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  1. It may not be in their 'grand scheme' to do this but Lotus could send any cancelled order cars to the dealerships - I have no doubt that they would be snapped up immediately by eager buyers.
  2. Aha! So it's you that bought it then I've cast my eyes over that car numerous times at Oakmere and even had a quick sit in it once, don't worry, I was wearing clean trousers at the time What area of Manchester are you? If possible you REALLY need to get into the Peak District and join some of our Sunday morning runs with the Midlands Lotus Owners Club (MLOC). We have a few regulars with Exige V6 cars and we know ALL the best roads Drop me a line and we can arrange a run out 👍 Cheers Duncan
  3. I've always liked your car ^^^^^^^^^^^^ with its silver wheels and no black pack. Lovely 👍
  4. Any old battery will do, although maybe a leisure battery with carry handles and good for deep cycling is best? Don't order from Lotus, unless you particularly enjoy spending your money
  5. Not just the FE, same with all Exiges - the alarm/immobiliser is quite a drain so 2-4 weeks (depending on battery condition and temperature in the garage) is about it before you could get problems. Using the central locking sets the alarm so you can extend your time a bit by locking with the key instead (totally different locking method) but I'm not sure your insurance would be too happy with that! A battery isolator is not a bad idea but again, the alarm system will be inactive. If it's got a Lithium battery they are fitted with an automatic isolator to protect the battery itself, disconnects the battery when it gets close to being flat, not really much help though! Buy a second battery and switch them over every few weeks? It's not difficult, the battery is easily accessible, in the boot. EDIT: Just gave myself a telling off - less of the gloom! It's a truly spectacular car and will be well worth whatever is needed to make it work for you Congratulations on your purchase!
  6. Hi James, don't worry, no damage is being done, it's a definite TADTS (well, most of them do it to some extent). The reason for the noise, I'm not sure that anyone knows for certain? I believe that the basic issue is that the gearbox was designed specifically for a turbo diesel engine with a dual mass flywheel. For some reason running it with a solid flywheel makes it a bit noisy! They are great cars and actually very reliable - enjoy
  7. Gravelly noise perfectly normal at around 1.5K-3K revs, gets louder when the car is thoroughly heat soaked (e.g. at the end of a long journey!), usually loudest on very light throttle, usually dissappears completely on full throttle. Gearbox can sometimes chatter a tiny bit on tickover when the car is hot. Neither are anything to worry about but the gravelly noise can be a bit annoying when tootling around town at 30mph. Love your car, great colour
  8. You can retrofit the stalk for cruise control easy enough, it's a bog standard Vauxhall indicator stalk & not expensive. You will need a trip to a main dealer though to get the function switched on in the ECU - most UK dealers will charge around £100 to do this 5 minute job
  9. Eyam, in the Peak District, famous for the whole village going into self enforced quarantine in 1665-66 after the plague arrived with some cloth delivered from London. About half of Eyam residents died but the plague didn't get to the surrounding villages. It's a poignant story....
  10. I'm interested to hear how you get on with the new pads - one of the very few things I don't like on my 250 Cup is the lack of initial bite from the brakes. To be fair I am on 10K miles and the original pads, I clearly don't use the brakes a lot You should think about joining one (or more!) of our MLOC runs early on a Sunday morning in the Peaks. We sometimes start from Baslow, less than 40 miles from Wakefield.
  11. Did you configure an i4 car? If so then it's not surprising you haven't been contacted, I don't think they've got a clue about delivery dates for the i4 yet. Give customer services a call if you're worried... +44 (0) 330 0948047 .... they are pretty good
  12. They seem to be telling you that this is a lot of work and using expensive parts - it's definitely NOT! The 'extra' parts cost about £20, and the 'special cuts' take about half an hour maximum. If you have a Dremel or even an ordinary electric drill and a couple of small files it's dead easy to do it yourself.
  13. I agree, but it looks like Lotus won't be asking us to pay any further deposit or legally 'sign up' until just a month before delivery (so May at the earliest). Hopefully that gives us some time to see lots more photos and maybe even some working demonstrators at main dealers. If something really doesn't work for us we can make a spec change (no doubt with a big hit to the delivery date ) or even back out at no cost.
  14. Well, I know the show car seat position was not correct (too high) but my head was quite close to the roof and my eyes were about level with the top of the windscreen - I had to 'hunch down' in order to see through properly, it was a long way off good enough for me I asked Scott how much lower the seat will be on production cars and he couldn't tell me for certain.
  15. duncx

    Formula One

    I can understand that you're happy but do you not also feel a bit uncomfortable with the way that Max won his title? I'm not blaming Max for this last lap nonsense, he has to take what lady luck (or in this case Massi) gives him, but if I was a fan of Max it would definitely take the shine off his win. I'm not a Max fan (too dirty for my liking) but bizarrely, in this case,I actually feel a bit sorry for him; this will never feel 100% right.
  16. I would quite like to add to your list... Will a 6'3" driver actually be able to see through the windscreen?
  17. I reckon Magma Red is now very close to the real thing, maybe still just a tiny bit too 'pinky', but close
  18. Don't worry, if the wheel is off centre I can't say I have ever noticed it - these are fantastic cars to drive
  19. The video is ok, worth watching to get a few more crumbs of information, shame about the vomit inducing shmark and the shmuseum etc Agree with you there Scotty on the suspension settings, Sport for the best feedback and sense of speed, I don't care if it's actually slower than the touring setup on bumpy roads.
  20. I have to agree with all of the above and now this really doesn't help..... In asking people to commit without the full information being available Lotus could be in danger of unleashing a shitstorm of changed and cancelled orders next year.
  21. Not sure about the gold one but the Aiforce Blue car looks great
  22. I too have been told quite clearly that the i4 will be priced approx £5K below a same spec V6. I'm also not sure that we will ever see a £60K Emira - inflation, demand, and (as Tom says) rapidly changing conditions will most likely make it impossible to hold that starting price
  23. Yep, these are exactly 'the other things' that I mentioned on the other thread, things that Lotus haven't yet told us about. These unknowns are making it very difficult for me to be certain that I will take the final plunge on a V6 FE early next year. At the moment I'm trying not to think about it, much easier just kicking the can down the road
  24. I can't answer your question (because I haven't chaged my spec - yet!) but I can't help but think that by not showing us the colours properly, and by not giving us full information about lots of things, Lotus are storing up a lot of trouble for themselves. There will surely be many people wanting to change spec or even delay before they make the final payment.
  25. No idea about your place in the queue if you spec V6 now and then change to i4 later - it's a good question that I too have thought about. The same question applies if you decide to wait for an 'own spec' car - does an early deposit make any difference at all or do you get just once chance to use your 'position' in the queue? If I change my mind and want to swap my V6 order to an i4 order (or any non-LE order) do I then go to the very back of the queue? Regarding the difference in price, a Lotus employee confidently told me (at a roadshow event) that the price difference between the two LE models would be £5-6K (i.e. approx £5K cheaper for the i4 LE car).
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