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  1. Might actually be in Glasgow that weekend. I'll add my name provisionally for now... 1&2 Brian & Jackie 3&4 Tosh & Jane
  2. I recently had a day on track at Spa and would love to get some photos of the car on track. can anyone provide links to sites that can provide these? I've found numerous for the night we had at Nurburgring...nothing for Spa though
  3. Full allocation of Cup 380 cars now sold...that didn't take too long!
  4. 460 is easily achievable with the TVS upgrade. I'm about to fit 2bular headers in the next couple of weeks. After this I'll be going for a RR mapping session, either using a custom EMU or live mapping the Lotus unit. I believe figures approaching 470-490 are within reach although I will be tuning down from this slightly. I'll update the thread with progress. There are pros and cons for both upgrade routes. I am more than happy with the SSC kit.
  5. I have the same setup as Gary with the Virb and dongle, have to say it's great
  6. In view of the fact that some models of the V6 Exige have had the width of their rear tyres increased to deal with the higher power output, does anyone know what the largest size is that can be fitted? I'm running higher power and it will soon receive another hike. Being able to transfer this to the tarmac is important lol Availability is an issue, not many make tyres in the possible larger sizes. There are N4 Pilot Sports in larger sizes, and I'm wondering if fitting larger rears with the same circumference increase front, would make any difference? Has anyone tried?
  7. I'll give an update on my upgrade path soon. I'm booking the car in to have replacement manifolds fitted, remove the cat (possibly fit a high flow replacement), and have the car custom mapped. I might take the path where I fit a custom engine management ECU. A gearbox oil cooler will be popped in too. We have a company in Scotland who can now live map the Lotus ECU but not sure if I can openly post who on here?!? Obviously the car will be on a 4 wheel RR for the mapping work so I'll post some figures when complete. This will be in approx. 4 weeks as the upgrade will be undertaken while I am away for work. I had the car at Knockhill a few weeks ago, first track time since fitting the TVS1900. It's a huge difference
  8. Sussed it out now. The overlays you have on yours are put in when editing the clip via the VIRB program. I was initially trying to do this from the camera by adding sensors...wrong, doh! I will have a play with it over the next few days/nights.
  9. I've recently bought a Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 and one of the V-gate Bluetooth OBD dongles. Can anyone give a brief overview of what I need to do in order to get the info on my videos? I suspect the OBD dongle isn't working because only the battery light illuminates on it when plugged in, despite pressing the power button frequently. The link to the dongle is
  10. I like it, think he's spec'd a fabulous car. Great exposure for the Lotus brand.
  11. Damn, just fitted a bar at the weekend!
  12. Was looking on my phone earlier, but now I've seen the bigger images on my laptop, defo the anthracite.
  13. Exactly. I want more power but need to keep the noise increase minimal. I already have a 2bular race silencer fitted, so I really can't go higher as it will cause issues at tracks, hence the reason for considering extra bolt on silencers for those tracks with low noise limits. I have an upgrade path in kind that I'm trying to follow. For now though, I'm just planning to enjoy the SSC TVS1900 kit and the gains that it has brought
  14. In this instance I'm sure noise will come with power! Can't see any way of avoiding it. For the track I'm looking to reduce noise by using the additional tailpipe silencers developed by 2bular.
  15. Nothing's happened, I'm just looking at options. Following on from the TVS1900 kit install, my plan is to change the manifolds and also fit a high flow sports Cat. If I go to someone like 2bular for the exhaust components, then I'd like to get the car checked that it's optimised for the increased/less restricted flow of exhaust gases. The way to achieve this is obviously to have the car mapped, especially if improvements and further gains can be made.
  16. I know I've read it in a post before, but I can't find it! Does anyone know of companies who can re-map the standard ECU in the Exige?
  17. It's a different car for sure! Big gains everywhere that are noticeable. The 0-60 sprint has definitely tumbled. My plan is to get it on a RR for a power run to confirm what the car is now producing. This will be in around 4-5 weeks. Pleased so far though
  18. There's no such thing as bad publicity. Fair play to the young lad.
  19. Yup, same here. Installing headers and cat with the TVS should release very close to that without chargecooling.
  20. Great stuff, there will be a few systems installed on our cars shortly. All very interesting when read with the other topic of buying a 380 or upgrading the V6S/350.
  21. Already got the 2bular race silencer on. The headers and cat will either be 2bular with a custom map, or SSC's when they become available (6-8 weeks time) with their map specifically for the new headers and TVS kit. I'm as yet undecided on this part. Some more research required.
  22. Getting the work done by Murray in Edinburgh. They're installing harnesses and converting the car for use with a soft top too. Euro trip planned for August this year, Spa, Nurburgring, Hockenheim, Swiss Alps all planned. Want to have the car prepped in plenty time. Headers and sports cat also going on the car before then. I'm hoping the power should be up towards the 450-460 mark.
  23. I have the TVS1900 going into my car quite literally now! Will pick it back up from the shop on Friday and will share my thoughts here ?
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