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  1. I’m not selling, but you might want to state your preference in terms of manual/auto.
  2. Did she end up with a really bad haddock?
  3. When mine were swapped the wheel refurb bloke showed me on his reader that they were all sending a signal - each showed a location (eg “Front Left”) on his panel, but I don’t know whether he had to set that info, oR whether the car worked it out. One of my sensors was acting funny - particularly in cold weather. Failing to be found or failing to send a pressure : this was the indication the battery was reaching end of life. (Built in battery life expectation is estimated at 5yrs).
  4. I already did that tour in 2023. 😎
  5. Emira + last of the line Disco4 would be a superb combo. no question the D4 will be recognised as an absolute design classic in the future, and despite not being tactile like a lotus - a real event to drive. 😎
  6. Do you have a links to an official website stating this info? I have no info that would dispute your clam, but as you highlight - That’s not far away at all - how does it work on old stuff with carbs n distrubutors?
  7. @jepcheers 😎 They are satin anthracite. Side-by-side with OEM the difference is obvious, but on the car the change is far more subtle somehow. They don’t look immediately different, but they “pop” far more visually, and make the wheel look as if they are pushed further out as the details of the alloy design are more obvious.
  8. Spooky derelict WW2 hospital location. Still loving the satin anthracite wheel refurb. 😎
  9. Looked great with the silver wheels. Anyone on here?
  10. That’s lovely. 😎 Congrats.
  11. Ah OK. Better to know that now, so thank you.
  12. Hi Bibs. Do you have any idea when you might have either the rubber or the leather “loop” keyrings back in stock? thanks!
  13. I think that is too sweeping, but there is certainly a wide range. Leaders in all companies have to understand and hold people accountable to focus areas. If the customer isn’t a focus at the top - it will never drill down (see RyanAir). If it is, but doesn’t drill down - it’s a failure of leadership. I got the alloys on my Evora refurbed recently - they were the most competitive on price but did a fantastic job, on time, and didn’t even charge me to programme the new TPMS that I gave to them. My local shopkeeper is hugely focussed on his customers. I now regularly buy items from him that I could get in the supermarket for less, as I am happy to keep his business in existence.
  14. I served people properly and politely when I worked on an ice-cream van as a youngling. It’s not all about the pay rate. The trouble is that you are one of probably less than 1% of the population who GAF what their tyre pressure or bolt torques are. Most folks wouldn’t recognise steering feel, won’t notice a slightly harder ride from an overinflated tyre, and the only person that will be aware the bolts are over tightened are the next mechanic or tyre fitter. So they work to please the majority - who just want fast and cheap. HappyTyreLingLong Ditchfinder 3000 sir? £3.50 cheaper than a Michelin sir. Yes don’t worry - we have them in stock. FWIW I have until recently only used one place over the last 15 odd years to fit my tyres (that I buy online). We chat throughout the process and they do a good job. More recently used BlackCircles for rear MPS4S as they had a deal on. Garage owner fitted them - real car bloke - and he did use a torque wrench on the bolts.
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