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  1. Initial looks impressive until you really look closely, let's hope its not the same guys painting these who did my Exige which was shocking and had to rectified by a detailer straight away. Looking at the pictures It looks like more parts bin items used, and again whoever is on quality control needs a trip to Specsavers, if these faults can be seen from low resolution videos what is it going to be like up close... and this is described as the show car... Comments form the head of design,, "A form of luxury" " Certainly a car like this everything has to exquisite in there" "When you pay this sort of money you expect everything to be very very special" 2 million really 🤣
  2. Looks like the NYLOC meet will be having a little more blue in the car park from now on,,,
  3. I have exactly the same set up, dash command is also worth a look
  4. I'm pleased i got mine before this change ,
  5. What software is that your using Glowred?
  6. We'll be there on Friday until Monday morning, towing the Lotus down though as its a long way from Upt North
  7. I'll be there both days if there's room, Saturday Bibs - Elise 111s Danny - LF1 #27 CocoPops - Evora 400 Hethel Edition Alfa2Evora - Evora NA Rick - Elise 2.2 DaveC72 - Evora S Mcx- Evora 400 Nigel Scott - Esprit S2 Martyn - Esprit SE Kalli - Exige V6S JAWS - Evora NA Hedgehogfromhell Marky68-Exige 350 Sport Sunday: Bibs - Elise 111s Danny - LF1 #27 Ian & Shan - Esprit S4s Alfa2Evora - Evora NA Rizla603104 S4 Mbes2 - Exige V6 Matt Black Rick - Elite 2.2 Sparky - Esprit GT3 Viper - S4s PaulCP - Essex Evora S Sizona - GTE (unless separate area for GTE's) DaveC72 - Evora S bp81 v8 esprit Neil - S2 elise Barrykearley - Esprit "im gonna punish you good for buying me" V8 Marky68-Exige 350 Sport
  8. Such as this?
  9. That's the one the thin spacer washer which is supposed to go behind the pocket
  10. It doesn't look like you used the spacer part of the kit there Mark is that correct?
  11. Great thank you. Will give you a call tomorrow Bibs
  12. Is the shop manned daily, I've sent a message through the online contact form and an Email yesterday evening and still not had any response
  13. Some interesting reading and comments regarding choices. I sold a GSXR Powered Mk Indy kit car (my 3rd kit car) and an E92 M3 for my Exige 350 Sport and although I've only covered about 300 miles so far (and one track test evening provided by the dealer) I have no regrets. The kit car was an obvious sale as taking it out was becoming a pain having to consider the weather, helmets and suitable clothing and lack of security if you parked it up. Selling the E92 M3 DCT was not so easy as it was probably my favorite car to date and I've had a good few, very practical, fast if you worked it, comfortable and makes a lovely noise if you have the rear box modded. I would have liked to keep it but financially it didn't work out sensible so I kept my E46 M3 instead (third world problems ) I too test drove a GTR, Cayman S, 911 Turbo but if you appreciate the raw feel of a car and the road it is clinging onto then the Lotus is the one in my opinion.
  14. Anyone had Gtechniq Crystal Serum applied to their Lotus, I have the option after my car has been detailed and paint film applied. I know it isn't cheap and can only be applied and bought by Professional detailers.
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