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  1. Aw Kimbers - that’s rubbish. We lost our older Lab 3 years back (at only 10.5yrs old). She was really unwell with lots of internal adhesions - but they couldn’t tell how bad it was. Rather than have her put down immediately, we agreed to let Glasgow Vet School try and save her. 8hrs in surgery, but it wasn’t to be. We got to see her the following day - face swollen with the meds but she still managed a tail wag when she heard mrs mik’s voice. We got to hold a paw as they did what had to be done. One of the hardest things.... Our other lab (9 at the time) was lost - we’d come home a
  2. My mind imagined a whole different image. That looks great
  3. Fantastic. 8-) Does anyone know if there was ever a brochure amendment for the Evora Sports Racer, or just a press release?
  4. It certainly still does it with MPSS fitted. In summer when the tyre has gods purchase on the road surface and the sidewalks can flex - little noise. In winter when the rubber hardens with the cold, the tyre is less able to key into the road surface and they sidewalk less able to flex.... it skips.
  5. And before you put the knob on for the final time - finish the job on behalf of Lotus. mine emulates Brendonian’s thanks to some black and red nail varnish borrowed from Mrs mik. Using nail varnish makes it really easy to remove any excess. Clik here It still looks great years later as there is no contact with your hand...
  6. Really? I’d be surprised if it disappears in cold weather. Once you understand why it acts like that, it ceases to become a problem (imho).
  7. Driving buddy with as S3 Exige previously had an early NA Evora in black. I had a big noisy VXR8 at the time, which had an invisibility cloak when we went out together..... From memory (so take this as indicative rather than factual) there were 102 Evora SR produced, with 53 of those being S versions. If you are set on one particular colour you can wait a long time for one to appear for sale.
  8. @C8RKHNo, this one for me Andy. Click If your existing remote states “BS” in the code on the back - this is what you want. (I assume it does not refer to “Bull5h1t” in this particular application ) Ordered from this seller at 4pm yesterday and it arrived this morning.... impressed.
  9. And another snippet of info : if you can’t (or can’t be bothered to) get your HomeLink system working : I just bought one of these for another car in the family. Doesn’t use the 12V supply, but sits in that position and looks neat and tidy. Avoids you having to keep a remote fob on your key ring, or rattling around in an interior cubby. Ordered at 4pm yesterday on eBay - arrived this morning and took 30secs to programme. Can’t complain about any of that!
  10. Engine measurement so nowt to do with gearing. My understanding is that the manual box is rated at 325lbs.ft, whereas the auto box can take more - so the map allows the engine to produce a little more low down. Same power numbers for manual & auto so auto GT410 is not producing any more shove higher in the Rev range.
  11. Excellent sleuthing - I suspect you are correct. KT just responded to my enquiry about product contents and fitment instructions, but they said only “we send a wiring manual with the part”.
  12. I also just came across this: although it is a bit short on information. I am guessing it includes a new valve actuatator and some wiring (and a plug for the existing vac pipe?) but only a fob is shown (?). Leave it open all the time, and use this to exercise the valve periodically..... Have messaged KT to ask, but it’s possible someone on here has already fitted one?
  13. mik


    Yeah it was. Nice feature. Rather simpler manual flight, but you can still see how it is correcting for spikey gusts.
  14. mik


    I’ve had a Mavic Mini for about 4months now. “Fly more” pack is good money spent imho. First drone but very impressed. I know others will be more impressive, but the cost goes up very quickly. This was taken on a v windy day with gusts beyond the theoretical max wind speed for the mini - given this the stability is superb...
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