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  1. Mike, my silver dry sump also has a red fabric interior. Comes up great with some scrubbing and carpet cleaner! *Sorry don't mean to divert thread
  2. Rick, I have an '81 Turbo non AC which I'm currently removing the engine on. This is what mine looks like. Steve.
  3. Hi Christian Pics of my '85 turbo. Nearside followed by offside. Hope they help. Cheers, Steve.
  4. Looks very nice indeed. Bit of a shame the engine wasn't given a visual tidy up when it was rebuilt to match the quality of the rest of the car but apart from that it looks pretty special.
  5. They look like your 'for sale' photo's Mark..?
  6. I have now fitted the Falken's. Seem fine, look good and no noticable difference as far I can tell from the 235 to new 225 rear tyre size. £300 fitted for full set seems pretty good value too.
  7. @skiing have you made any progress with your suspension? I too will be looking to do something for my '81 Turbo and like the idea of the later adjustable height shocks. Anyone done the mod as per @hilly description on LEW? Hilly, still ok 10 years down the line?
  8. I have the top version on my dry sump. Not sure why there are two versions, but have seen several other dry sumps with them also.
  9. Many thanks gents that's really helpful. Will try and leave in place and squeeze her through
  10. Hi all, Well on my way into the prep to remove the engine but wanted clarify the disc/ caliper situation (see photo). Am I right in saying the disc can stay in place while lifting? I've removed the caliper, but the upper and lower steel sections that straddle the disc, they don't appear to come off as they look like it's all one piece connected to the gearbox mount. If they stay in place it looks like they'll struggle to get past the rear cross member mountings...any help please Thanks, Steve.
  11. Also saw on display at the Old Coulsdon village fair.
  12. Treated myself and drove this beauty in to work this morning
  13. Why the lack of wheel arch extensions on the white one and looks like a ding in the bumper of the silver one by the front wheel.
  14. No problem, maybe I misunderstood what Henry was saying. Sorry didn't mean to hijack the thread and I'll investigate further.
  15. Henry what year did the twin headlamp arrangement change on dipped beam? Currently troubleshooting my 81 turbo which has 4 lights on for dipped but drops down to 2 singles for main beam.
  16. Wolfgang I have had this with my '85 Turbo too. I changed my plugs one at a time and found one to be faulty even though it is less than 250 miles old/ 1 year old. I put one of my old plugs in exchange for the one that was wet and seemingly oily and the car ran perfectly. Cleaned up the new one, swapped back for the old one and back running on 3 cylinders. Old one back in and perfect again so I've concluded I have a bad plug. Might be worth a try with yours also. Steve.
  17. Being reasonably new to Lotus I bought a service manual off a well known Lotus centre about a year ago. The bodywork section consisted of a single page so I contacted the centre who said "Oh that's how we got it from the manufacturer - typical Lotus". They sent me the rest of the section without a problem but I was surprised about that derogatory phrase from a company that makes their money from Lotus Cars. I've come to read the phrase "typical Lotus" a lot online which I think is a bit of a shame. I'm now fortunate enough to own 2 Turbo Esprit's which I think are truly fantastic cars. When I find a problem I try and enjoy solving it (with the help from this forum) because the cars are entitled to have problems from previous owners doing who knows what in the way of maintenance and the fact they are about 35 years old. I don't think "Oh cr#p, typical Lotus".
  18. @davetoffdid you find out what this is? I've just been fiddling trying to resolve some electrical issues and have exactly the same relay on my '81 dry sump also!
  19. Will do Dan. I'm leaning towards Falkens at the moment, hoping someone will chip in with experience of them or others...
  20. Looking to change the old Goodyears on my 85 Turbo, anyone tried the Falkens? Seem good value for a branded tyre at £300 a set fitted at black circles. There's also the Continental Sport contact2 in both the 225 and 195/60/15 size although more expensive. The vredestein seem to have limited availability with limited results in Google for some reason. Any suggestions/ feedback welcome. Thanks in advance. Steve.
  21. This could be nice if put back to standard spec. and with a bit of negotiating on price and diy on the issues could be a good buy. Look at this on eBay
  22. Not really up to speed on v8's but looks like a set of those wheels on ebay right now...
  23. I have a pearlscent white turbo aswell and I've been told it's a very difficult colour to match to existing bodywork. Looks like they've done a fantastic job of it. Lovely car.
  24. Lovely car Jo and nice post. I'm sure myself and many others will find this very useful. Hope to catch up soon, Steve.
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