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  1. Just upgraded to the PNM LED light conversion. Easy to do just a bit time consuming cutting the holes bigger in the pod to fit the lamps. Looks great when the lights are on. I need to adjust the headlamp level now, does anyone know how to set the levels correctly for the pending MOT?
  2. Hi Dave, ive had a look in the workshop manual and the above pic is the same as the one i have for an s3 prior to Vin 85 D 2427...
  3. Hi folks, im about to get the steering rack changed on my 86 S3 NA. I got a reconditioned unit from LotusBits and im about to order some replacement mounting bushes from SJ's. However im not sure whether to get Poly or Rubber mountings. They are the same price but looking for opinions please. Thanks Brett
  4. As the guys above said, they are held on by clips and can be quite tight. Just make sure you pull away in the right direction, i.e towards the other a pillar rather than inwards towards the seat..
  5. Hi Keir, i too got in touch with Coverdale for my 86 S3 and although they did get back quite quickly i too also received the same hand drawn picture. I got in contact as the guys above have said with @Steve V8. He produced a top quality carpet for me to fit in the colour i wanted. I think these pictures speak better than words. He is your man and at a very reasonable price too. Cant recommend him enough.
  6. Its nearly always a dodgy earth, or at least it is on my car!
  7. Hi folks, im replacing a worn steering rack in my 86 S3 due to its MOT Failure. I have a recon unit coming from Lotusbits. I need to know if there are other parts that are worth replacing while its out, I notice there are bushes on the SJ Website which are either heavy duty rubber or poly. Is there a preference for those and are they they only ones i will need. (When i say im replacing... i mean my garage is doing the work so im trying to save time while its on the ramp!) Many thanks
  8. Thanks folks, im really chuffed with it. Steves carpets have really made it look great
  9. Hi all, just wanted to share some pics of my latest project being a tidy up of the interior of my old S3. Many thanks goes to @Steve V8 and his wife Sharon for providing another great carpet set for me to work with. After removing most of the interior i had a go at removing a lot of wiring under the dash that was left there from all the previous alarms/stereos etc, the car is now lighter ha ha, and yes it did start again and everything works. The carpet set was of exceptional quality and after putting it all back together there are hardly any squeaks or rattles any more, so as well as looking good it also sounds better too! Im really chuffed that another job on the old girl is completed.
  10. It turns out there was a loose earth (As always).... however the fan only works one switch level 1 not 2 or 3....... mmmmm
  11. Hi folks, does anyone have a photo or the correct order of wiring for the blower fan switch, im not sure if i pulled a wire whilst removing the interior and put it back incorrectly. The wiring diagram doesnt show which wires go where. They do have letters underneath, but dont seem to relate to anything (that i understand)..... 86 S3 N/a Its no longer working and ive checked the fuses which are are all ok.
  12. Thanks folks, i shall have a look on Monday Morning. Im going to leave it tomorrow, the weathers not looking to good!
  13. Thanks Dan, ive checked the wiring and fuses etc and cant find any issues, its a weird one. im not really sure how to check the switch but it looks ok and the wiring is still intact......strange theyre both not working..... mmmmm
  14. Hi could someone please enlighten me as to how the red door lights work. I.e are they supposed to light up when the door is opened? Is it only when the lights are on or always regardless of lights. And also what could be the reason they both don’t work?. I have changed the bulbs so it’s not that. One did come on while I already had the door open but went off after a few seconds. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  15. I have 9" Spall fans fitted directly onto a new rad. No problems so far
  16. In response to Geerts previous post i actually did the modification he suggested before it happens, I now have a small hole with a piece of string hanging through it behind the number plate!. My suggestion would be to start with a small hole so you can get a bent wire coat hangar through and up to pull the cable down. It is fairly easy to reach. I would imagine it wouldnt be too difficult or destructive before you think about a hole the size of your fist. Even then you'll have a hole hidden by the number plate and an extra vent for all those extra fuel smells!
  17. I would have loved to Chris but unfortunately i have a Birthday breakfast for the mother in law. It must take precedent, my future happiness depends on it!
  18. Here she is Geert, her name's 'lil' Yes it is an indoor one, i have an outdoor one already ) :
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