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  1. Enjoyed that drive home tonight
  2. Fred Davies owned my dry sump for 28 years @Andyww. He only sold it due to being diagnosed with Alzheimers and sadly passed away late last year. I had a very nice phone conversation with him about a year ago. He seemed like a real character and certainly had a great interest in his old car.
  3. Fabian, I've recently had this conversation with Steve at SJ about my 85 turbo that I currently have the engine out of. It has a stamp on the bellhousing indicating it should have one shim in the bottom two bolt holes but there were none present. He said when the engine is back in and the gearbox reattached (I do mine separately) measure the gap between sump and engine and calculate how many shims you need (details in the manual). Remove bottom two bolts, slide shims in and reinsert bolts. This may be easier than wrestling with the gearbox out of the car. I know the manual has a procedure for a new sump but not sure why the above couldn't be done. Steve said this is how they measured it at the factory before stamping shim requirements on the bellhousing.
  4. Is this not the car that has recently sold (SimonF?) with the red louvres having been painted back to standard black?
  5. Yes but it if I remember correctly I only had two? I know I had to re use one or two others when I found the wrong quantity of a particular size. It was all a bit frustrating for a kit that costs around £100.
  6. I found exactly the same as you with the rebuild kit from Eurocarb Fabian. It wouldn't take much to get these identified and organised just once and send a copy with each order.
  7. Ah sorry, didn't realise they were vertical on an S2!
  8. Which way round do you have the alloy coolant pipe that houses otter switch? Otter should point down otherwise air can be trapped under the switch.
  9. I put a new accuspark distributor and viper coil on my dry sump. I've only done a couple of hundred miles with it but no leaks and car runs perfectly.
  10. Fabian, when doing my dry sump I found the seals went on the crank easily with plenty of lubrication. It was a job I was fearing to be difficult but was far easier than I imagined and importantly no leaks!
  11. Yes you can connect the manometer without removing plenum. I put the connectors into a piece of plastic tubing to stop dropping them and use the tube to get it started into the thread before tightening with screwdriver. Cylinder 3 is tricky but perfectly doable. Steve.
  12. Thanks gents for the confirmation. I've learnt to accelerate with one eye on the gauge and one on the road! I'll look at the road more in future☺
  13. Hi all. When I'm on full boost with the boost gauge needle vertical as it should be and then change gear I get a momentary flicker of the gauge needle to around 2 to 3 o'clock on the gauge. It's just an instant and doesn't stay there. The wastegate has been dismantled/ rebuilt as part of the rebuild and holds the boost steady until I depress the clutch/ come off throttle. I actually have this on both my G Turbo's so pretty sure it's normal but would appreciate confirmation. The blow off valve on the plenum is also fully functioning with the plunger moving freely. I'm thinking it's a momentary crossover between closing throttle and the blow off valve venting the excess pressure? Thanks in advance, Steve.
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