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  1. Hey Gary How did you get on with your search? I'm based in Cambridge near the Science Park, with the Flame Red 350 Sport if that helps.
  2. Yeah, I have one of these Not crazy cheap, but refillable with the resin beads. If you found a cheaper source, excellent work.
  3. Nice. I like the screw reinforcement. Is that nylon or PETG? Pretty sure PLA or ABS will have trouble with petrol vapour.
  4. If you don't mind buying a spare cap into the deal, this might be an option... I'd offer to print you a new part in nylon, but I doubt it would be strong enough to last.
  5. Oh I do love it when racing teams use regular track days as cheap testing days and cause red flags every ten minutes. Means we can all have lots of fun sitting in the pits and queueing to go back out. No, that's not right, I f***ing hate that!! Grrr. Good to know on the noise limits.
  6. Hey @notabene I don't know if you already found my posts on doing exactly this mod, but if not, try here... ... as you can see I did have to make a small mod to the spacer, using a small lathe which I luckily own. Maybe you have access to one, or know someone who does. I also made some spacers to assist with correct assembly, and changed the bolts for longer ones. I suspect the spacer that George linked to avoids all this messing about, so I'd go with that instead. I'm not sure you can actually drop the stock seats by much, because the seat hangs down below the mounts, so dropping the mounts doesn't get you far. Certainly not 2" unless I'm completely mistaken. Maybe it was different on the S? Hope that helps
  7. Thanks for the write up Peter. Sorry it's taken me so many months to log into the forums. This year hasn't been the smoothest. Looks like the HID is better for real world driving visibility, out at distance. A bit hard to compare the wet vs dry tarmac. Dry kicks back so much more light than wet. Cheers
  8. It's worth noticing that the Pioneer units are resistive touch (i.e. single finger presses into the surface slightly, and scrolling/dragging is hard) whereas the Alpine CarPlay units are multi-touch capacitative like a smartphone/tablet screen. Worth trying one of each before committing that much cash. I'm beginning to consider a solution like the Alpine iLX-F903D, with its 9", non folding but posable screen.
  9. ... apart from the Nürburgring Combined Circuit. Looks great though. That's going to be taxing to learn. Nice that it's so compact for incident handling.
  10. Both tracks look great fun and the Exige is making a decent account of itself. BTW, do you know that you're holding lock all the way to corner exit rather than blending into the throttle? I know it's something I've worked on and so I kept noticing it in both vids. It doesn't seem to be losing you a huge amount, but might be something to bear in mind.
  11. LOL! Weigh yourself with and without the panel and subtract the two. Just sayin' Love those aero catches
  12. Hi Phil I'll give this a go. Let me say you are asking fairly reasonable, technical questions but are skirting the edge of overthinking it The response curves of the speakers are theoretical and will vary substantially once housed in the car. The graphs/numbers are probably based on an idealized scenario. IRL they will tend to have odd resonant behaviour that means you will end up tuning by ear to some extent. I got myself a plug in reference mic for the iPad which is helpful in smoothing out the crossover from sub to fronts, particularly, adapting the sub parameters to the front speakers and avoiding big resonances in the foot well. I use SpectrumView, but any spectrum analyser app will generally do, and you can probably use the built in mic at least for finding odd booms and spikes. Your approach is sound, cut over at 80Hz, i.e. as low as you can match, and I'd pick a reasonably soft roll off, so that you don't get obvious transitions on sweeps. So if you intend to use the crossover features of the H/U, I'd use 6dB/octave. HTH Martyn
  13. @Sport220 Good grief! Full tilt round Monza. Helmet strap hanging loose. What could go wrong?
  14. Reminds me of this, around 0:50... Dictionary says: dicey ˈdʌɪsi/ adjective informal Cold ZZRs in the wet.
  15. Huh!? That rear toe is, err, adventurous... Spec is 0.2 (400) or 0.3 (410 & 430), which translate to 0° 12' or 0° 18', I guess hence their range on the sheet. But they've chosen to set the car up with pretty much zero rear toe. Could get a bit dicey. Similar story with the front. They've definitely set it up more lively than Lotus spec the GT430. I'm guessing the stability you are feeling is the increase in caster (assuming that SAI is same as KPI). At 10° increasing to 11° that's pretty huge. I wonder if I'm missing something about that measurement. It'll be interesting to see how you feel about it on twisty roads.
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