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  1. John bud they’re available from sj’s
  2. 100% agree John was a great, very well organised event, I hope they decide to make it an annual event.
  3. Yeah only drove her 100 yards from my house to the petrol station 🤦🏻‍♂️ Friday morning, All sorted now tho was loose clutch hose. Was still a great weekend tho in the M100
  4. The Essex F1 Car has to be mine, mostly because it was the closest thing on show to my Essex blue dry sump 🙄😊 (which didn’t make the trip due to clutch issue🙈)
  5. A massive massive thank you to John and Wendy aka Lotusrescue, for they’re help and massive amount of patience In dealing with our breakdowns and hickups along the way to and from lotus 70th birthday celebration,👆🏻 as discribed above. without them we’d have been up the creek without a paddle, other than these issues along the way was an amazing weekend and met some great people to. Thanks again pops and Mumma Walsh of Lotusrescue yous are the best
  6. Hi Ross try mike at midland centre caps he does the centre caps for the wolf race wheels here’s his email [email protected] i also believe they have an eBay shop to.
  7. So after pestering my dad for a year to find pictures or videos of his Esprit he owned many years ago , And today he finally climbed into the attic and found them, 😀 here are screen shots of it as it won’t allow me to upload the video. 1987 Turbo Esprit HC reg, D565 VJX any ideas if it’s still in existence? Or where it is?
  8. Thanks bud, it’s almost broke me financially and mentally but driving her up the road made it worth while, a week to get some miles on her before her first outing at Glamis can’t wait 😊
  9. Thanks I’ll give that a go, the engine is back in the car so tank height isn’t an issue, just didint want to start it dry and mess all the good work done on the engine 🙄
  10. Hi guys I have a 1981 Esprit Turbo dry sump, which has had a full engine overhaul with all new bearing ect, and I’m looking for advice on pre lubricating the engine before it’s first start up after the re-build. ive seen bits and pieces on here of different ways to do this, but just wanted to get the correct way before doing so. Thanks in advance
  11. Sj’s do a drive belt for the oil pump on a dry sump but it is only 1 size so might not fight some cars, but I’ve bought one for my dry sump and it’s the same size etc as the old one that came off so maybe order one and try it and see.
  12. I think this is a great idea and venture, theres no better person i know than your good self to take on such a task and just shows your true love and respect for the lotus marque. theres nothing better than seeing cars rescued and put back on the road, I think it's a great idea of combining business and what started off as a hobby, and when all said and done if nothing else will have some great cars back on the road which would have just rotted away then ultimately death by the big crusher hope it goes from strength to strength in the new year ????
  13. Hi Brian I'll meet you guys at Kinross services on Sunday I'll be there from about see you's guys Sunday.
  14. Was an amazing weekend, thanks John for showing me how to properly drive my lotus
  15. Well done John great job , I'll have to take a road trip up and see her when she's all complete or you take the trip down to the capital ? ??
  16. Hi guys really sorry but I won't be able to make it been called into work to cover a shift tonight.
  17. Aw great thanks ?? will get that booked now
  18. Yeah I got a message about it. If I'm off work that weekend I'm defo going to be there ??
  19. Thanks. The mods that I know about are Radium CAI kit and rear titanium blue tip back box there may be more but that's all I'm aware of atm.
  20. Hi al nice to meet you. Haha yeah that's just my luck to be honest I always pick the wrong time to start anything but I'll definitely head down to Craig's and meet you's in person. yeah my dad has had some great cars over the years think his first lotus was a red excel then an esprit turbo and think this is why I'm so car mad to be honest. Just unfortunate he hasn't got them anymore. He said he's had his fun with cars. I strongly disagree though haha
  21. That's fine I'll probably just head down anyway and try meet a few of you's and keep my fingers crossed a space opens up for me. If not I'll head down to meet you's a Craig's garage. I've not met him either but see his name mentioned a lot on here.
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