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  1. Here we go, they are not to everyones taste but were a big improvement for me and an easy swap too. Happy Bunny .......and also much easier for the car to pass the MOT as the old lamp fittings were fairly rusty and difficult to set up.
  2. No, its just ive had everyone look at it, the cars anciliaries are pretty much all new, its been a rolling restoration for a few years now but the fault is that it stumbles after about 5 mins of driving, only for maybe a minute or so then its fine again. Ive had the carbs tuned also. I just accept it now and stumble through it as i know it will be fine. i just wish it wouldnt happen....
  3. ok cool, i only ask as i do also have an intermittent stumbling issue and ive tried everything there is, ive always used the NGK plugs but its never got any better. Ill try those Champion Plugs as right now ill try anything lol!
  4. Just out of interest, why do you think the Champion Spark Plugs are better? or in other words what do you think is wrong with the NGK ones?
  5. Hi Marc and welcome to the forums. I have an 86 S3 n/a, and i upgraded to a new Aluminium rad with Spal Fans, here is the thread. I know yours in an S2 but there may be something of value in there
  6. Nice one Fabian, i have just ordered a set :)
  7. Thanks folks, Colin, thats exactly what happens, when i pull the lever, unless i lift it up the boot while doing it, the weight of the boot itself does actually lock it again. the springs are there but are a bit 'loose', I wonder if replacements are available, ill have a look at SJ's...
  8. Also does anyone know why my boot doesnt lift enough when i pull the release lever. Luckily i have long arms and am able to pull the lever and very slightly lift the boot lid at the same. I want it to 'pop up'. Its an 86 S3 and i dont think it had a spring attached like i think the previous models did?
  9. lights fade after 10 seconds. Maybe mine's in a hurry to get rid of me...
  10. So ive got the correct double contact relay but it makes no difference. i have however found that its only one of the fans that stays on. (Ive not found out if the other one kicks in yet when it gets hot). Ive also check the earths and they also seem fine. Bit stumped now. They are Spal Fans on an Aluminium Rad but they have been running fine for the past couple of years ive had them..... any other suggestions? Im no mechanic but i do have (some!) common sense
  11. Ive ordered a couple which should arrive soon, ill report back. I also do need to get a multimeter too!
  12. Thanks Thomas, i see, im now trying to find a replacement., I can get one from SJ but the Postage is a fair whack. Funnily enough i do have a bag of spairs of most things in the glove box, ill add spare relays too!
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