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  1. Okay this is also what is happening on mine. Good - one less thing to worry about ;-) Thanks
  2. Hi, I own a 1990 SE and wonder if the rear hatch is supposed to push itself up when released. In some videos you can see that the hatch just slides open when released, but mine does not. What was standard? Is mine broken or theirs upgraded? Thanks
  3. I guess this is not the right place to have some heated (pun intended) discussion about manifold materials. Is there some thread for this? So I would have to deal with Alunox directly anyway, because switching material would exclude it from this group buy, right? All of the manifold pictures for the stevens version show an external wastegate or that section is hidden (view angle). That is why I was asking (and EW 89SE probably as well).
  4. Hi, I have a 90's Stevens (Turbo SE) and some questions before I would commit to this: Can they manufacture one out of Inconel instead of stainless steel (for higher price obviously)? Will it be produced without the external wastegate, as I want to keep the original turbo which has an internal one? Thanks, Tom
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