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  1. It felt extremely Contrived. Everyone had gone overboard, trying to make it great, including the scriptwriters, camera work. MLB shone. SS is easy to watch.

    The other thing it smelt of is that the BBC is totally desperate for it to succeed commercially. They must have spent double their normal budget (at least), filming in Nevada and Morocco, appealing to a US audience (via Viper/Vette, Matt, Jeep, Matt, US v UK, Jesse), building the dirt track, using MINIs instead of cheap cars, etc.
    Then there was Chris H's lap in the Nomad. He was in his element, talking while driving - but it was not the Stig (he can't do that!), so it didn't go on the board. In which case, WHY WASN'T IT TESTED ON THE DIRT SECTIONS TOO? Especially, because it's a Nomad!
    Rescue formula: ditch Evans completely and replace him with Harris after the first series. 
  2. On ‎10‎/‎05‎/‎2016 at 07:01, Colin G said:

    Welcome, excellent car choices! We're intending our honeymoon to be a road trip around NZ, how are the roads, anywhere you'd recommend?

    Excellent honeymoon choice, Colin. When will that happen? I suggest you ask your question in the NZ forum on TLF - we have *many* roads to recommend.

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