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  1. Mine opened whilst driving as well but is now fixed. On the right hand latch, when the strikers on the tailgate push down when closing, it engages a small latch to keep the tailgate shut. There is a spring about 1 inch in length that keeps the latch in place and functioning. This spring had become slack on mine with the end of the spring stretched and allowed the latch to disengage with the vibration of driving. There is a black metal vertical support the spring attaches to by the right hand latch which you'll have to bend right over the tailgate to see. If the spring is slack, remove, tweak with pliers and refit and should be fine.
  2. Nice work. Hope it all comes together well 👍
  3. Yes that's what I was told by Mike. Oil presuure came up really quickly but also would surely have had some assembly lube on the bearings from the rebuild. Has yours been sitting idle for a while? If so I'd defer to the engine experts on the forum. I'm just passing on what I was told in my situation. Hope it helps.
  4. Phil, I've recently had my dry sump engine and gearbox rebuild by Mike at Lotusbits and I asked him the same restart question of removing spark and fuel and turn engine over until pressure built up. He said no, just start it, oil pressure will come up in a few seconds with the increased engine speed and will be fine. I did this and within about 2-3 seconds I had good oil pressure. Just passing on what he told me. Good luck.
  5. Yes, I get oil pressure showing on the gauge on my dry sump by just cranking. It will take more than a few seconds though especially if not been used for a while.
  6. To confirm the 8 sided chrome nut in Paul's post above from SJ is correct for an '81 turbo. I may have taken a chance with one off Ebay but decided to freshen up the whole area with new screen tape and wiper blade from SJ and with a repainted wiper arm it all looks nice and refreshed now. Thanks for the input gents.
  7. Andy/ Paul That's really helpful, many thanks both and I'll post back the solution.
  8. I already have the splined cap released. It's the nut as described above that's the problem. I found an old thread by @Paul Coleman who had the same issue. Paul, any chance you still have the replacement nut details?
  9. Hi all, I'm looking to repaint the black section of the front scuttle at the bottom of the windscreen on my '81 turbo. Trying to remove the wiper the securing nut is sized solid. It's the large 21mm (ish) nut. Anyone know the dimensions of this please before I grind it off as the parts diagram is non specific and struggling to find on SJ Sportscars site. Many thanks, Steve.
  10. Great well done. I did exactly the same with my fuel tanks. Perfectly sound so cleaned, painted and reinstalled with closed cell foam rather than the original sponge. The oil tank was grimy underneath too, obviously par for the course. Nice and satisfying once it's clean and tidy though.
  11. Thanks, yes it's silver Phil. I'm just reinstalling engine and gearbox after being rebuilt by Mike at Lotusbits. While that was happening it's had new paint so looking forward to having it all finished off and back on the road. I did the oil tank/ fuel tanks a few years ago and remember it being a pain to get in and out!
  12. Yes I did the same and kept it attached and withdrew with it on the tank. My pipe was quite badly gauged where it went through the body/ grommet so I bought a new one from sj. It's only a short length and was only £40ish if I remember correctly. I replaced the damaged cable, welded the bracket and put some rubber neoprene sheet between the tank and wiring for extra protection.
  13. Hi Phil, Yes the 90' elbow in the rear wheel arch just unscrews. The internal air filter 'ear' that the trunking fixes to was only sealed with silicone on mine and was easy to remove with just the few screws found once the outer ear was removed. Not attached to the window in any way. I can't remember if the oil tank is removable without taking that out. You're right to check the cabling under the oil tank. The metal bracket supporting the rear of the oil tank had broken on mine and the tank dropped down and rubbed through an ignition feed wire to the inertia switch. Cheers, Steve.
  14. Hi Dave. Very interesting as always. The black profile section underneath the sunroof hole. Did you make that as well or is it a flexible sheet that can be encouraged to form the correct roof curvature from underneath?
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