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  1. Mate, your car looks absolutely fantastic, liquid yellow suits the Exige perfectly and with all that luscious carbon and your personal touches it's just 100%
  2. Nice car, great price, won't hang about that one
  3. Here (assume a link is ok?)... Started at £67K a couple of months ago, dropped a grand a couple of weeks ago, looks fab to me I wish someone would buy it because I keep feeling very tempted EDIT: @HXT ; £62K for the olive green one was a very good price, it's the sort of figure that would REALLY tempt me back into V6 ownership in the form of a 410. Can't be many bargains like that about though
  4. Thanks, but I already have a charger The market is completely weird at the moment so your question is really difficult. There's a lovely green 410 been for sale for 2-3 months from a dealer, similar miles, 2019, £66K (previous owner is on here). TBH I thought that one would be gone in a flash but it's still there It really depends on how quick you want to shift it but if you want to stand out I guess it needs to be a couple of £K cheaper than that for a private sale.
  5. It's worth about £25K and you're in luck, I happen to be looking for exactly that type of car, cash ready!!!!!! But on a more realistic note, what age is it, are you the first owner?
  6. Am I the only person that actually prefers the older (closed) shifter on an Elise? I understand that on an S3 Exige the open shifter is a big improvement, but on the Elise the closed shifter works great, quick, smooth and accurate. I've owned 2x Exige 350 Sports and although the open shifter looked great I found it to be a bit 'clackety' in operation and being wider at the front it rubbed my calf muscle! Ok so maybe I'm a bit odd
  7. Wow, Hamster, a 250 Cup Elise and a 410 Exige! The two best Lotus car in my opinion and the source of constant wrangling in my own mind, keep my 250 Cup or have an Exige - again You don't have to make that choice, you have both! Just plain greedy I reckon Regarding the original question of a new 350 or a s/h 380/410 - get out there (when possible) and drive them, see which you prefer
  8. You won't be disappointed, it will be worth the wait! IMO the 250 Cup is the best ever Lotus for fun road use
  9. That is a fantastic photo, I love the back of the V6S!
  10. Me too on the motorbike thought, nothing better to cheer up than a blast on the fantastic roads around here, but sadly it's just not on
  11. No you can't Reasons - its unecessary movement, you might break down and need assistance, you might crash and need medical assistance, people could see you and think 'if he can do it then I can too' and we are quickly back to everyone doing whatever they want. Better idea is to use the Lotus for your shopping trip, that's what I will be doing
  12. Not an 'official Lotus' event but the Lotus in the Peak weekend (in the Peak District, 10-12 July) is definitely worth a trip. Last year at least 160 cars attended the Sunday meet and over 120 of those participated in the Sunday morning runs! I've just finished designing the routes for this year and even though I say so myself, they are absolute crackers We will be releasing the full details in a couple of weeks here...
  13. Hi JCR, That car is a genuine bloody bargain, I had seriously considered it myself but I'm still in love with my 250 Cup I think that everyone else has answered all of your questions so all that remains is for me to say well done that man and enjoy your fantastic purchase EDIT: Oh and if you really can't live without a spoiler just put the original tailgate + spoiler back on (which the sellers still have and comes with the car) and flog the carbon 410/430 tailgate for £2K - job done
  14. Welcome Mark, car looks great, super shiny Which Elise is it? If it's supercharged then I'm guessing it must be have been upgraded by a previous owner as it's too early for a factory SC and it has no boot spoiler. Then I'm even further intrigued because looking at the exhaust and the logo on the front clam it looks like a K-series car (111S), which would be a special supercharged setup indeed I see you are Sheffield based, have a look on the Midland Lotus Owners Club site for regular runs in the Peak District (usually start around Baslow or Bakewell) - maybe even one during this Christmas break if you're interested! Cheers
  15. Get yourself on eBay and buy a couple of silica gel bags to sit on the dashboard overnight - we did this for my wife's MR2 roadster (which has always suffered from misting) and it has really helped. Every couple of weeks she just dries out the bags in the microwave, job done!
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