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  1. Your best photograph...

    Yes. An Elite S2 503. Well spotted.
  2. Your best photograph...

    Last month, I went on a tour of part of the South Island, NZ, with the Southern Lotus Register. Here's most of the contingent:
  3. Petrol choices for Elise?

    Indeed. It runs particularly well on 98. But such petrol is not universally available, especially in the South Island (as I found) - and some suppliers add ethanol to boost the octane rating. I'm inclined to avoid them. In Auckland, where I live, it is easy to consistently fill with 98 octane. But these cars weren't made to pootle around in cities - were they?
  4. Petrol choices for Elise?

    There are no detonation noises on 98 Octane. On 95, I hear them when accelerating (modestly) out of an uphill corner. I'm not sure if our 95 in NZ is up to the same standards as your UK fuel?
  5. Petrol choices for Elise?

    I have a Series 3 Elise 1.6 naturally aspirated. I notice that it doesn't like 95 octane petrol - it causes pinking under load. The manual says to use unleaded of at least 95 octane rating. Ethanol up to 10% is permitted (according to the manual). What petrol do you choose? Are there any you avoid? (Based on what information?) I have a trip to the South Island coming up this week, and thought I'd better investigate.
  6. David in NZ

  7. Awesome NZ driving Roads (North Island)

    In mapping out a route for a car run next weekend, here is a preview of my favourite section - a 1.3km stretch of Ridge Road: It is not a fast road. In fact, because it is so narrow, you have to be quite sedate, in case you meet other traffic (this happened in my video). But there are many tight corners to enjoy. And the corresponding Google map:
  8. Awesome NZ driving Roads (North Island)

    Good idea to record these, Rich. This is one of the roads we traversed after the brunch with the Triumph TR register and Jaguar club on Sunday. It is just south of Warkworth. The video is of a short portion of the route, as it's not as much fun when following normal traffic: And the corresponding Google Map:
  9. Workshop visit, Drive and a Feed... (Event)

    It will be great to see you again, Darren. And Rich.
  10. Elise/Exige/Europa picture thread

    @NeilPis that Aston Martin Lagonda building the one in Newport Pagnell? I lived not far from there for several years - back when there were Lagondas parked out the front.
  11. Light Cars to the Lighthouse (NZ)


    Well, that went really well. Far better than I anticipated. 3x Evora, 2x Elise, 1x Esprit, 1x VX220 and 1x MGF headed to the beach, the lighthouse, the beach and back to a wonderful cafe. Weather varied from sun (and cold) to heavy rain (and very cold) to gusty wind (and still cold).
  12. Another new NZ Lotus fanatic!

    Impressive photos, Nigel.
  13. Vehicle: Lotus Elise

    Name: Lotus Elise Click to view: Lotus Elise
  14. Lotus Elise

    Lotus Elise
  15. How to put a roof on an Elise...

    And it helps when there is not someone with a video camera nearby. (Or any other convertible that can do the job in seconds, while still seated.) Still, that's a small price to pay for the weight reduction.