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  1. People keep saying this but the market is much bigger than the UK and parts of the EU. There's large parts of the world that have no plans in place (California 2035 but the rest of the USA?) to ban the sales of ICE cars in 2030. My bet is if Lotus can still sell them then they will keep making them Still zero chance of a targa though
  2. duncx

    Lotus Emira

    They have until midnight on Tuesday 31st to release more info - any earlier will be an unexpected bonus as far as I'm concerned
  3. Of course the V6 Exige is epic, but when compared with an Elise you can really feel the extra weight high up - VOE.
  4. This choice (I4 or V6) is becoming more difficult for me on a daily basis. I was originally 100% for the V6, mainly for the noise and the manual box, then I learned it was the 'old V6 and box', and now I'm understanding more about the A45 engine. An important factor for handling is that it may well be the same overall weight as the V6, but it's a heavy (low down) gearbox Vs a heavy (right on the top!) SC and chargecooler that really makes me think. I'm not in my first flush of youth and hopefully the Emira will be a keeper, my last 'proper' car, so I'm beginning to question: Do I really want to spend an extra £10-15K for the privilege of..... Higher CoG (I could definitely feel this on my Exige V6) Higher running costs Higher guilt factor regarding CO2 Risk of aggravating my tinitus (probably have to wear ear plugs anyway ) Risk of aggravating my old knee injury with heavy clutch use Future risk of dreaded OAP clutch spinning at junctions because I'll probably be able to hear F'all by then My initial V6 resolve is coming under pressure, the choice is becoming a lot more 'balanced' - aaarggh
  5. Exactly the same for me but with Oakmere for my pre-order. Very straightforward, no fuss, definitely not a shambles. No complaints here 👍
  6. 27 April 21 - TomE - UK - V6 manual 30 April 21 - Pugwash - UK V6 manual 15 May - JCR - Undecided 4 June 21 - DJW - undecided 23 June 21 - KJD - V6 manual 25 Jun 21 - scotty435 - V6 manual 28 June 21 - DaveC72 - i4 6 July 21 - Duncs - V6, but cost dependent. 7 July 21 Al_C - I4 8 July 21 - MJON - i4 8 July 21 - Wake - i4 (V6 cost dependant) 8 July 21 - Johnhoward - V6 Auto 8 July 21 (Goodwood Thursday) - JimH - i4 12 July 21 - emstan - V6
  7. I think it looks ok, not sure how the large offset will feel when driving though? When I get to sit in one at the dealers (September time hopefully) I'm going to spin the wheel a fair bit (and make lots of brummmm brummmm noises) to try it out EDIT: That Audi wheel looks like it's come from Halfords
  8. duncx

    Lotus Emira

    Seriously, even in the tiny market for track cars I'm not sure that many people care who's car is fastest, and let's not forget that the Emira is not aimed at track use. In the real world, on real roads, the huge majority or Emira owners will never ever get anywhere near to using the full capabilities of the car, even at 360bhp and 1500kgs (optioned up car ). I had an Exige 350, it was lovely but it was too fast for the road and for my meagre driving talents, so it felt a bit frustrating at times. However much power you have there will always be someone with more, and the advent of blisteringly fast EVs has made the 'off the line' performance of almost all ICE cars into a complete embarrasment. Lotus have hit it dead right IMO, and the deposits prove it. Provided they keep the pricing real and the quality high then they will have a runaway success on their hands. They will probably release higher power variants later on, but a significant premium, and very few people will buy them.
  9. duncx

    Lotus Emira

    At lunchtime today I was standing outside my place of work. I could hear a 4 pot DCT car somewhere on the industrial estate giving it some, high revs and rifle bullet gear changes with a crack & pop for each change - hmmm. I really hope that the V6 Emira isn't going to be too expensive
  10. Less than 2 weeks to go to the big weekend and we will be closing the MLOC store for bookings at midnight on Sunday 25th - if you want to join us then do not delay!
  11. duncx

    Lotus Emira

    Nah, the Capri looked ok but drove like a shed, the Emira looks spectacular AND will drive like a true Lotus
  12. I get it. What @blindside is saying is that he wants Lotus to recognise that he has just spend a wedge of cash on one of their products and they damn well should treat him like a valued customer. Approx 5 years ago I bought a spanking new Exige 350 from a Lotus main dealer. It was an underwhelming experience, the car was grubby and poorly presented, parked in a dingy warehouse in the middle of a load of other cars (not even Lotus), the paperwork wasn't ready and there was no manual or service book. There was no follow-up from the dealer or Lotus, I doubt it even registered with them that I existed. Compare that to when I bought a s/h Exige 350 from a Mercedes dealer, so nothing to do with Lotus. When I arrived I was immediately treated as a customer should be, offered a drink, introduced to the manager, and taken to the car. It was parked on it's own in the showroom, in a special presentation area under sparkling halogen lighting, tantalisingly hidden under a black silk (maybe nylon, who knows ) cover. The cover was whisked off to reveal an immaculate car, gleaming under the lights. I was invited to check every detail of the car before acceptance and then photos were taken (by the dealer) of the handover/handshake. When I got home a few hours later there was an email waiting for me with the photos attached and some pleasant words to thank me for my custom and to assure me that they were there for me if needed. I still get emails from that Merc dealer to this day - obviously telling me about their Mercedes products though, not Lotus. In contrast I have never had any contact from Lotus whatsoever OK so this may be a bit silly, at the end of the day it's the car I'm interested in, not being pampered by slick sales techniques. However, I'm willing to be ignored because I'm an enthuisiast and frankly there have been no alternatives for me to choose from. Lotus are aiming for a different market now, they are aiming for people who rightly expect to be treated with respect, and the daft thing is that most of this stuff costs next to nothing to put in place. You're playing with the big boys now Lotus - GET IT SORTED!
  13. Hold on, if we are gloating about predictions then check mine out from page 2 of this thread, 22 January - not too shabby eh
  14. 5K per year with a single shift though isn't it Bibs? Now I know you can't just nip outside and drag a few people off the street for a second shift, but presumably within a year or so you could get one up and running to almost double production? Hmm, not sure what I think about seeing Lotus on every street corner.....
  15. The UK government has traditionally been very 'friendly' towards all manner of car mods (probably because the industry is a revenue generator) so I think we would be amongst the last to suffer such curbs. To be honest I'm not personally bothered; I use enjoy tuning my own engines (gas flowing, new cams, balancing etc) but those days are long behind me, I won't be messing with my own Emira if/when I get it
  16. This tuning potential (and more) is already in place for the V6, tried and tested in the Evora and Exige, ultra reliable (including the manual gearbox) and not too much money. This is a path already very well trodden in the Lotus community, if tuning for power is your thing then you can still choose the V6
  17. I would be interested to know how they have improved ingress (dropped the sills?) without compromising the rigidity of the chassis - I wonder if they have finally used the roof structure as a stressed part of the full assembly? The longer wishbones look good, really shows that this is an serious evolution of the chassis design rather than the ridiculous 'it's an Evora in a new frock' nonsense being spouted all over the place What I find amazing is - the way that such a piece of brutally perfect functional engineering (the chassis) can morph into such a beautiful curvaceous body.
  18. Yep, I reckon if they fully load the LE cars for an extra £5K then it's a no brainer Then I woke up ....... :lol:
  19. I think we could realistically edit that last sentence to say 'If it isn't there will be a lot of ex deposit holders' If the LE V6 is coming in at much over £75K I'm going to find it difficult to justify to myself, particularly if the options loaded in are of no interest to me. I really have no need for the likes of 12-way electric seats etc
  20. I think that 480bhp on the display is a classic Lotus teaser of what's to come
  21. We could be doing Lotus a massive disservice by describing their 360bhp AMG engine as 'detuned'. I own/ride a Honda Hornet bike with a 900cc 'detuned' Fireblade engine, it may not have the headline power at the top end but instead it has a massive wedge of lowdown torque that the 'full power' Fireblade could only dream of. I can definitely see Lotus making a very sensible decision to make the 4 pot Emira superbly driveable - on the road you can only ever access the headline power of these engines if you are being really silly, gut wrenching torque is much more fun for everyday use EDIT - Ah, I was typing whilst you were posting @Speedluvver, same thoughts as you 👍
  22. No idea on colour or anything else yet Joe but I won't be 'investing' in a special paint that's for sure. I'm told that spec on the Launch Edition cars will be fixed in order to give time for the factory to get production running smoothly. I think that if you want an LE car you will largely have to accept what's on offer with just a narrow choice of colour, interior, wheels maybe? All speculation, maybe we will know more in September. For the moment the 250 is going nowhere!
  23. Yes, but early on. I had a dealer deposit in place and soon after the 'reveal' they told me to make it offiical by using the Lotus website. I paid the £2K and got a confirmation number (within 2 minutes) which I passed back to the dealer to formalise place on the list
  24. Nope, it's about the sound of the thing and a manual box My 250 Cup is a truly fantastic car but it will NEVER have the aural drama of a V6 Exige/Emira
  25. From the Lotus payment page.... Order Window means a period of time during which you will be invited to place an order for an Emira. We anticipate this to begin in September 2021 and end in March 2022. The stated dates for the Order Window are indicative only. We will use commercially reasonable efforts to allow you to place an order at the earliest opportunity whether this is before or after the dates anticipated in the Order Window. So I think.... Some time in the next couple of months we will get an invite from the dealer to come and have a look at the real thing, not expecting to be able to drive it though Some time closer to September we will have all the info regarding specs, costs, expected delivery times etc. At that time we will be invited to specify a car and place a firm order and we will have to pay more money (total guess, another £5K?). I would hope that we get an opportunity to drive a demo before our money becomes non-refundable but who knows? Full payment will only be due once your car is ready.
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