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  1. 18 hours ago, MarkKassim said:

    Hi Tom,

               Alunox could manufacture this in Inconel and retain the internal wastegate option,but I haven't got an exact price but it would be over £5000, F1 cars use Inconel and professional race teams.Its used where weight is an issue being up to 40% lighter than stainless steel as the tube wall thickness can be reduced to 1 mm.  

    Dare I as ask why you need it as the 321 grade stainless can handle the exhaust gas temperatures produced by even highly modified Esprit's such as 'Dave Changes' car which is running at 460 bhp. The 321 grade stainless steel tube is a good choice for turbo engines due to it fracture resistance and temperature rating.

    The flanges and collector are 304 grade due to the wall thickness being any where from 5 to 12 mm thick and so have good heat transfer. They are machined out of a solid piece. 

    Alunox use the 321 grade tube in many of their products and have the tooling / expertise to work with it, unlike many of their competitors. 


    I guess this is not the right place to have some heated (pun intended) discussion about manifold materials. Is there some thread for this?

    So I would have to deal with Alunox directly anyway, because switching material would exclude it from this group buy, right?


    1 hour ago, NR2k said:

    Have you seen the picture at the start of this thread?

    All of the manifold pictures for the stevens version show an external wastegate or that section is hidden (view angle).

    That is why I was asking (and EW 89SE probably as well).

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