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  1. That's a very smart paint job. You must be very pleased.
  2. These cars sell themselves. I managed to hire one for a day, about 3 years ago. That got it on the "one day when we have the money" shopping list. Then we discovered that our local dealer was happy to let us try one out for a weekend (well, late Saturday and return it on Monday morning). That was sufficient to get us over the line. You park it in your own garage, show your friends, drive it, let your spouse drive it... totally hooked! So, I wonder whether any of the dealers up your way do that sort of thing? I guess they'd have to be convinced that you're a genuine customer. (We had
  3. It felt extremely Contrived. Everyone had gone overboard, trying to make it great, including the scriptwriters, camera work. MLB shone. SS is easy to watch. The other thing it smelt of is that the BBC is totally desperate for it to succeed commercially. They must have spent double their normal budget (at least), filming in Nevada and Morocco, appealing to a US audience (via Viper/Vette, Matt, Jeep, Matt, US v UK, Jesse), building the dirt track, using MINIs instead of cheap cars, etc. Then there was Chris H's lap in the Nomad. He was in his element, talking while driving - but i
  4. Gidday everybody [waves and then shuffles to the side, because kiwis typically don't like to be the centre of attention]! Thanks for adding the NZ forum. This looks like a friendly place. We finally bought our first Lotus last year. It's named "Bluebottle". My biggest worry was that the Elise with the smallest engine (1.6L) would struggle with the big boys. But on our twisty roads it is definitely not an issue - no reduction in grin factor. The Lotus sports exhaust brings a smile, too. And now for a suitably rural backdrop... cheers Davi
  5. Excellent honeymoon choice, Colin. When will that happen? I suggest you ask your question in the NZ forum on TLF - we have *many* roads to recommend.
  6. I've just sent off my entry forms for the Taupo track day on August 27. Anyone else coming? (kudos to the Alfa Romeo Owners Club for inviting us along, too). david
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