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  1. Hi Ant , What a small and interesting world this lotus lark is . I sold the 74 elite to the chap from Pool just a couple of weeks ago . I am glad it has provided some good parts for you , and him . It was beyond sensible repair . I sold the silver " sleeping beauty " the previous week , and I am already regretting it . I am just left with an 84 silver éclat excel , and a nice blue late model ( registered in 93 "k" ) both needing a small amount of work to get back on the road . I sold the excel convertible to a Dutch chap in Hastings . I delivered it to him and what a character he was . He
  2. Hi All , Time for a reality check . I am now the owners of 5 lotus's , 1 spitfire and a tr6 . The chances of me completing them all , if any is slim with limited free time . My final purchase was a 92 se excel , that I bought months ago , paid for but still not collected . Time to rationalise the fleet and concentrate on a couple . I am going to test the market and put the S2 Éclat on ebay and see happens . I would prefer it didn't get broken up , so if anyone fancies a challenge ?
  3. Ok , would be nice to see some pics of the v8 project ? . What are you expecting to get for the SE ? , not that i'm going to make a bid , but I have just purchased a 92 se blind . Was wondering about values ? Thanks Lee
  4. Sorry , wasn't concentrating , that should have been posted on Jayems . Where abouts are you in Northamptonshire ?
  5. is this the kimbers car ? , have you still got the v8 ?
  6. The Éclat looks fantastic , can I ask what size tyres it is running . It looks to have quite a chunky stance ( A good thing ) . it might be the colour combination or a trick of the light ? , but it does look well planted . The Elites seem to be claiming the glory at present , but your car is amazing
  7. The big question Charlie " How Much " Your car has such a following on here , Maybe a Crowd funding page to save it for Posterity ?
  8. Fantastic Charlie , Keep riding the 70's revival , My 74 may need a bit of work , maybe one day !
  9. awful then , awful now . Tupperware bodykits we use to call them
  10. bargain I think , I didn't think it would sell , so respectfully put a side bid in for £350. Fair play to the buyer , engine , box and carbs would cover the cost . The seller said it had a galvy chassis , so as a parts car good value . Hopefully if my life slows down a bit soon , this will be going on the convertible excel chassis .
  11. Just in case anyone is interested , its a 78 523 S1 ( though looks like s2 rear lights ) . body off and on blocks . Rolling chassis has cut and shut A35 bodyshell , resting on it but to be removed before collection . No bids yet !!
  12. ABSOLUTELY BONKERs !!! , love it . I would love to see that completed . It would be basically good for [email protected]@k all as a vehicle , not one thing , but not the other !! . But as a curiosity , engineering challenge and a chap trying to build his twisted fantasy vehicle , I think stuff like this is Brilliant . Éclat van , speedboat anyone ?
  13. biggee

    v8 elite

    Dunc , Don't worry , 2 and a half grand is a lot of Money , and I have a feelin we will see it relisted soon ? Lee
  14. Interesting , keep me posted please .
  15. well done Bob , I was the other bidder , glad you got it though , I think one more lotus would have had me heading for a divorce !!
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