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  1. Main dealer told me (they asked Lotus) that the 390 has the 410/430 clutch and flywheel and the gearbox cooler. I didn't ask about the baffled sump so no idea on that one.
  2. Excellent, IMHO that's the right colour decision and with that spec the car will look flipping beautiful October? Blimey that's a fair wait, I would be constantly fidgeting with impatience for the next 8 months Still, something fabulous to look forward to so I think that hearty congratulations are in order
  3. I know why that is - for some bizarre reason Lotus have updated the advertised price for the 420 to include OTR costs and delivery thus..... Base car £79,900 + OTR costs £1905 + £870 delivery = £82675. No idea why they haven't updated the 390 price list at the same time, that's still showing £64K which is the cost before OTR and delivery costs are added. Gotta love Lotus
  4. Don't trust the configurator, it's way out on quite a few of the colours. However, it might be worth asking your dealer to ask Lotus if there has been any change to the spec of Daytona Blue for the FE cars . Some of these colours have had numerous different shades over the years so it's always possible (although very unlikely) that they have darkened it and the configurator is closer than we think! As already said, Daytona Blue is non-metallic and quite a bright colour. Like all the bright colours it looks fantastic on the Elise, very special. Maybe not ideal for the shy type Essex
  5. I asked a main dealer if the clutch on the 390 is the same (upgraded) as the 410/430, he asked Lotus, the answer came back - 390 has same clutch as the 410/430. I also asked if the gearbox cooler is fitted to the 390 (not sure if that's what you mean by oil cooler?) and the answer from Lotus was - yes, gearbox cooler fitted. No idea if this is all correct, but I was told that the answers came direct from Lotus
  6. Yep, that's why I asked the dealer to clarify with Lotus - who apparently apologised for that misleading statement and promised to rectify it asap. That was on Monday afternoon, but I can see that it's still not sorted Still, even with the OTR costs it's not a bad price (comparatively speaking) for the 390.... extra 50 bhp (almost ) chargecooler gearbox cooler 410/430 uprated clutch & flywheel forged wheels AiM dash 390 FE stickers etc! .....all this for just £4K more than the 350 Sport and a whopping £16K less than the 420! B
  7. No it's not I asked a main dealer this because the configurator sort of suggests that £64K is OTR for a 390. The dealer asked Lotus and they said it's definitely NOT the OTR price. For an Exige you need to add £1,905 for HM Goverment and possibly £800+ delivery charge for Lotus.
  8. Welcome Great car, is that the one from Oakmere? You will love it
  9. Sorry but I didn't ask about the Evora but you would expect that details of any FE Evora would be released on the same day? Of course I could be wrong about Tuesday, but I'm quietly confident
  10. Doubt it's the 131 but details of the Final Edition Elise/Exige cars are due for release on Tuesday 9th I believe - could be that?
  11. Blimey, that really would be different! I've thought for a while that it could be problematic for Lotus to become more 'mainstream' whilst building car shells with fibreglass. It's ok for us enthuisiasts and perfect for small scale production but lets face it, it's not an ideal material for everyday use and bigger numbers.
  12. For me, Brexit is 'a bit silly', but however questionable or difficult the process and results of Brexit are you can magnify everything by a factor of 10 when talking about Scotland leaving the UK. Utterly bonkers x10 if you like
  13. True, but the FOM issue is a decision for rUK - we could (unlikely ) allow EU citizens to cross the border at will, it's a purely political decision for rUK. My point is, it's written in stone in the EU rules that unless you are in a customs union with them they will demand a hard border - it's NOT up for negotiation. Like you say, a nightmare situation EDIT: Sorry, yeah you're right, the EU wouldn'ty allow rUK citizens to wander back the other way either
  14. Sorry, I thought you were saying that there would not be a hard border between England and Scotland because any probelms would be solved by negotiation? "I think it would be a very similar process, i.e. there were significant issues encountered while leaving the EU which were eventually overcome by negotiations. Border - the UK has a land border with the EU in Ireland, which was at risk of becoming a hard border throughout the negotiations." It's a straightforward fact. England is not part of a customs union with the EU. Therefore, if Scotland became a member of the EU (which is
  15. The ONLY reason that there is no hard border between NI and Eire is due to the Good Friday Agreement - NI is a unique case. In fact I believe it's written into the EU rules that there MUST be a hard border unless you are in customs union with the EU, they are absolutely committed to protecting their single market. Of course the UK is not in a customs union so a hard border is absolutely inevitable between an EU Scotland and a non-EU England.
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