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  1. Wood not be my choice, but regardless - better with paint. Knob Paint (safe for work)
  2. mik

    Your thoughts...

    That. If you like it - that’s all that matters really.
  3. I'm not much of a fan of mod-tro designs. I like new new design efforts. That looks nice from some angles, and a bit weird from others..... Straight on from the front, and image5 (rear 3/4 one) look weird. I do love the original GT5S though....
  4. It doesn’t wear your flywheel ring-gear or starter motor as cara with stop-start have different alternators to work as the motor to start the engine. wife’s f-pace has the system, and whilst I don’t love it, I can’t deny it works very well. In the time it takes my foot to leave the brake and depress the throttle it has started. No biggy.
  5. What Jonny said. Make sure you can secure them effectively though or you'll have a boring drive anyway.... 2x 285/30/20 also fit in.
  6. These failures are all on the specific models mentioned - which have alu strut towers instead of steel.
  7. I think you mean this - at 12min45 Would have been interesting to see if there was any indication of stress at the time,
  8. Thought I'd start a new thread as I posted something in Jonnyboy's Evora 410 thread, which probably wasn't hugely sensible, and probably limits the number of people who have seen it. (No offence intended to Jonnyboy. ) I've been on several Highlands drives with Pete. He traded in an E91 M3 recently for the GT4. His current pain is documented here :- It is not a write off. But it is certainly not a cheap fix. Some further analysis here Whilst occurence rates are still relatively low, this is definitely becoming "a thing" for both GT4's and 991 GT3's (and upwards). Those cars where the strut tower has been made from Alu rather than the steel items used on lesser Cayman / 911's...... Porsche appear to be stonewalling owners.....
  9. The issue seems to be affecting GT4s and 991 GT3. Porsche appear to be stonewalling it....
  10. I came across a V8 G33 around 1992 when passing through a village. Had only ever seen them in Fast Lane mag upto that point. Was so excited I did a 180 and got close enough to hear it - like pretty much anything with the Rover V8 it sounded awesome.
  11. I'm no metalurgist or chassis expert Bruss so i'm in no position to give any learned opinion. Feel sorry for Pete though - pretty 5hit situation.
  12. Sorry to hijack your thread Jonny, but to keep this in one place.... updated vid. In summary - Porsche wont fix this under warranty. They see it as impact damage from a pothole. The comments from the assessor are interesting - it has ripped as it is an alu tower as opposed to steel. It is a relatively easily replaced part, but circa £5.5k. (Plus a wheel & tyre and who knows what other damage to the strut or other suspension bits).
  13. I've not seen this personally - mine reads pretty accurately - but I did pose a similar theory to Jonnyboy HERE when he stated that his 410 was geared to do 85mph in 2nd.
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