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  1. I've had the email too, the dates now go up to 9th November. Scott hinted to me at Central Lotus that the cut-off for the second deposit (keeping your place in the queue) was going to be extended so presumably it will be sometime after the 9th now? I can't see them dragging painted cars around the country but I wonder if they will have some for the Hethel days? I really want to see the ice leather too - do you think they would send me a sample when they finally get some?
  2. Can't your partner (wife, husband, whatever) pass your meals in through the passenger window?
  3. 5) Why would you want to return it? Just sell it on for a quick/huge profit
  4. I've been to see the car at Central Lotus today too, not much to add to what's been said so far except maybe ... My head was brushing the roof (6'3") and my eyeline was level with the top of the screen, plus the slightly drooping sunvisor didn't help my forwards visibility Nobody knows (not even Scott!) if the seats are 'stuck' in the lowest adjustable position, although everyone I spoke to said they are definitely mounted too high. Scott said he didn't know where the 20mm too high figure came from, he thinks it's more like 30mm. Basically, the seats we are seeing at the moment are wrong, and at 6'3" Scott reckons I won't have a problem. Overall the car looked great. It's much more of a 'model' than the real thing but the overall package looks sufficiently promising to give me the confidence to spec up a FE car and make the next payment. In all honesty I had recently been considering stepping off the queue and waiting for 'own spec' cars but I'm really not sure how long that's going to be? If they can sell fully specced cars for 2 years or so then why would they sell anything cheaper? Could be a very long wait (and maybe even a fruitless one?) for that £60K base car! If only there were some different colours - a simple Ardent Red would suit me just fine EDIT: Just remembered, for those wanting the tan leather, I am happy to report that the tan sample is a really nice colour, no hint of the orangeyness that I've seen on some photos, just a straightforward (and quite rich) tan colour. Spot on
  5. I like your idea for a 'delivery date modeller' Tom so come on let's do it, please don't let the lack of real data get in the way of wild speculation
  6. Yes, I noticed that in the article and ignored it as a mistake - to be fair there are 'a few' other such mistakes scattered around the mag If it was true then Lotus would need to go back to a steel chassis under a fibreglass body OR use a floorpan off something else - i.e. not a Lotus. Can't be correct - I hope!
  7. If that's true then they've got just one week and three days to get them to Central Lotus Come on Lotus, chop chop!
  8. If the photos on here are to be believed then Magma looks very similar indeed to Fire Red, which is definitely nothing like the render above. Fire Red has a split personality, it's quite a dark and moody colour in dull conditions, a!most burgundy, but it explodes in bright sunlight into a fabulous luxurious rich red with a subtle gold shimmer. It's NOTHING like a classic Ferrari red - but if they offered good old Ardent Red that would a winner for me
  9. I've been to Oakmere this morning to have a drive of their white Evora GT410 - it's not a 410 Sport but it does have the Sport pack fitted - that's 'sports suspension' and Michelin Pilot Cup 2 tyres. Is this a similar setup to the Emira Sport Suspension? I had a decent drive on a bumpy B-road with plenty of potholes etc, really nice ride, not too harsh totally unruffled by uneven road surfaces. I really wouldn't want anything softer, I want to keep some sportscar feel for my everyday driving. I'm pretty sure it's sports suspension for me There was also a Fire Red Exige and a flat yellow Exige in the showroom. The Fire Red looked a bit dull, even though it was right next to the window, just didn't do anything for me. In contrast the yellow looked flipping great. Red is definitely out now for me, it's down to blue or yellow, I need the car to lift my spirits on a dull cloudy day and/or in the garage. I'm seeing the blue Emira in two weeks - can't wait! Thanks to Oakmere for the test drive - not an Emira but still very helpful
  10. That's mine above - red, no black pack, silver wheels, with red calipers though. Or maybe blue, or possibly yellow??????
  11. I think the red render is very close to the real thing. I have quite a few photos of Fire Red cars (Exige V6 mainly) in different lighting conditions; Ive been comparing them to the render, flicking between them over and over (full screen in different tabs ) and it looks good - well done Mickle
  12. The Nimbus Grey looks almost silver in the sunlight - such a shame we can't see these colours on the car. EDIT - too late, typing whilst you were posting, so it really is more silvery than grey
  13. Yep, I am one of those people However, as I passed 60 (years, not MPH) I'm now struggling to see the tiny digits on my analogue clocks and the idea of a 1" high digital readout is becoming significantly more attractive I hope that the screens on the Emira have some decent configurability - I thought the options on the AIM dash for the Exige/Elise were a bit lame, very poor choice of screen layouts for your money
  14. Fire Red is a very interesting colour, quite a moody maroon in low light, very 'red' in medium light, pops with gold flecks in full sunlight. I wonder if the Magma Red has the same gold metallic flecks? The colour looks good on the Elise and the Exige but I think the Evora carries it off even better - silver or diamond cut wheels for me please EDIT: This photo has gone a bit crazy on my screen - click it for a better view! We now need somebody with some serious photoshop skills to show us what the colours will REALLY look like on the Emira .,....pretty please
  15. You are probably right, tan looks more like orange on that photo
  16. OMG WTF is that dog-dick red leather? I was all set on Magma red body with red leather - back to the drawing board for me
  17. I'm planning to print off the colours from the configurator (will use the images above - thanks!) then take them with me to the viewing for comparison to the real samples. If the configurator looks very close to the real colours then I know I can use it with confidence to make my choice. Hopefully
  18. I asked about colour samples and was told that there will definitely be some on the roadshow. I have a feeling that the nice lady said 'panels' but that might be just my wishful thinking, I'm hoping for painted doors at the very least
  19. I was told this too - very clearly and in response to me asking the question directly. I'm pretty sure that my place in the queue is safe until 5th November, as long as I spec the car and place my £3K deposit before then.
  20. I ordered at 9am on the day of the Hethel reveal - I received my phone call today, although I wasn't able to take it so I guess I'm now at the bottom of the list
  21. I placed my deposit on the 6th July, before the Hethel reveal, and I've not had the 0330 phone call. I got the email from Lotus to book my 'priority viewing' on the roadshow but that (and of course my deposit confirmation email) is the only contact I've ever had from them.
  22. Ah but, £76K + £2K ved = £78K OTR, so you were correct!
  23. Hmm, configurator says..... First Edition Available from Spring, 2022 Priced from £75,995 It doesn't specifically say that this is the price for the V6 - the 'priced from' could be for the i4. Obviously I hope not
  24. Regarding pricing methinks....... EDIT - typing whilst you're posting
  25. Configurator is working for me (in it's own 'charming' clunky way) but I can't see any mention of a price, it looks the same as last night.
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