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  1. Obviously I don't know the full circumstances and have no idea about why the exhaust failed or the cause of the fire But I really can't see any excuse or reason for an email like that to a customer - ever
  2. £ouch! Does seem ridiculous but with the Cup cars they are assuming that you are ragging the hell out of them on track and on a regular basis. Does the 380 Cup have a gearbox cooler? Can't think of any other reason why a filter would be fitted and I think there's one on the 430 Cup.
  3. Slight thread drift but why is the Elise only 2 years between changes?
  4. That doesn't surprise me TBH! I guess though that a 250 Cup Elise would claw some of that difference back - at track speeds the aero and tyres should make a significant difference when compared with a 220 Sport. Not to mention the extra 30bhp and 500rpm!
  5. You should post your questions on the 250 thread - there are a few people who have moved from the V6 to the 250 so you could see if they give you the same answers!
  6. Although they both have more than enough performance for road use (I don't track my cars) they are quite different. The Elise takes off like a scalded cat, particularly in 1st and 2nd (VERY easy to hit the rev limiter!)) and the performance is somehow easier to access. I expect that the V6 is ultimately a faster car but for some reason I didn't feel able to exploit/use the power the same? Maybe I'm just a crap driver?
  7. To be honest when I put my sensible head on I don't regret buying the 250 one bit. Compared to the V6 it's so light and lively on the road it's a sheer delight to hussle along twisty B roads, it's better through town due to the much lighter clutch and it's much easier to park due to better rear visibility and lighter steering. Noticeably cheaper on fuel too. The interior is exactly the same as the 350 apart from it has the lovely carbon seats and is a lot brighter inside due to the back window. When I don't have my sensible head on I miss the noise of the V6 and the sheer drama of the looks of the thing. The Elise is pretty and purposeful whereas the V6 just looks epic! In conclusion, for looks I prefer the V6, for driving I prefer the 250.
  8. Congrats Karl, it's a real beauty isnt it I know exactly how the seller feels, it was 100% my decision to sell the Exige (no pressure from anywhere, just fancied a 250 Cup) but when I abandoned the 350 at Murrays I couldn't help but feel somewhat gutted. Now get it washed and polished ready for some nice spring weather
  9. Important lesson for us all. I started biking at 17 (passed my bike test before my car test!) and received some sound advice from my mate's dad who was a very experienced biker. He said ' treat every other roaduser as if they want to kill you'. That advice has saved me a couple of times. Anyway, to lighten the mood a little here's a picture of my current steed (very minor use nowadays so nothing special) and of a rather nice car that I used to own (very special) Just for you Karl
  10. Sharp intake of breath ............never saw salty roads during my tenure Do you intend to use during Feb/March or SORN it until spring? Where do you live and how far is the journey - you can hire a car transporter (van with ramps on the back) for a day for about £150 (from memory). If you can find a hire depot close to your house then it may be worth it? Or just drive it
  11. Yeah probably, I guess that's why the unidentified bloke snapped with the camera, without the photo it's OP's word against his.
  12. Yes he broke the law, although he did try to do 'the right thing' by having someone ready to move the cars immediately. Sadly, being decent is no defence. I think the question he's asking is can any old Tom Dick or Harry come along and play the policeman? I guess not, although without some proof that he/they werent fully official (uniform, marked car etc) it's surely going to be a difficult point to argue. If I was the OP I would argue for as long as it wasn't costing me any extra money (is there an appeal procedure?) and then ultimately pay up.
  13. I thought about it but the type of driving I do (country roads, no tracks, no motorways, stay back from the car in front!) doesn't really attract that many stone chips so I've never felt it necessary. I can't advise on where to go but just make sure its a good place! I had a brand new Exige 350 with PPF fitted by the dealer and I wasn't at all happy with it. The job was mediocre at best and it really annoyed me every time I looked at it
  14. I love my Elise 250 Cup but I still miss that car (yours!) after selling it one year ago. I dunno if you've seen the paintwork in bright sunlight yet but it's bloody lovely Congratulations, I'm sure you will love it
  15. Ahhh! Missed that, well done Karls, great car
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