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  1. Hi Fabian, those wheels a few pages earlier are from Epsilon? I have a set of those (on sale), but no details on size and offset. Do you eventually have these details? Wolfgang PS: my RM610 finally works now, got it repaired and found a suitable antenna for a GPR car
  2. Thanks to all... once you know the keyword it's easy to find helpful posts like this:
  3. Thanks Henry. Now since I know how the piece is called I can search for it 🙂
  4. Hi John, yes, that's the one. In my car the pop riveted silver plastic is missing, most propably it was deleted when the car was repainted from the previos owner. Does somebody eventually have a close-up picture of this silver plastic part I am missing? Is this the piece SJ calls SJ079B0025 - L/H CAPPING RAIL ? Or is that something else? Wolfgang
  5. Can somebody tell me how the long, bow-shaped piece running along the A-pillar and along the roofline is fixed? Glued, screwed, clipped? I have to paint it and it would be easier to handle without the whole car attached to it.... Wolfgang
  6. Since I do not have an airbox (but K&N filters) my vent pipe ends in fresh air... I thought about installing a small catch tank, but since the tube remains dry there is no real need. Wolfgang
  7. When I purchased my 77 S1 it came with a set of nice Epsilon wheels in great condition. Only the golden centres do not really match to my yellow car. The problem: I cannot use them (legally) 😞 In Germany the authorities are very strict, no way to legalize them since there are no sizes or offset numbers printed on the wheels and no 'KBA Number' which is mandatory here. The diameter os obvious (15"), the bolt pattern is given (100x4), but the width and offset are open. Both can be measured once the tires are off, but maybe somebody has more data available for these wheels? I think they were popular in the US? And of course if somebody is interested in such fantastic wheels ..... 😉 Wolfgang Here is a picture of a similar wheel with black centers
  8. I don't have a picture of them in the car, but here is a picture copied from another website:
  9. Hi Geert, my preferred size would have been 195/60 R14 and 205/70 R14, but since there are no matching sets available I went to the Vredesteins. The 195/70 R14 is a litte bit too big, it (very slightly) rubs at the inside of the fender on full lock on one side and makes the front of the car a tad too high. But these are modern tires, have the right look, V-speed rating and are available as a matching set. For me going with some chinese no-names would be much more compromises. Wolfgang
  10. I have Vredestein Sprint Classic on S2 rims in size 195/70R14 and 205/70R14 Wolfgang
  11. I installed a set of BMW 3-series parts (from a E36 series convertible). They look good and they are easy and cheap to get (ebay). And they are easy to install, 2 screws is all you need. Wolfgang
  12. Update: It needed a while with some negotiations on the price, but I finally bought this RM610 now for my own car (it's the RM610 version with the equalizer, incl. amp and preamp) 🙂 When starting this thread it was offered for a massive price, but over the last days it became very reasonable.... This seller has more of these Panasonic devices to offer, right now there is an RM710 available on the same URL. Maybe somebody is interested in this even more futuristic looking system. I'll post pictures once I have my RM610 installed. Wolfgang
  13. In case somebody is interested in a Panasonic RM610: Not cheap, but looking good on the pictures. I am not the seller and not connected to this guy Wolfgang
  14. The motor on my S1 did not work when I purchsed the car. I swapped it for an MX5 motor -> easily available for a few bucks, powerful enough, integrated end switches, only litte adoption work needed... works perfectly 😀
  15. I had the same issue on my S1, the U-clip is too weak to keep it's position on the rod. My solution: I took a luster terminal (the things that allow two electric wires to be connected) and removed the plastic insulation. Left over is a small metal piece with two screws. The thing is now slid over the rod (instead of the cables) and the two screws are tightened. It's very fiddly, as there is almost no room for a crew driver. Once installed it keeps the U-clip from slipping down the rod again under load. Wolfgang
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