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  1. I tend to flip my hand position so instead of the nozzle pointing out between my thumb and first finger, (pulling the trigger with my fingers) it points out beside my pinky (and I squeeze the trigger with my thumb). It isn’t comfortable, but I find it less-uncomfortable.
  2. 1. Getting the homelink to work 2. <£100 Headlight upgrade (i seem to be alone in my interest in this however ) 3. Cosmetic. £buttons to paint the text on the gear knob
  3. A Sports Racer is rare anyway. My must-haves were Manual box and Charger. I wanted either white or carbon grey. Took 5 months for one to appear. If you want a chrome orange, you are likely to be in for a long wait.... or just factor in the cost of a wrap. If you want to identify owners, This thread might be of use.
  4. Have you got other stats? This seems like the thread they should be posted in.... 101 in total is what I read before, with 53 (from memory) manual S models?
  5. You sure there are only 4 white? (Supercharged?) edit : sorry - you mean there are 4 white NA’s ?
  6. No affiliation, just spotted it. Click
  7. Saw that on Dan's instagram feed tonight. He's miles from me but I've known him "forever" via the (now dead) evo mag forum. Great to see him doing more outside of Honda build (epic as they invariably are).
  8. Really? recommended by Michelin or Lotus? I have never seen a mix of tyre versions being suggested before (general comment - not Evora or Lotus specific) ?
  9. Good luck, and good to know ballasts are available for £notmental. if you are changing both bulbs I recommend upgrading for a few who’d more. Osram now sell an even brighter version. see here for info
  10. I would fit a replacement hatch, and donate the signed one to the museum. Which is why. I deserve to win. Its Karma guys. Sorry.
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