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  1. Thanks gents for the confirmation. I've learnt to accelerate with one eye on the gauge and one on the road! I'll look at the road more in futureโ˜บ
  2. Hi all. When I'm on full boost with the boost gauge needle vertical as it should be and then change gear I get a momentary flicker of the gauge needle to around 2 to 3 o'clock on the gauge. It's just an instant and doesn't stay there. The wastegate has been dismantled/ rebuilt as part of the rebuild and holds the boost steady until I depress the clutch/ come off throttle. I actually have this on both my G Turbo's so pretty sure it's normal but would appreciate confirmation. The blow off valve on the plenum is also fully functioning with the plunger moving freely. I'm thinking it's a momentary crossover between closing throttle and the blow off valve venting the excess pressure? Thanks in advance, Steve.
  3. Can anyone tell me if the gearbox will come out with the turbo in situ? The bolts from turbo to aux manifold are not playing ball and I need to lift engine and 'box separately to take it easy on my DIY hoist. I can then deal with troublesome bolts when the engine is out. Thanks in advance, Steve.
  4. Delighted to say my dry sump PTO 188X mentioned earlier in this thread, has now completed its 15 month mechanical restoration and passed its mot today first time! Now back on the road after a six year lay off ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. I used these. Very strong, one magnet reached across 2 buckets and worked perfectly.
  6. That's sounds a really good way of getting the fuel level right. Do you know any measurements from the carb top to fuel for the various models and particularly a UK model turbo esprit?
  7. That's really good info on the led's Dave many thanks. Steve.
  8. Can you give details of the led strips please Dave?
  9. Dave, this is the tacho on my '81 turbo. After all the screws are removed and glass out it just falls out. As mentioned, check there isn't another screw under the sticker, otherwise it seems the green plastic cover maybe holding it in place.
  10. Ok taken some measurements. 184/92, 114 from face to same outer edge so positive offset of 22mm?
  11. SJ supplied me an oil pump belt this summer which fitted perfectly, although I have read somewhere there are a few different sizes and maybe I just got lucky.
  12. Hope these help Fabian. Excuse the cobwebs, it's been residing in the shed! There are no id markings on the wheels at all. Steve.
  13. I don't think you'll get a definite solution to this and you'll need to have a fiddle. I had a similar problem with mine and it was a broken earth spade terminal under the relay blocks. Maybe swap the bulbs over first to eliminate that. I'd then look at the relays by ns headlight. Can't remember which one does what but look in the service notes and you could swap a relay over that operates the dip headlights to check that also. All 4 relays are the same type so interchangeable. Then it's checking earth's and wiring.
  14. Here you go. N/s (UK) engine mount. The corrugated piece is in addition to the original shields.
  15. Car looks great, many congratulations. The bellhousing is the same as my dry sump. If you need any pics I have lots during my restoration. Just let me know. Steve.
  16. As Jon says, engine off, hand brake off, Jack up a rear wheel so off the ground and manually turn the wheel with your hands in 4th gear. This will rotate the engine without having to start it. Spark plugs out makes the engine easier to turn this way also.
  17. That's really helpful, thanks for all your replies. I'll start with the tensioner/ snubber area and check on any tweaks with a chalk mark across the belt to indicate whether I've been successful or not.
  18. Hi Sparky. Tensioner was rebuilt with a new bearing also so should be fine.
  19. Hi Gotti. Would these have an influence on the gap between snubber and belt? I'll have to try and get in there and measure the gap. Apart from the snubbers I can't see what else could rub the belt.
  20. Hi all. I've noticed a mark on my new cambelt that looks like it is rubbing against something on the inner edge toward engine (see pics). I've checked the clearance of the upper snubber on inlet cam pulley and it's fine. I know there is another snubber on the tensioner but can't remember if this was adjustable or not... I didn't think it was. Can someone advise please, it's the one circled. Many thanks, Steve.
  21. I would be interested for clarification with this too @top-plumber @Mark Wainwright Can it be done as a straight swap, what adaption to handbrake cable, which model year Passat... Would appreciate the info. and any other relevant points. Cheers, Steve.
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