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  1. Welcome Mark, car looks great, super shiny Which Elise is it? If it's supercharged then I'm guessing it must be have been upgraded by a previous owner as it's too early for a factory SC and it has no boot spoiler. Then I'm even further intrigued because looking at the exhaust and the logo on the front clam it looks like a K-series car (111S), which would be a special supercharged setup indeed I see you are Sheffield based, have a look on the Midland Lotus Owners Club site for regular runs in the Peak District (usually start around Baslow or Bakewell) - maybe even one during this Christmas break if you're interested! Cheers
  2. Get yourself on eBay and buy a couple of silica gel bags to sit on the dashboard overnight - we did this for my wife's MR2 roadster (which has always suffered from misting) and it has really helped. Every couple of weeks she just dries out the bags in the microwave, job done!
  3. Hi and welcome! 1) Depends on how and where you are driving but in general mid 30s is easily achievable. Worth noting that other running costs (tax, tyres, brakes, servicing) are low for a performance car. Biggest cost 'saving' is the very low depreciation, an early S3 supercharged car will hold its value very well. 2) Many people have, not ideal for motorway use on dark/wet winter eveining (scary because you are so low down!) but ok elsewhere. Headlights are not the best, heater is good enough, wiper is ok if you fit the right blade, but when compared to a comfy family car there are always going to be a few compromises! 3) No, you won't notice any difference in weight but the car will feel much nicer/quieter inside. 4) Pretty easy in summer - budget around £600 + the cost of painting it the right colour. They still come up for sale at this time of year but obviously the supply is lower and the demand is higher! If your g/f is going to be using the car (as a driver or passenger) you better let her have a go in one before you take the plunge, they are great cars but not for everyone. Good luck with your search
  4. Lol, it's difficult isn't it? I've had two V6 Exiges before the 250, I prefer driving the 250 on the Peak District twisties all around my home BUT I'm forever looking at the Exige S3 listings on PH - it's an obsession! If I swapped back to a V6 I know I would immediately be hankering after my 250 again, and so it continues. We should just agree to swap cars on a monthly basis or something Not really mods tbh, I have the carbon pack (splitter, barge boards, spoiler, diffuser) and I added the carbon roll bar cover myself. The carbon is beautiful, I would love to finish off the car with carbon front and rear hatches but the cost is ridiculous.
  5. I can't resist, you want bright? Kawasaki Green
  6. Will still be roadworthy at 120k miles and will still have some value! With your budget I would be looking at a Toyota engined car, either a late S2 with the facelift interior (and the 134bhp 1ZR engine) or an even younger 1.6 S3 Not that noisy when cruising and certainly should be no vibration, a hardtop helps in the winter months. Your biggest problem will be on dark rainy motorways - you can feel very vulnerable indeed amongst all the lorries and SUVs.
  7. Just found this thread and I'm loving your excitement Be warned, these little cars get right under your skin, they quickly become an addiction that is near impossible to break. I'm on my 6th Lotus and now eagerly eyeing up a possible change to my 7th. No other car, regardless of budget (I'm not joking), floats my boat like the Elise and Exige
  8. Well I never! We have a holiday house near Malaga, in the campo close to a mountain village called Almogia. Some absolutely epic driving roads there and I've often wished I could have my Elise with me. In 15 years of visits I've never seen a Lotus and I'm pretty sure I would have noticed yours! OP - sorry for the thread drift, your new Exige looks great in black, a real stealth machine
  9. Some last minute info for anyone that has booked.... You should have recieved an email with the information pack (provided that MLOC has your permission to send you emails!) on when and where to meet on Sunday morning but if not then you can view and download the information from here.... Have a great time everyone
  10. Another reminder! Getting very close now, less than 2 weeks to go until the big event (weekend of 21/22/23 June), over 120 cars already booked onto the runs, BUT ......... LESS THEN ONE WEEK LEFT TO BOOK YOUR PLACE! The Friday BBQ and the Sunday morning runs are by advance bookings only and the list will be closing at midnight on Sunday 16th June - don't leave it too late folks, if you fancy joining us get booked in right now
  11. Meet point in Baslow is the Nether End car park - quite close to the Chesterfield end of the village, although you could walk from one end to the other in 10 mins so I'm not sure it will be much help with your parking/driving decision :)
  12. Hi, You are correct that the final details go out by global email to all of the participants - a couple of days after the bookings have closed on midnight Sunday 16th June. However it's no secret that for the Ashbourne and Baslow routes you need to be at the start point for 7.10am at the latest on Sunday 23rd June. We then have 15 mins to organise everyone into their respective groups + 5 minutes for the safety briefing and then the first group leaves at 7.30am sharp. Thanks for booking, hope you have a great time, be sure to say hello at some point
  13. Another quick reminder! Time is getting on, now only 3 weeks to go until the big event (weekend of 21/22/23 June), BUT ......... ONLY TWO WEEKS LEFT TO BOOK YOUR PLACE! The Friday BBQ and the Sunday morning runs are by advance bookings only and the list will be closing at midnight on Sunday 16th June - don't leave it too late folks, if you fancy joining us get booked in right now
  14. Not a daft question at all, but it's quite difficult to give a clear answer because one man's brisk can easily be another man's slow! What I can say is that the slow pace is not the same as granny driving to the shops and the medium pace is not the same as mum taking her kids to school. However, we must remember that the runs take place on public roads (early in the morning when traffic is very light) so we have to drive safely and we have to stay within the law. There is a short safety briefing at the start of the runs to remind everyone of this important point. The system we operate will put you into a small group, max of 10 cars. Each driver in the group is responsible for showing the person immediately behind the correct way at junctions etc, but there is absolutely no pressure to 'keep up', you drive at the pace that is comfortable for you. If you are a bit slower than the person in front they will wait for you to catch up at each junction. Of course you have to do exactly the same for the person behind you, unless you are at the back of the group. This system works extremely well, each group leader knows the route and everyone else just follows at their own pace, simple as that! The reason for slow/medium/brisk groups is just to try and put similar drivers together so that everyone has the most fun possible! You could put the slowest driver into the fastest group and the system would still work, but this would of course reduce the enjoyment of the faster drivers as they would have to wait quite a while at each junction for the slowest driver to catch up. If you are unsure I would pick a medium group, it's a great day out, the runs are great fun at any speed, I don't think you will be disappointed.
  15. That's really sad, why do Lotus have to shoot themselves in the foot like this? They have a great product and a loyal following of enthuisiasts who will often go the extra mile to put up with small issues and sort out bigger problems. It has to work both ways though Maybe you will be back one day and have a much better experience, touch wood but all of my Lotus cars over the years have behaved themselves very well indeed
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