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  1. After a short interlude I thought I should come back and confirm that this same device allows the OEM Evora HomeLink system to work with Hormann door openers too. (I originally had it fitted to a Garador unit). SO much nicer than carrying a fob remote around. It will essentially work with any door opener that has an option for an external switch/push-button to be fitted. Which seems to be most of them.
  2. Bronze looks way better to me than gold. Worth consideration.
  3. It’s true - I have a very small chopper. It’s tiny.
  4. Received a very generous Birthday gift from Mrs mik and the sprogs - a DJI Mavic Mini. Never had a drone before and this thing is tiny - about the size of a glasses case. First time I have been able to get out since lockdown to try and get a shot of the car. Wind-speed was high and it was gusty, but the wee drone coped well. Not sure how happy the farmer would have been, but it had clearly just all been cut and I moved very carefully I am still very much learning - not claiming to be any drone expert, but was happy enough with these (the first spiral one is a preset so all I did was assess the shot and press a button). I didn’t add any music so hum along in your heads....
  5. Changed front discs and pads - thought the manual had torque setting in it, but don’t see any. Anyone know the torque setting for the front Caliper bolts? thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks for this thread - saved me a lot of time.... Mine were last done by Murray’s Edinburgh at the 3yr service where final warranty issues were sorted. Hadn’t really noticed them deteriorating, but when I spotted their scruffiness it screamed at me every time I looked at the car again.... I bought smoothe (satin) finish “paint onto Rust” Hammerite. A quick coat of wax onto the surrounding paintwork - which sounds silly but will explain later, masked it off and gave the grilles a wire brush to remove any loose bits. Inspired by YouTube I used a beard trimmer to cut down the bristles of my brush - which did indeed make it much more stable for the dabbing method needed. It was impossible to avoid paint getting onto the bumper aperture so masking is essential. and since the masking was the time consuming part - I put 3 coats on. Removing the masking revealed that I hadn’t been as vigilant as I thought, but since the paint was freshly waxed - any excess Hammerite came off easily with a plastic scraper and a quick wipe with “sticky stuff remover”. Other solvents are available. Looks a bit better. Centre grille section Bumper grille side sections
  7. Bibs has already answered your questions, but thought I’d post a link to my headlight upgrade thread Here as visibility at night dictates your pace far more than the ability of the car. Evora (and Elise\Exige) can suffer from laquer “peeling” on the headlights, so I don’t think anyone would recommend trying 55w HID bulbs. The upgraded Xenarc’s work great (and my headlights remain - touch wood - completely peel-free) but it’s not a popular upgrade (I think I remain like Tigger in fact... )
  8. Smoke and mirrors like politics always seems to have been. Absolute agree with Andy - Tesla are working on ways to recover/recycle all the nasty metals in their batteries, but nobody has the answer yet. Let’s just trust that we’ll find a way and blitz on eh? Environmentalists claim we’re not just moving the pollution elsewhere - talk about pushing further towards fully renewable energy sources, but if we are all driving EV’s we’re going to need some SERIOUS increase in capacity within the national grid... so let’s take today in the UK as a reference point.... we’re going to need to replace all our houses with wind farms and hope for storms.
  9. Well after 4yrs of ownership, I’ve just been taught another RTFM lesson. I’ve always found it a faff that I need to prod the headlight button and then the parking lights button to power everyhing down - now realising that a 1second press does this for me. And the Homesafe feature is even better! This idiot thanks you for your post.
  10. That’s a low mileage! Hope you are going to drive it
  11. I was responding to jep, who stated that he did buy two new HID bulbs.
  12. Yes my manual pull works - I had to use it in the past - because teenagers.
  13. Great description and discussion. I threw my phone in the boot without removing the cover, but can still see that I would probably benefit from the same “+2 washers” tweak to move the hammer out a couple of mm...
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