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  1. Dave, Hard not to write an essay on that one. I considered 997's but budget restricted me to a gen 1 with it's engine problems. I also felt the image perceived to some people was one I didn't want to be associated with. Looked at Aston Vantage but deterred with big running costs. I'd always wanted an Elise/Exige but having a family meant it was impractical as my only car. I did consider getting one anyway along with a cheap runabout but as my garage already has a 'project' in it I thought it best not to risk the marital bliss. Then around 18 months ago I saw an Evora a
  2. TomE - Thanks but I actually live in the North West near Preston. Anyone know of any meets up here? mik - It's a manual non-S. Thanks all for the welcome and comments.
  3. Loving it already. I've been wasting my driving life up to now.
  4. After a search lasting 18 months I'm finally the owner of an Evora. Absolutely over the moon. Wife already bored with me. Spent way over initially set budget but what the hell. Loving it. After 'lurking' for this time hope I can give something back. Tim
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