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  1. Hi it was good to speak to you yesterday Fabian. The Show was great as were all the Lotus cars. Unfortunately i didnt get a chance to say hi to Barrie as he seemed to always be busy but the finish on the blue Essex was outstanding so well done to the Valet Pro guys! Hope today went well too. All the best folks :)
  2. Thats perfect, thanks Simon! All the best
  3. Hi folks, does anyone have a pic or diagram of the correct layout of pipes feeding air into the engine bay from the 'ear' on the drivers side, i want to set it up correctly but cant seem to find anything even in the manual. 86 S3 N/A Many thanks Brett
  4. Hi Simon, and welcome! I have a 1986 S3, they are great cars and fairly easy to work on. I dont get too involved on the engine side of things, i have a good mechanic for that. The rest though you can learn as you go, which is basically what i did. This forum is the best resource for that, great folks with sound advice. I bought my car after it needed a lot of work and now its almost finished but being a classic there will always be something else that that needs doing. I just take my time. I dont know anything about your car but it looks good and im sure someone will know it and be able to give you more info... My sunroof is factory but without seeing closer pics of yours it would be heard to tell.. All the best
  5. My local Classic Car Show, i only went along to view the cars but i was put in the VIP area anyway! Caused a bit of a stir being the only Esprit there....
  6. Yes as above... NA Naturally Aspirated
  7. Thanks folks and apologies for the delay in responding. Steve, it is on my list to replace the Dizzy, but Jim in the meantime im deffo trying your suggestion. I never thought of that but it makes sense to give it a go. Christian, i cant believe something could go wrong after a certain amount of time but for me it also seems to be a particular bit of road which has nothing significant about it. maybe there is a 'government facility' that is nearby which is interrupting the Lotus Flow! Ill keep you posted! Brett
  8. Damn it!!!! You guessed it.... it's back. luckily i was on a fairly straight bit of road and i think i've worked out WHEN it does it.... Driving at a low speed of 30 in 4th gear so almost like its ticking along. This seems to be the time when i can feel its about to happen, i.e a slight hesitation then followed by the kangarooing again. Again it is only when the engine is warm. I think possibly the only way is a rolling road now....... Grrrrrr, close but no cigar!
  9. Cheers Scott, yes this is the one i bought which in the description does mention the GM part number above Happy Days! (so far)
  10. lol....lets not tempt fate John. All help is good help!
  11. So i went out for a spin today....maybe 40 mins of driving with no problems! Still early days but i think the ignition amplifier may have sorted it! Makes such a nice change and the sun was shining too... Things are looking up
  12. Yes thats correct John, just the module from the AB14 swapped to a new one.
  13. Hi John, so far ive only been out once due to this crappy weather. It got up to temperature and didn't stumble. I'm not holding my breath just yet as being intermittent it hasn't always happened every time. I will however get oput again as soon as i can for a longer ride and more often. Constant testing is the key (good excuse to get out and about lol). I shall report back.....
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