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  1. There is no such thing as a generic Evora. Keep pushing - the levels of grip that it can generate on the road are impressive…. 😎
  2. I got out and checked the slip before I rolled the car back onto it. A couple of kids were playing in the water and asked if I was coming down in the car - they looked disappointed when I said that I wasn’t going all the way into the water…. I was hoping to emulate a pic I took about 12yrs ago at this spot with my wife’s Disco3 dipping a toe in the water - unfortunately the Loch level is a bit lower at the moment.
  3. Evora. There is no substitute.
  4. Quick blast to Loch Lomond this evening to catch the sun.
  5. Remembered I still have my old damaged oem rear round the back of the garage for a more direct comparison. Probably should have cleaned it up a bit first 🤫 As you all were - nothing to see here…
  6. Just to add to this thread - I used TPMSWarehiuse in the UK. Good price. Ordered at 3pm and arrived the next morning. edit: to state the obvious - they work!
  7. So after what feels like forever…. I went for Anthracite in a satin as opposed to gloss finish. I fully appreciate they won’t be for everyone, but to me they remain close to the “black pack” look whilst lifting the visibility and therefore visual impact. Happy boy. 😀 Before & after shots taken on different days obviously. Light a bit brighter in the “after” shots, but all images are unedited. front 3/4 side on rear 3/4 And just another angle One of my TPMS sensors died last year, so as the car is now 7yrs old and they needed to come off for the refurb - I took the opportunity to put 3 more new ones in.
  8. Have booked the car in next week. I am even 90% decided on the finish. 😎 Unless I change my mind at the last moment. 🤐 I had a TPMS sensor die last year - guidance is that you should expect 5hrs out of them, so 6.5yrs was OK. Decided that - since they need to come off for the refurb - I will replace the other 3, which may well have lasted well beyond 7years but who knows….
  9. 410 is a lot of tyres. I guess if you put 2 rears on now you won’t need to worry too much about wearing them out quickly, with another 408 remaining in storage. 🤠
  10. Certain it isn’t just the belt itself?
  11. ARB bushes need to be kept lubed up, or they cause weird thumpy noises. This would be my suspicion.
  12. Yeah that’s definitely an option. I think that could look great. 😎
  13. Just found this image again. I do like a dark bronze....
  14. Unfortunately not. And yes I do miss it - the LS3 (mine had aftermarket intake and exhaust) had massive presence.
  15. The M5 Shadow Chrome was actually the influence for the refurb choice on my VXR8 oem versus TWS “smoked chrome” finish
  16. I’ve never been a big fan of black wheels (in general) as you lose that clean visual separation from the tyres. I have to admit they do look very “coherent” on the Sports Racer though - when they are clean reflections from the glossy black finish are strong enough that they “work” visually. They are less convincing with a layer of dirt on them though.... 🤔 I don’t think I am too far away from a wheel refurb. I am hugely tempted to veer away from the oem gloss black. Thinking anthracite/gunmetal - something that is still dark but - crucially - not black. I won’t revert to silver, but a bit brighter might work - bronze does appeal. Any Sports Racer owners been down a similar route and willing to show photos? thanks in advance 😁👍
  17. To get a better idea of the concept.....
  18. Posting this in case there is any interest on here - info only. (I have no affiliation with this or commercial interest - I have bought some of his GrpB artwork as it is great)
  19. Mixing them sounds like a recipe for disaster, so 1 if you want to get the wear out of the original Cup2 fronts, 3 if you want a change. I have been running with new PS4S on the front and older Supersports on the rear for about 4 months. No issue on warm dry days, but the 4S are massively better in cold (5DegC or less) weather so any kind of effort in those temps just leads to oversteer. New PS4S going on the back on Saturday.
  20. I did front discs n pads myself a few months back. EliseParts discs with oem DS2500 pads. Yes Calipers to come off - you need female TORX sockets for this - you can see the bolts through your wheel spokes. I was really nervous about the calliper pins as my VXR8 had the same design and they were a major problem.... but the Evora ones were no problem at all. I don’t think I replaced them - just cleaned them up with Emery paper and put a bit of grease on the sections that sit inside the Caliper body. When I later took the car to Craig Moncrieff for MOT and service he asked if I had done them myself? I confirmed and he said “well you forgot to paint the disc bells like we always would - I wasn’t having that so we painted them for you - no charge” 😆
  21. It’s 20 Danny. If you need any more help just ask. 😁👍 * sorry - someone had to 😬
  22. Very complex topic, but for me a relatively simple answer. Are NHS workers paid fairly? I don’t have a clue. Ask people whether they think they should be paid more and the vast majority of them will answer “yes”. But are they paid fairly? Around a year ago a huge number of people became overnight self-proclaimed experts in immunology and virus control. They knew as much or more than the experts in this field. Now we have a great many experts in the area of appropriate salary-setting. I am not one of these experts, so I consider myself in no position to cast judgement. I do know that what you might want to pay people isn’t always possible, and I strongly believe that the days of employers paying workers as little as they can possibly get away with, and the plucky unions fighting the cause of those workers to get what they “rightly deserve” are long gone. It is quite easy to compare your situation to that of others to suit your argument. A supervisor at a fish processing plant in Aberdeen makes more than a Nurse? Are you trying to tell me that a Nurse who cares for and maintains human life is worth less than someone who processes fish to put in our bellies? It’s outrageous! But there are plenty of other comparators you knowingly ignore in such situations as they don’t support your argument. Trade Unions are the employees of the employees, and as such have to demonstrate their value proposition too. It is in their interest for there to be bitter and very public negotiation around this topic, and to perpetuate the “them and us” model. Without this type of conflict, they have little to offer their employers. If an employer is forced into such a paradigm where they have to negotiate with a union, and they know that the organisation can afford X, but the unions will demand 2X, then they would have to be pretty stupid to offer the X they want to as their starting position. They agree on a final figure and the union reminds everyone how essential they were in this process. The media (particularly the print media) aren’t here to feed us with the facts or truth – they are commercial enterprises that exist to sell us their stories. When they aren’t feeding the insipid human need to be shocked / outraged / disgusted at the behaviour of other human beings, they are building their brand and reassuring readers that “hey – we think like you do”. They have put the NHS workers on a massive pedestal through the pandemic. Personally I think the NHS have stepped up superbly. But in this circumstance…. who else would we have expected to? Similarly the Police have been pressed to enforce unpopular social behaviour control regimes. They have done so. They have also done a great job IMHO. But in this circumstance….. who else would we have expected to do this? And if we suddenly find ourselves at war I’d expect the armed forces to step up. Who else would we expect to do so? You can apply similar logic to other frontline workers like teachers, but also copious hidden ones. Have people been knocking their pans in within pharma companies to develop effective vaccines? Yep. Have people been knocking their pans in within supply chains to ensure that everyone favourite toilet roll actually gets to the supermarket. That food and medicines still reach us. That we are still able to buy things that entertain us during lockdown. Yes. There are countless examples where people have continued working in environments where – despite additional controls being employed – they are under increased risk of infection. The media have singled out the NHS – partly cos it is fair, but also because it suits their rhetoric. As highlighted by others on here – the NHS accounts for a significant percentage of the UK workforce, so many of us have direct or more distant family members under their employment. Awesome hook. “We think like all of you do”. Within the private sector some of the people who have remained at their place of work have received 1-off bonuses to recognise their efforts. I would advocate the same should occur for public sector workers. Like the NHS. But I’d struggle to argue that they are the only deserving group. As others have stated, I’d keep the topic of salary separate from the current pandemic as one is “forever”, and the other is (hopefully) a temporary blip. PS – if they do go on strike, lets see how quickly the media turn on them once the health of the nation suffers.
  23. Damn - any idea what went wrong? 😕 I just took the car out for a quick spin in the dark. From the outside the film makes the lenses look like there is a fine misting on them, but I am happy to report that the performance doesn’t seem to be diminished by and notable degree. And I am probably more sensitive to this than most as I remain (AFAIK) the only Evora owner who has fitted uprated HID bulbs.
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