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  1. I suppose he would - I dare say he’s had dB levels given to him for every one of his creations. I’ll drop him a line.
  2. I’ve ordered a 2bular for my 220 sport. Non-H1 as I fancy some outrageous noise. Would anyone know if I am going to smash through most track day noise limits or is it not that obnoxious!?
  3. Have you ever seen this particular alloy fitted with 195’s anywhere? I have not...
  4. Well I looked at the handbook and that does say 5.5, however it’s a ‘S’ handbook and I dunno if things changed for the 220 sport wheel-wise. The part number for my wheels reference a 6 on a few websites. Is the size stamped on the alloy I wonder? I’ll have a look....
  5. Soooo I’ve tried and failed to get a definitive answer for whether this particular alloy (MY16 era - cast non-option) is a 5.5x16 or a 6x16. Simply because the latter would allow safe fitment of the 195 yoko a048’s without me having to buy new wheels. parts searches say that it’s a 6, chap at dealer says it’s a 5.5. Does anyone have a clue? Thanks in advance.
  6. Blimey.... cheaper than a high specced cup too!
  7. Agreed! They do seem to heavily subscribe these things. I’ve done a few events with them and the key to not getting t-boned by a dickhead in his mum’s Corsa seems to be not to rush out first thing and wait for said dickhead to run out of petrol. The afternoon always seems totally empty! At £225 I wasn’t going to argue but one will remain on high alert for the chav brigade.
  8. Any others joining me? It’s an Open Track event - cheap deal had in Boxing Day sale. Weather gamble in Feb of course but hey-ho
  9. Well even with a trade card Halfords were charging daft money for Bosch blades when I bought some for the jag last week - used local motor factor and paid half what Halfords wanted. Silly company!
  10. Does your Bosch 24” blade miss the top few inches out? Mine does. It’s annoying not having a clean sweep! I’m going to try a 23.
  11. huggy617


    It was rather good. At one point we had 3 Voyager’s and 5 F-35’s flying along together. Bonkers.
  12. huggy617


    It won’t let me upload any videos - too big I assume - but here’s a couple of pictures as promised Another
  13. huggy617


    I’m trailing back the next batch from the USA at the end of the month. I’ll take some nerdy videos of them refuelling and post them.
  14. The looooong wait for the 1000 mile service is a proper annoying. I caved at 800 - dealer said it didn’t really matter. I’m pleased you’re enjoying it - I did have a sniff around it last Sunday.
  15. A fair few chaps then. Good stuff.
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