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  1. Saw that on Dan's instagram feed tonight. He's miles from me but I've known him "forever" via the (now dead) evo mag forum. Great to see him doing more outside of Honda build (epic as they invariably are).
  2. Really? recommended by Michelin or Lotus? I have never seen a mix of tyre versions being suggested before (general comment - not Evora or Lotus specific) ?
  3. Good luck, and good to know ballasts are available for £notmental. if you are changing both bulbs I recommend upgrading for a few who’d more. Osram now sell an even brighter version. see here for info
  4. I would fit a replacement hatch, and donate the signed one to the museum. Which is why. I deserve to win. Its Karma guys. Sorry.
  5. Website states that entries are open until midnight tonight... so I'd guess that (logically) the winner (ie me) wont be announced until Friday at the earliest. See here
  6. No affiliation, but I got a rear from these guys a while ago. They are new but have been stored, so are listed as having possible handling marks. Mine was great with only a couple of very minor scuffs. They are listing rears in black, silver and diamond cut. I didn’t see any fronts. Link Here
  7. I'd imagine they would have sold really well. If they didn't look. Y'know. A bit 5hit.
  8. They don’t make them (unless you want polarised lenses that don’t decrease glare).
  9. Phew. I was thinking “wow - he really is a bad photographer”
  10. You appear to have washed the black out of the metallic black paint?
  11. Any weight has some impact on the handling, but there isn’t a fixed max. And you won’t damage the suspension. Luckily the Exige provides a natural limit as “big boned” folks can’t enter/exit
  12. Is that a typo Mike? My callipers seem to be hiding at the moment (sneaky gits) but a tape measure would suggest they are 2" (EvoraS).
  13. Ooh that is very nice.
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