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  1. So ive had a new fuel pump fitted from SJ's and it ticks and then stops, also no leaks. Silence at last. I did however take the old one apart to see if there were any problems and i couldnt see anything, no tear in the diaphragm and no obvious issues. Oh wwll at least its sorted (for now)
  2. Yes i have a new one being delivered from SJ
  3. Took a quick pic of the pump, looks like it might be fairly old anyway......
  4. Ok thanks Eric much appreciated
  5. Im going to purchase a fuel pressure guage, Ive also tried looking in the service notes for the correct fuel pressure for a N/A but cant find any details. Does anyone know what it should be?
  6. I do know that my S3 sucks the air through the rad, not sure why it should be different on the S2 as you say it would be working against the incoming air flow...
  7. Ive never changed the pump myself so im not sure, maybe it was changed by a previous owner.
  8. It is a full one with no passages.... Also i clamped the hose yesterday to see if the pump stopped but it kept running....
  9. Its the stitching that would be a problem for me and lack of sewing machine!
  10. I did use hammerite under mine just to smarten it up a bit. It looks fine to me. Dont have a pic off hand but will take one when it stops bloomin raining....
  11. So it turns out its not the switch its the bottom of the two fans under the bonnet. Its working intermittently due to it being worn inside. At £200 a pop from SJ's i'll stick to 1 and 3 for the time being lol
  12. I have the dash out at the moment with wires everywhere so im not ignoring all the suggestions i just cant start the car yet until i get it all back in. I will update on the suggestions shortly. Thanks folks
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