide.
  6. Hi folks, apologies for the delay in responding, i've been (to the best of my abilities!) fault finding all week to see if can make use of all these great suggestions to solve my problem. First of all i took the carbs off and gave them a good clean and blast through. All seemed ok. I also checked the float heights which were correct. I did find one o ring that wasn't there on one of the idle mixture screws which has since been replaced. I also contacted Eurocarb regarding the tiny filters above the float needles as although they were there, they are tiny and were a bit crushed. On their websit
  7. Hi Ian, as i mentioned above, i Haven't mainly due to the fact they are so expensive for new ones just to test it, i will look around for a 2nd hand one
  8. Do you mean the one in the pic above?
  9. Yes i ts in the box attached to the boot with the coil. I did take it apart to check the internals and no broken wires. I also replaced the heat sink paste as there was hardly any of the original stuff left.
  10. No i haven't. I dont have a spare and they are quite expensive. I will look at finding maybe a second hand one to see if it helps. I'd also like to know!! It could be the answer to all my problems......
  11. I have checked the wires to the distributor, and they seem fine, i.e no breaks, and the plug part to the coil box is fine also . The tacho does drop when it does run rough. The other day it sat on the driveway and the stalled when it started to run rough about 10/15 mins after starting.....
  12. John, i had a look at the air intake including all the pipework on top of the right tank. I temporarily took away the pipework and attached a pipe direct from the 'Ear' to the airbox. The problem still persisted although i prefer the way it is now. To think the air intake normally comes from the boot seems a little weird anyway. Thanks Steve, i did check this and all wires are attached. I will take the airbox off though to double check, and while im there i will take another look at the dizzy and rotor etc...... I shall report back Cheers guys
  13. Yes, looking in the parts list, it only lists the thermal valves for HC Engines...
  14. Thanks John, When i say lumpy, the only way i can describe it is it runs ok and then Kangaroo's down the road for 5 mins or so, if i slow down and stop, it doesnt quite stall but its close. It doesnt pop on the overrun. Once the kangarooing goes away it carries on as normal. It does have electronic ignition and the coil was replaced maybe a year ago and does not get hot at all, in fact it doesnt even get warm. The warmest part in that little box is the ignition amplifier. The carbs look to be mounted ok and the spacer gaps seem to be ok. Ive checked they are 1mm all round. Im no
  15. Hi folks, so the weather being as it is over the last couple of days i thought i'd get out on the old girl and see if i could give an update. Yesterday I started the car and after the usual time and temp (about a quarter way up on the gauge) it went lumpy so i took the tops of the carbs off and there was fuel coming through. I also checked there was no inrush of air going into the tanks which there wasnt. So, next i checked the spark plugs. I had previously gapped them at 0.7mm on advice of my mechanic, so i changed them to 0.9 as per the manual and it took it for a spin. It was lump
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