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  1. Just installed lotech suspension all around. On test drive had virtually no pedal ( read goes slowly to floor like bleeder was partly open). Of course this was a surprise while driving, so when pressed pedal again, had more brake, but pulled hard to right. Car will stop if pumped, but looses pressure. No visible leaks, nothing brake related touched while doing suspension. Only upper a arms, and sway bar loosened/moved. Hub with caliper may have moved lines but nothing bad, or am I missing something. Master cylinder is full and appears clean. No issues before I messed with springs and dampers.
  2. so you went with the Bilstein shocks above and Eibach springs?
  3. thank you! I was looking at Bilstein as I guess they were an OEM for the car. Problem is that they did not show them on their website. I will give them a call.
  4. I have just purchased my dream car (for better or worse ) 2001 with 9k miles on it. I noticed that I have a leaking rear shock. My question is what is the OEM brand or is it worth changing to an aftermarket brand? I have tried to read on here about different brands, but just don't know a good direction. I do NOT want to alter the ride hight of the car.
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