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  1. 6 months later and realised I neglected to update ths thread. The oil analysis showing no coolant in oil was great news, I put the car back to standard .40 idle jets and got the car running really nicely. I've done over 1000 miles between MOT's which is way more than I normally do and really enjoyed using the car a lot late summer/autumn. I'm now forcibly off work again (Covid) so thought I'd get a task done that's been niggling me. I should have put a new gearbox input shaft in the car when I had it all apart a couple of years ago but didn't and my one was a bit worn on the splines. Not bad b
  2. That looks like it. Here's the link from Ebay UK.
  3. I've now replaced the foam in both seats and it's made a huge difference to the feel of the interior. The drivers seat foam had broken and the metal frame was protruding through and now I know why I always felt I was sitting in a hole where the seat foam had dropped and sagged. The drivers seat came out so well that I simply had to do the passenger seat also as that was then made to look tatty! Obviously the temptation to do the rest of the interior was too great whilst both seats were out so off came the door cards, tunnel sides and rear bulkhead panel. All of which received new foam and a da
  4. Hi Andy, Thanks for that and that's exactly the plan. Covers off, cut out any bad foam and find the right density foam to replace/ repair and reshape. There's loads of vids on YouTube on this and looks quite a fun task. My passenger seat bolsters are in really good shape so I can use those as a guide for the worn drivers seat foam.
  5. Many thanks for your replies Carbuff and Paul. Good to hear it's not too difficult to get the cover off which I'll do and see what the situation is with the foam and see if I can do or talk to an upholsterer.
  6. Has anyone replaced the foam in their seats? The actual material of the cloth interior of my dry sump is in really good condition but the foam has degraded inside the bottom section of the drivers seat in particular. I haven't got round to even looking at how the covers come off yet but if anyone has any info it would be appreciated. Thanks, Steve.
  7. Nice pictures @Tocus the silver one looks quite different now with correct coloured bumpers, mirrors and decals.
  8. Lotusbits advertise dry sump wheel studs on Ebay. Not sure if they're the same but they may be worth contacting.
  9. It's possible Fabian. The needle valves were replaced about 18 months ago and look OK with no obvious groove where they seat. They move freely on the float pivot as well. Once back together I'll switch the fuel pump on and check inside the main barrels of the carbs for any drips with the plenum off.
  10. I've seen this link posted quite a few times and thought it was commonly done...
  11. Float heights: how does everyone set these? Simply set to 14.5 - 15mm measuring between float and gasket held vertically as per the manual or then go on to use the sideways technology method of measuring 27mm from top of fuel stack to fuel level in the bowls?
  12. The oil analysis came back as fuel contaminated rather than coolant so that's good news. The oil has a dilution of 4.36% with an acceptable limit of 4% so a fraction over but with 0 miles all should be fine internally especially as the oil pressure was just lower than I'm used to seeing rather than none at all. I believe it was the many times over starting and driving 30 yards to test my handbrake adjustments that have caused this along with some fueling issues. I've always used .45 idle jets so I'm going revert to either standard .40 or .42 and see how it runs. Looking forward to using Dave's
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