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  1. Hi guys I am on the lookout for a 380 cup front access panel for my V6 Exige. So if you know of any for sale please let me know. Or any good suppliers. Thanks Paul
  2. Thanks guys Has anyone got the part number for the Lotus ones ?? Thanks Paul
  3. Hi has anyone fitted 380 rear canards to there 350 Sport bumper. Or could any 380 owners take some pictures of there's please. Thanks Paul
  4. I have joined the 250 cup group :)
  5. Hi all Any one used Alcon rear discs ? & have views on theme Thinking about a Seriously Lotus 288m/m rear set
  6. Hi @swindon_alan sorry for the delay i will coming in from the Wilton end in to Salisbury Paul
  7. We could meet up were ever is best for you fella (it will have to a steady drive as the boss is in the car lol)
  8. Hi Alan Sorry i do not go that way fella i go out to M27 junction Paul
  9. Anyone coming from the direction of Salisbury on Sunday & would like to meet up ???
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