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  1. Thanks Chris & John, looks like i should have carpets then - there are a couple of press studs but they are not in the right places. So do the carpet pieces just glue on to the inside of the body shell? what about the rear lights? oh and looks like my battery cover board is missing. I could use the extra space as well so looks like carpets are best for me too.
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  3. Is the boot bare inside apart from the bag? No carpets or panels etc. i have an 84 turbo with bare boot - no bag, carpets, panels or anything.
  4. Ok im in for the full G car system at the new price £1700. 1) @rocket63 - Stevens S4 1995 Manifold - UK 2) @jcslocum (1984 G-Car just manifold) 3) @pmlee (Stevens SE, just manifold) - UK 4) @x180r19 (Stevens SE, just manifold) - CO, USA 5) @lewtus (Stevens SE, just manifold) style. (4 & 5) can ship together to CO, USA) 6) @Htown (Stevens SE, manifold only) Combine shipping with #4 & #5? - CO, USA 7) @greentengu G-car, just the manifold kit - PA, USA 8) @Bloodnok 1986 Turbo HCI Giugiaro - Manifold only. - UT, USA 9) @chris Steven
  5. Please put me down for an '84 Giugiaro Turbo Manifold kit (compatible with std rear silencer) Thanks Matt
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