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  1. If I drive down from Glasgow, there are several on the way to the Channel Islands 🤐
  2. mik


    I don’t know, but some people might suggest the latter group could be the ones that the unions spend all their time protecting and preventing the leadership from managing up or out.
  3. Just FYI - some discussion on this already over here
  4. mik


    Whilst I am not here to defend the profession (and I don’t work in it either) I am not sure that a single school applying a stupid policy really warrants a moan about all teachers(?) Not allowing additional coats over uniform is clearly a bit stupid though. Uniform policies in poorer areas serve to avoid parents having to buy designer clothing in order to “fit in” - which is way more expensive.
  5. I have been keeping an eye on this over the last year - took another step closer to reality yesterday. Aiming for £150k price tag. Which I was hoping would be lower. ( Originally cited as the "little brother to the M600", according to this Autocar article, it now appears to be pitched as a (slightly less extreme, slightly cheaper) replacement for the M600). Let’s see how the final item turns out. Manual box with 550bhp is highly attractive. Lack of ABS (let alone Traction or ESP) is rather less attractive (to me) for a road car.
  6. 1. Will be fine 2. will be fine without trickle charger. Even if you leave a WiFi OBD dongle connected. 3. If you have to have a cover - see Bibs comment above 4. Not sure either work massively well for me I am afraid. The “best” Evora plates are of course long gone.
  7. Protestors jailed And they aren’t receiving much public love from their Twitter announcement on this….
  8. Holden: You're in a desert, walking along in the sand when all of a sudden you look down... Ramjet: What one? Holden: What? Ramjet: What desert? Holden: It doesn't make any difference what desert, it's completely hypothetical. Let’s say it’s beside a small town near Denver. Ramjet: But, how come I'd be there? Holden: Maybe you're fed up. Maybe you want to be by yourself. Who knows? You look down and see an Indian Scarf, Ramjet. It's lying on the ground... Ramjet: Indian Scarf? What's that? Holden: You know what a Bandana is? Ramjet: Of course! Holden: Same thing. Ramjet: I've never seen an Indian scarf. (pause) But I understand what you mean. Holden: You reach down and you flip the scarf over on its back, Ramjet. It says “Made In China”. Ramjet: Do you make up these questions, Mr. Holden? Or do they write 'em down for you? Holden: The Indian Scarf lays on its back, baking in the hot sun, beating its little “made in china” tag trying to turn itself over but it can't. Not without your help. But you're not helping. Ramjet: WHAT DO YOU MEAN, I'M NOT HELPING? Holden: I mean you're not helping! Why is that, Ramjet? <long pause> Holden: They're just questions, Ramjet. In answer to your query they're written down for me. It's a test, designed to provoke an emotional response. (pause) Shall we continue?
  9. Everyone else has already said it - go and try one. We had a 944S2 for 3yrs. It was 15yrs old when we got it, but it was a great car with neutral handling. As a drivers tool, tactility levels were literally miles from an Evora. That may well be down to “era” but a spell behind the wheel will tell you. I have spent several weeks in Jax on business. Nice place! (Although when it rains - it really rains!)
  10. @r3nault @Relic222 - ah - I just assumed they were painted gloss black. My stoopid. ☺️
  11. Is that painted? Seems a great price 😎 Can you also get the A-pillar trims @Bibs ?
  12. I bookmarked this site, as a potentially useful resource , but I think keeping as far away from the area as possible is probably a better plan.
  13. 14mins long - much of which is Richard Madely (hence I apologise wholeheartedly), but I thought this was a fascinating insight into their approach and thinking. Won’t answer questions ‘cos they aren’t the right questions…..
  14. 1. Wheee! 2. careful. Pushing it. 3. Woah 4. Fucks sake slow 5. Jesus you know you’ll lose your li…. 6. yeah cruisin baby
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