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  1. Long time no see Joe, did you get over to Lotus in the Peak? We have a run ending at Hassop Station on Sunday, the run is 'full' but would be great if you could join us for some breakfast 👍
  2. Wow, that's a very strong price for a 2018 410, I'm not even that keen on the colour scheme
  3. It's certainly an odd one Bibs, I've tried every IPS Exige number plate that I can find on youtube (from road test videos etc) and they ALL come up on the comparison sites as manuals There's nothing on the V5 to say what transmission type it is, no mention of auto or manual. It just says.... D1 Make: Lotus D2 Type: 1112 Variant: C Version: D D3 Model: Exige S D5 Body Type: Coupe etc.. I'm wondering if the 'Variant C' or the 'Version D' mean something and the comparison site websites simply haven't picked it up correctly? I'm thinking of asking Lotus on Monday, any idea who I can get in touch with? BTW, why have you moved me to 'introductions', I've been here for years
  4. I decided I needed another Exige V6 in my life for a while and (because I have an i4 Emira on order) I thought I would try an IPS, see how I get on with the whole auto experience. So, I've bought one, a lovely thing, a 2015 IPS V6S Coupe, but, I've come to insure it and immediately hit a problem. The comparison sites will not recognise it as an IPS, they are all determined that it's a manual. To check that it's not just my car I've tried a couple of other IPS number plates (from youtube etc) in the insurance searches and they come up as manuals too! If I enter the details by car make, model, age, etc (rather than by reg number) I can get to the point where it's offering me the choice of an auto transmission, but only as a Sport 350, 2015-2020, which it's obviously not. I've even tried calling the insurer of my Elise (Churchill) and they put in the details, came up as a manual. They told me that the V6S auto doesn't exist, basically "computer says no". Any other IPS V6S owners had this problem, and if so what have you done about it? Thanks
  5. Great that you like the later car, but the issues that you mention on your 2014 car make me wonder if it's been modified by a previous owner or it's a bit 'tired' for some reason. There is no way that the suspension on a 2014 220 Sport should be 'crashy' and the exhaust should be so quiet that as standard it's downright boring I also think that you must have a fault with your gearchange mechanism - my pre-facelift gearchange is the same design as yours and it's absolutely peachy, no problems whatsoever! If you do get the new car and you want a quieter exhaust then you need to find a STANDARD one from a pre-facelift 220 Sport (i.e. same car as yours!) they really are very quiet. Don't get one from an earlier car (K-series, 1ZZ, 2ZZ engines) because I'm reasonably sure that they won't fit. Cheers and good luck! P.S. Most of them end up with the odd rattle eventually
  6. Do try a 250 Cup, I bet you will love it
  7. Exige V6S is the best looking S3 of all to my eyes - lovely glass back window and no matt black panels + easily fast enough for UK roads. 410 much better for track use though, chargecooler, gearbox cooler, baffled sump, more power, open gearchange, better clutch, nitrons, forged wheels, 2 part brakes, lots of lovely carbon. V6S still looks better though
  8. Hi, I don't think that you will get any of the three changes that you are looking for with a later car. Although it will have the open gearchange I'm not aware that it's significantly different in the way the gates work - maybe a touch more of a 'direct' feel but it's not a huge improvement on the closed gearchange. Suspension, I think it's exactly the same, unless you have the sports pack on your car and you choose a newer car without it. You exhaust should not drone at all - if anything the pre-facelift cars are know for having a very quiet (too quiet!) exhaust. Do you have a non standard exhaust fitted? The facelift cars are fitted with a MUCH louder exhaust as standard! Still, as Bibs says, try one and see what you think.
  9. Seems too obvious but maybe you have a faulty TPS?
  10. I agree with your thinking - so many cars, so little time! Get one bought then, they are truly epic cars and despite loving my Elise I also miss my V6
  11. Yep, paid my deposit before the Hethel reveal, I think I'm in the first 100?
  12. Prices held firm My £60K i4 looks to be still on the cards then
  13. I too have seen your post on 'the other place'. Not quite answering your question (but similar), I moved from a 111R to a brand new 350 Sport, rejected that car due to awful gearbox/clutch noise, then bought another 350 Sport that I kept for just a year, now been 4 years with a 250 Cup Elise. For you, coming from an Exige S2, you should find that the V6 is far more civilised on real roads. Some people like that, some don't. For me, I really miss the drama/noise/presence of the Exige V6 but I much prefer driving the Elise, it's just more fun somehow. Really, I want both
  14. 2017 Cup 250 here, no hesitation when warm but... When cold (just started) there is sometimes a slight delay/hiccup if you give the throttle a quick blip - this disappears completely after a minute or so of running. I think that this is quite common on the 2ZR cars, I've experienced exactly the same on a couple of 220s. A few years ago (soon after the 2ZR cars were first released) I passed on a bargain car for this very reason as I thought that there was something wrong with it I reiterate though, never had anything when warmed up (even slightly warmed!), it's smooth as silk then under all throttle conditions. Hope you get it sorted, they are brilliant cars EDIT: Just looked at your video, that's definitely NOT right. I would insist that the dealer sorts it to your satisfaction, as a consumer your rights are very powerful indeed!
  15. It may not be in their 'grand scheme' to do this but Lotus could send any cancelled order cars to the dealerships - I have no doubt that they would be snapped up immediately by eager buyers.
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