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  1. Ok it just confuses me because on the mirror section that it comes complete with the stem then there's a section where it shows the stem on its own, so everything I need will be 595 dollars? I'll order tomorrow when I get to work on my PayPal
  2. Ok that's brilliant so quantity one is 2 mirrors and 2 stalks in each order, just want to be 100% sure not a fan of ordering online from overseas, I'm old skool ha ha
  3. Am i right in thinking that you have to buy one of each mirrors and one of each stalks so total is 1190 dollars? They're not sold as pairs or as kits, each piece sold separately?
  4. Hi, I'd like a pair of these mirrors, do they come in just carbon? I'm new to the forum and been searching for these for ages, is the difference between the v1 and 2 the stalk design? As I'd like the ones you have featured on the black S2 in the pictures, just some for info please, what's is the price in sterling delivered and all a taxes covered? Thanks i noticed that the stalk is longer on the s3, is this a separate design for that vehicle because of the wide body? Or do they fit an s2 easily also thanks again
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