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  1. I did check the floats while they were off, and they are gapped correctly and they do float so im not sure what else to check. At the moment there are no leaks around the carbs and no leak in the airbox either so i can only assume that the pump is the only thing left. In fairness its one of the only things to not have been replaced on the car since ive owned it!
  2. So the carbs are now fitted with Viton tipped needle valves. On removing the old ones they were in fact fine with no wear, so i guess that now leaves the fuel pump as its still ticking away relentlessly....
  3. Hi does anyone have a fully trimmed steering column shroud for an 86 S3 in good condition either in black or cream. I have one untrimmed but before i get a price for retrimming i just wanted to see if anyone had one to buy. Many Thanks Brett
  4. I love the Esprit....but not that much lol Led lights it is, The leather was actually in ok condition but its had vinyl spray, which looks great!
  5. ah ok thought so, phew, thought i was missing something there! Gave her a clean myself this weekend!
  6. Are all G Esprits supposed to have an undertray or just the Turbo's?
  7. Thought id pop out today and have a go at the above suggestions. I have however noticed that both carbs are leaking at the top in the same manner. Would that therefore mean that it is more likely to be a faulty pump? Im still going to have a look at the carbs today and try the above anyway, but was just wondering if that may be the case.
  8. So do i, in Eastwood. Didnt realise i had another Esprit owner nearby!
  9. Thanks Jon, i shall give that a go too... great advice, many thanks
  10. Of all the things ive replaced on the car, the fuel pump is not one of them, therefore it does make sense. I think ill change it anyway.....
  11. I will check, so many thanks for the reply. the only thing i would say though is that the pump has always done the same thing for years even before the carbs were refurbed. Do you think the pump could be faulty too?
  12. When i first turn the key its quite fast then slows down to maybe every 3 seconds continuously....
  13. No it keeps ticking all the time, does that mean its a faulty pump or is it then needle valve?
  14. Hi folks, I seem to have a leak via the top of the newly (ish) refurbed carbs. Have a look at the pic below it seems to be from the black cover. Forgive my ignorance but is it a faulty gasket, or is it overflowing slightly with fuel? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Brett
  15. Thanks Vince ill try contacting him through ebay, if i dont get any response ill get back to you re the email add if you can find it. Ill message you about the respray
  16. Hi Vince, yes please that would be awesome
  17. Sorry to be a pain, can you just confirm the price for the full system for the N/A, G car.... Thanks
  18. I take it these are only available in versions with the Turbo? otherwise i would be a deff buy.... 86 s3 n/a
  19. Thanks folks, i have the SJ system attached but it needed a lot of work to fit. Its a tad rattly and i'd like to upgrade it to soemthing more substantial. I have been in touch with Alunox and they can make one up for me but it needs to go there to be fitted. They re in Wales, im in Essex so i would have to factor that cost in too in getting the car there. Ive also contacted Lotusbits and am awaiting a reply re their system too which i have seen whilst getting a tour from Mike. Again i think it has to go there to be fitted. Alternatively my only other option is to look a places closer to me, to see if they can do anything..... anyone hear of or tried Pipecraft in Basildon or Hayward & Scott also in Basildon?
  20. Bibs, just to confirm, is the full system in the shop only for a Turbo or is there one for a N/A?
  21. hi , Does anyone use a lumbar support in their car. i always seem to get lower back pain after driving only a short distance.....?
  22. Gary, i had the same issue on my 86 s3. I removed the steering wheel as i was working on removing old electrics under the dash and i must have dislodged the collets from the steering column. They come in two and i must have thrown one half away with all the old wiring. I ordered them from SJ and as i say they are in 2 halfs and the ring is actually just a perfect size rubber band that holds them in place. Popped them on and no play whatsoever. I think its a case of dont overthink it. :)
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