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  1. Bibs has already answered your questions, but thought I’d post a link to my headlight upgrade thread Here as visibility at night dictates your pace far more than the ability of the car. Evora (and Elise\Exige) can suffer from laquer “peeling” on the headlights, so I don’t think anyone would recommend trying 55w HID bulbs. The upgraded Xenarc’s work great (and my headlights remain - touch wood - completely peel-free) but it’s not a popular upgrade (I think I remain like Tigger in fact... )
  2. Smoke and mirrors like politics always seems to have been. Absolute agree with Andy - Tesla are working on ways to recover/recycle all the nasty metals in their batteries, but nobody has the answer yet. Let’s just trust that we’ll find a way and blitz on eh? Environmentalists claim we’re not just moving the pollution elsewhere - talk about pushing further towards fully renewable energy sources, but if we are all driving EV’s we’re going to need some SERIOUS increase in capacity within the national grid... so let’s take today in the UK as a reference point.... we’re going to need to replace all our houses with wind farms and hope for storms.
  3. Well after 4yrs of ownership, I’ve just been taught another RTFM lesson. I’ve always found it a faff that I need to prod the headlight button and then the parking lights button to power everyhing down - now realising that a 1second press does this for me. And the Homesafe feature is even better! This idiot thanks you for your post.
  4. That’s a low mileage! Hope you are going to drive it
  5. I was responding to jep, who stated that he did buy two new HID bulbs.
  6. Yes my manual pull works - I had to use it in the past - because teenagers.
  7. Great description and discussion. I threw my phone in the boot without removing the cover, but can still see that I would probably benefit from the same “+2 washers” tweak to move the hammer out a couple of mm...
  8. You’re not alone Justin - this is the least popular Evora modification ever . I am not sure if others are nervous about accelerating the well-documented headlight mask problems (my car doesn’t exhibit this at all yet - touch wood), or whether I am just at the lower end of the bell-curve in terms of forum member carrot consumption?
  9. If you are going to purchase bulbs, why not upgrade and keep the originals as spares? Info here
  10. My series1 S does this too. Yes it is annoying. Meaco DDL8 dehumidifier dries car and floor effectively.
  11. Had precisely this problem yesterday. Lights were back on later that evening. and off again today. Partially prised off the leather pad at the clasp area (pop studs) which provided access. Someone has applied a bit of tape to mine to stop it popping off - which was either the factory or during the tenure of the 1st owner (ie 1st 2 yrs of its life) Shoved it back on. Lights light. Thank you so much guys.
  12. Right Sparky.... it's quite pricey but..... Looky here
  13. Excellent choice sir I'd suggest also getting a humidity meter as they are so cheap - I keep one in the garage - not this one but like it - and it is a great "trigger" to switch the dehumidifier on.
  14. I've been saying the same for some time too. As you will know - it us not a palatable message for the vast majority, but the reality is that every couple that creates 3 or more sprogs is forcing the next generation to be substantially more efficient with our resources just to stand still. And standing still is not tenable. This is not an attack on multi-child families, but future generations will need to turn this ship.
  15. As per others - if the idea has grabbed you then you are unlikely to shake it, so why not try? I’m not a fan of the look or the (flat-plane v8) sound, but - as it would not be mine - that really doesn’t matter much. Having driven one - would be surprised if it found more grip than an Evora. Could be down to tyres of course(?).
  16. Lovely items. Big Concorde fan.
  17. I tend to flip my hand position so instead of the nozzle pointing out between my thumb and first finger, (pulling the trigger with my fingers) it points out beside my pinky (and I squeeze the trigger with my thumb). It isn’t comfortable, but I find it less-uncomfortable.
  18. 1. Getting the homelink to work 2. <£100 Headlight upgrade (i seem to be alone in my interest in this however ) 3. Cosmetic. £buttons to paint the text on the gear knob
  19. A Sports Racer is rare anyway. My must-haves were Manual box and Charger. I wanted either white or carbon grey. Took 5 months for one to appear. If you want a chrome orange, you are likely to be in for a long wait.... or just factor in the cost of a wrap. If you want to identify owners, This thread might be of use.
  20. Have you got other stats? This seems like the thread they should be posted in.... 101 in total is what I read before, with 53 (from memory) manual S models?
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