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  1. Very complex topic, but for me a relatively simple answer. Are NHS workers paid fairly? I don’t have a clue. Ask people whether they think they should be paid more and the vast majority of them will answer “yes”. But are they paid fairly? Around a year ago a huge number of people became overnight self-proclaimed experts in immunology and virus control. They knew as much or more than the experts in this field. Now we have a great many experts in the area of appropriate salary-setting. I am not one of these experts, so I consider myself in no position to cast judgement. I do know that
  2. Damn - any idea what went wrong? 😕 I just took the car out for a quick spin in the dark. From the outside the film makes the lenses look like there is a fine misting on them, but I am happy to report that the performance doesn’t seem to be diminished by and notable degree. And I am probably more sensitive to this than most as I remain (AFAIK) the only Evora owner who has fitted uprated HID bulbs.
  3. Unfortunately Glasgow is no closer to Hertfordshire than it used to be 😉 Don’t worry though Reindeer - I have faith in you 😎
  4. Did mine today. Instructions provided are very good. I have a good spray bottle that I filled with water and a splish of fairy liquid. instructions also cover “proper” PPF application so a professional squeegee is necessary. I don’t have one of them so used my professional credit card. AA membership card to be exact. Other cards are available. 😉 My lights are in great condition. No issues with the black areas, or sections going misty. A few small stone chips in the surface is it. Essential that everything is clean before you start. Wiped lights clean.
  5. A few years ago I was using a can of standard WD40 for something in my home office. Stuck the can on top of my filing cabinet where it stayed overnight. “Put that back in its place tomorrow”. When I returned to my office the next day I was rather confused that my notes were covered in liquid. All over the desk too - within mm of my laptop. WTF is this? 🤨 Only as I was clearing it up did I realise that the WD40 had discharged its contents 😯 Contacted WD40 with a moan, and a few days later a box turned up with a load of their products inside and a letter of apology. Top custo
  6. I was considering replacing my VE-series VXR8 with a newer VF-series VXR8. It occurred to me at the time that I hadn’t had both kids in the car simultaneously for ages, let alone both kids + Mrs mik. Her car was always used for full family duties. That’s when I realised I could “get away with” an Evora. Had always loved them. Looked at 911s too of course (the +2 capability was always a draw - even if only for extra storage) but the same money bought something a lot older, and less interesting.
  7. I read that as unsoiled. 🤔
  8. Absolutely. 🙂 I have fitted frosted film to glass in houses several time, so hopefully this is the same fitting concept.... then I will be happy to DIY. If this can address they peeling issue, hopefully more folks would be interested in better bulbs : I think I am still the only owner who has done this and since I expect you all like to see at night - assume there is some nervousness around better bulbs accelerating the peeling issue (?). It hasn’t on mine btw.
  9. My car is in a dim garage when not being driven, so thankfully my headlights are still good. I’d like to keep them that way though, so have bought a set of those clear-film guards. Thanks for the link 😎 Assume application is as-per normal glass films? (Ie spray lights, fit, squeegee out water & bubbles, celebrate with beer).
  10. Funny you should say that. Unfortunately this was just me overnight-babysitting a purchase my friend made the other week following this principle..... I had his dog as well, but the 600LT was hairier.
  11. Snap. Excuse the wheel blocking the view. if you are doing this you have to go with the convenience of electric. This works with the HomeLink system fitted to the roof lining in the Evora - massively practical.
  12. That looks great 😎 Jim at Royal? did you go with a smidge more padding?
  13. Almost a year to the date since the last time I re-seated this and tried to put a bit of tape on to prevent recurrence. Didn’t work. So I decided tonight to stick a bit of wood behind it for support and drill a small hole (2.2mm thanks for asking) in the spade so I could stick a tiny cable tie on. Then decided to wrap a slice of gaffa tape round to prevent that from working its way off. Hopefully by applying some bodgetastic thinking, this is the last time I will need to do this wee job!
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