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  1. I ordered at 9am on the day of the Hethel reveal - I received my phone call today, although I wasn't able to take it so I guess I'm now at the bottom of the list
  2. I placed my deposit on the 6th July, before the Hethel reveal, and I've not had the 0330 phone call. I got the email from Lotus to book my 'priority viewing' on the roadshow but that (and of course my deposit confirmation email) is the only contact I've ever had from them.
  3. Ah but, £76K + £2K ved = £78K OTR, so you were correct!
  4. Hmm, configurator says..... First Edition Available from Spring, 2022 Priced from £75,995 It doesn't specifically say that this is the price for the V6 - the 'priced from' could be for the i4. Obviously I hope not
  5. Regarding pricing methinks....... EDIT - typing whilst you're posting
  6. Configurator is working for me (in it's own 'charming' clunky way) but I can't see any mention of a price, it looks the same as last night.
  7. I thought it was Tuesday....possibly.....and that's still almost two days away
  8. But.....isn't a big point of the FE that you get all of these goodies 'thrown in' for a very good price? Therefore, I'm also sticking with my estimate of <£75K
  9. I'm with you on that , apart from the Cayman part If it's over £75K for a V6 FE then, bargain or not, I'll have to wait an extra year
  10. Not loading for me either - good luck getting onto it when they actually release some new information
  11. Unless you have a different list from me I think you must mean 1st November, the car seems to be down south during the first half of October. Meanwhile, despite the risk that I might cancel, Lotus are allowing me to have a close-up look. Are they stark raving mad ?
  12. Blimey, on that basis we will all need to stump up the full non-returnable £60-90K with no more than a fleeting glimpse as we stumble past in the swirling crowds No, come on, Lotus and the dealers will surely have rock solid confidence that when deposit holders get to see the car properly the majority of them will quickly commit. TBH it's more likely that they will lose sales due to a 'less than professional' launch etc than the car itself. The car is a winner
  13. Thanks Bibs, mild panic over
  14. I don't make a habit of moaning but this is looking bloody ridiculous. I'm on Oakmere customer, relatively high up on their list. From these posts it sounds like I'm going to have to fight my way through a crowd to catch a fleeting glimpse of a single car - this is NOT the early deposit holder's experience I was hoping for and I'm going to find it very difficult to commit to order on the back of such. However, I have faith in the guys at Oakmere so I'm really hoping that they have something up their sleeves for us
  15. duncx

    Lotus Emira

    I'm going with... Base i4 = £59,995 Base V6 = £64.995 FE i4 (with lots of options as std) = £70K FE V6 (with lots of options as std) = £75K If I'm anywhere near right then I may wait to spec my own car , I really don't want to pay 10 grand for a load of stuff I don't want.
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