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    Erm.... cars. Actually driving more than cars - but they facilitate that....

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    2014 Evora S SportsRacer, 2017 F-Pace 3.0d S
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  1. All four tyres lasted 2000miles? 😬 Camskill are quoting 4-6 days delivery for Michelin Pilot Sport 4S. Consider changing from 275/30/20 rears to 285/30/20. Lots of “series 1” owners have done this. It is the std rear tyre size for Evora400 etc. edit: others have fitted the Cup2’s but as Bravo states - they are a more extreme tyre. Folks seem to reckon you need to get the car adjusted to a more extreme camber setting to get the most out of them.
  2. Both lights failing sounds more than a little unlikely..... Did you buy it privately? If not - warranty job?
  3. mik

    New member - Evora S Sports Racer

    congrats & welcome 😊
  4. mik

    Dessicant dehumidifiers

    Just ordered one. Meaco DD8L Junior Desiccant. Continuous drainage option Wall mount Quiet & efficient 3yr warranty cheers all
  5. mik

    Dessicant dehumidifiers

    @Bibs yeah - I want to fit the perm drain tube. Which then means it is staying where it’s put, so it just seems logical to me to stick it on the wall (?). Garage skirting boards are about 25mm wide, so wall mounting it moves it a smidge out of the way.
  6. mik

    Dessicant dehumidifiers

    Thanks all. @Mark Blanchard - can that ecoair model be wall-mounted? Or can it at least be run placed up beside a wall?
  7. mik

    Dessicant dehumidifiers

    In case anyone looks back on this - Found a big thread on Pistonheads. This one gets positive feedback. Wall mounting bracket for another £20.
  8. mik

    Dessicant dehumidifiers

    Anyone have any knowldege / recommendations? Fancy getting one for the garage. Easy enough in summer to put the car away wet and leave the door cracked open for a few hours, but not so effective in winter. - Think I want a dessicant one. - Definitely want a permanent drain tube. - May wall mount it, but it definitely needs to be able to run shoved up against a wall, so nothing that needs specific cleanance at front/back. - £notalot is good Cheers!
  9. I’m no expert. I found it worked pulling off approx 10cm of backing and holding the tape 10cm from where I wanted to apply it - then pressing it on with my other hand.
  10. Had another look today in better daylight and decided it doesn’t work so well will the S diffuser design (and the 3mm tape was a bit half-hearted).. Peeled it back off again. ah well - nothing ventured
  11. Blatantly copied this idea on my SR earlier. 3mm tape (a bit narrow). I won’t say it’s the best job in the world - really just trying it to see if I like it - for 30mins if my time and about £3 in material it seemed like the best way to figure that out. Current verdict is - I’m not sure 😀 Will “run” it for a couple of weeks any make my mind up..... car needs a wash btw.
  12. This car is also shortly available for private sale up here.... 2015 car with 31k miles. Still just outside your budget at £45k. Not yet advertised properly. Fantastic colour.... 😎
  13. mik

    New 410 musings - Ex Cayman

    Pirelli or Mich. Fronts Rears And if you go for 275's on the rear instead (as per S1 Evora) you have a far wider choice available Clicks here