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  1. A lot of people have talked about the switchable road system, but I haven't seen many discussions on the track system How does it compare to the standard exhaust in terms of sound? What differences do you actually experience compared to the standard exhaust? What about on the motorway?
  2. Thank you. Drove to work today with no problems so fingers crossed a one off!
  3. I picked up a 16 reg Exige v6 about a week and a half ago and was driving it home from work today in tour mode. Towards the end of the journey i realised the traction control light was on without the sport mode or race mode being activated; when i tried to switch the car into sport or race, it didn't work; the TC light just stayed on. Is there a specific traction control button i might have accidentally pressed, or is this an error? When i turned the car off and on again the TC control light was off and i was able to cycle through the different driving modes.
  4. e> Ah thanks! I was directed to this thread from the notification email rather than the attendance list thread. Registered!
  5. Hi. I'd like to attend please, but can't see a form or info about what details you need.
  6. I am picking up an exige s on Friday, and it is a 260 mile drive home from the dealer, so I'll need my satnav on my phone working! Is there a cigarette lighter point in the exige? If so, where is it? Does it just take a normal I phone car charger? Cheers.
  7. Indeed.... although I just want to make sure it actually has race before I put a deposit down. The car is a long way from me so I can't just pop and see it.
  8. I have tested an exige 350 which has buttons for sport and race; I have also tested a 2014 exige s that has a twisty switch which can be moved to sport or a picture of a flag. I am now looking at a 2016 exige s and the switch looks like this. Does this mean the car has race mode available? Why is it different from the 2014 car?Cheers.
  9. Id like to see this spec. Any pictures? And this one! Any pictures?
  10. Looking on the Lotus website, there seem to be 4 wheel options; cast or forged and silver or black of each. The majority of cars seem to have the black wheels, but i quite like wheels in the attached picture. They are different to the silver wheels on the Lotus site though; they seem to have black on certaon parts, and there is no option for the wheels in the picture. Does anyone know if these wheels can be ordered? Same here
  11. From your brief 400 drive, how did the straight line acceleration compare to the two 991s?
  12. Matt123


    Not until the beginning of next year, but I want to plan ahead as different cars require different ways of financing. Some will be new, others second hand. I definitely intend to! I think it may come down to rear seat space with babies planned. We might nip to Bell and Colvill this weekend to check the space and have a look around the car.
  13. Yeah I suspected as much. I'll take the wife along to a showroom and try! I'm sure she can manage...... Crawling out of the back of a 400 is still cooler than stepping out of a qashqai! If she simply won't fit then a 400 may be off the cards!
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