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    2014 Evora S SportsRacer, 2020 Audi E-Tron 55 Launch Edition
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  1. 410 is a lot of tyres. I guess if you put 2 rears on now you won’t need to worry too much about wearing them out quickly, with another 408 remaining in storage. 🤠
  2. Certain it isn’t just the belt itself?
  3. ARB bushes need to be kept lubed up, or they cause weird thumpy noises. This would be my suspicion.
  4. Yeah that’s definitely an option. I think that could look great. 😎
  5. Just found this image again. I do like a dark bronze....
  6. Unfortunately not. And yes I do miss it - the LS3 (mine had aftermarket intake and exhaust) had massive presence.
  7. The M5 Shadow Chrome was actually the influence for the refurb choice on my VXR8 oem versus TWS “smoked chrome” finish
  8. I’ve never been a big fan of black wheels (in general) as you lose that clean visual separation from the tyres. I have to admit they do look very “coherent” on the Sports Racer though - when they are clean reflections from the glossy black finish are strong enough that they “work” visually. They are less convincing with a layer of dirt on them though.... 🤔 I don’t think I am too far away from a wheel refurb. I am hugely tempted to veer away from the oem gloss black. Thinking anthracite/gunmetal - something that is still dark but - crucially - not black. I won’t revert to silver, but a bit brighter might work - bronze does appeal. Any Sports Racer owners been down a similar route and willing to show photos? thanks in advance 😁👍
  9. To get a better idea of the concept.....
  10. Posting this in case there is any interest on here - info only. (I have no affiliation with this or commercial interest - I have bought some of his GrpB artwork as it is great)
  11. Mixing them sounds like a recipe for disaster, so 1 if you want to get the wear out of the original Cup2 fronts, 3 if you want a change. I have been running with new PS4S on the front and older Supersports on the rear for about 4 months. No issue on warm dry days, but the 4S are massively better in cold (5DegC or less) weather so any kind of effort in those temps just leads to oversteer. New PS4S going on the back on Saturday.
  12. I did front discs n pads myself a few months back. EliseParts discs with oem DS2500 pads. Yes Calipers to come off - you need female TORX sockets for this - you can see the bolts through your wheel spokes. I was really nervous about the calliper pins as my VXR8 had the same design and they were a major problem.... but the Evora ones were no problem at all. I don’t think I replaced them - just cleaned them up with Emery paper and put a bit of grease on the sections that sit inside the Caliper body. When I later took the car to Craig Moncrieff for MOT and service he asked if I had done them myself? I confirmed and he said “well you forgot to paint the disc bells like we always would - I wasn’t having that so we painted them for you - no charge” 😆
  13. It’s 20 Danny. If you need any more help just ask. 😁👍 * sorry - someone had to 😬
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