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  1. I don't know the answer but I would have been interested - for a lower purchase price, simplicity, weight saving where it counts and possibly a lower VED!
  2. It 's almost certainly a Club Racer spec car but the colour is a bit confusing; I dont think grey was an option on the Club Racer? The Club Racer finished production in 2015 but there are quite a few registered in 2016 as they hung around a bit before selling. I expect this one just hung around a lot longer than most I'm sure I remember it for sale last year with 0 miles on the clock so I guess they sold it and it's back - looks like the same place to me? Probably an OK car, sensible price given the spec/age of the car, fair enough deal (probably still has 2 years warranty - worth checking!)
  3. It's Kawasaki Green, fab colour, you can see it from space Thought about carbon wrap but my car has the full aero & rollbar cover in the real stuff so I think it might look a bit odd. I will probably get it done in Lotus dark metallic grey, which blends with carbon beautifully. Still, this is your thread about your car, keep us up to date with your mods and plenty of photos. Hope to see you on a run sometime soon
  4. I totally agree with you on the Matt black. Your car looks so much better with the red roof and if I had another V6 I think I would go further still and get rid of all the black apart from the rear hatch. I have had an Elise Cup 250 for a couple of years now and I keep thinking about getting rid of the black panels, just can't quite decide what to replace them with, carbon would be nice but expensive, or 100% body colour - might be a bit much on my car
  5. Fitting a soft top is fairly easy DIY but you need the confidence to measure carefully and then take a drill/dremmel/file to your roll hoop cover. You also need to buy the two plastic grommets (about £20 IIRC?) to finish off the holes and that's it. Whole job took me about an hour when I did it on my Exige. It is possible to find a s/h roof but you might be waiting a while and prices range from £400 (if you are very lucky!) to £750ish.
  6. Hi Duncan (great name you have there ) Congrats on your purchase, a couple of years ago I too had a red 350 Sport (and then an orange one!) and those roads shown above are very well known to me as I live nearby in the Peak District. I used to commute on the A54 to Congleton - fantastic road until they ruined the top bit with those pesky cameras As well as this great place (so much help and info here) you should get yourself onto MLOC and keep an eye out for Sunday morning runs around the Peaks - a great way to drive some fantastic roads and meet some fellow Lotus enthusiasts
  7. duncx

    New 430 cup

    Looks great Steve, best ever colour, but then I'm biased Look forward to seeing it at Hassop one day
  8. Mate, your car looks absolutely fantastic, liquid yellow suits the Exige perfectly and with all that luscious carbon and your personal touches it's just 100%
  9. Nice car, great price, won't hang about that one
  10. Here (assume a link is ok?)... Started at £67K a couple of months ago, dropped a grand a couple of weeks ago, looks fab to me I wish someone would buy it because I keep feeling very tempted EDIT: @HXT ; £62K for the olive green one was a very good price, it's the sort of figure that would REALLY tempt me back into V6 ownership in the form of a 410. Can't be many bargains like that about though
  11. Thanks, but I already have a charger The market is completely weird at the moment so your question is really difficult. There's a lovely green 410 been for sale for 2-3 months from a dealer, similar miles, 2019, £66K (previous owner is on here). TBH I thought that one would be gone in a flash but it's still there It really depends on how quick you want to shift it but if you want to stand out I guess it needs to be a couple of £K cheaper than that for a private sale.
  12. It's worth about £25K and you're in luck, I happen to be looking for exactly that type of car, cash ready!!!!!! But on a more realistic note, what age is it, are you the first owner?
  13. Am I the only person that actually prefers the older (closed) shifter on an Elise? I understand that on an S3 Exige the open shifter is a big improvement, but on the Elise the closed shifter works great, quick, smooth and accurate. I've owned 2x Exige 350 Sports and although the open shifter looked great I found it to be a bit 'clackety' in operation and being wider at the front it rubbed my calf muscle! Ok so maybe I'm a bit odd
  14. Wow, Hamster, a 250 Cup Elise and a 410 Exige! The two best Lotus car in my opinion and the source of constant wrangling in my own mind, keep my 250 Cup or have an Exige - again You don't have to make that choice, you have both! Just plain greedy I reckon Regarding the original question of a new 350 or a s/h 380/410 - get out there (when possible) and drive them, see which you prefer
  15. You won't be disappointed, it will be worth the wait! IMO the 250 Cup is the best ever Lotus for fun road use
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