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  1. Hi Mark, So It was you, i didn't have a clue who it was, that's the top road to Mossmoran just outside Auchtertool church, nice view of Camila loch from there to. All the guys seem to be doing their own thing now. Jim Love is having some events, but not near as many as past years. Let me know when you get your esprit on the road again. I don't think we have had a breakfast meet this year. Cheers Johnny
  2. Hi Brian, Unfortunately My one is still off road for some TLC, hope to get it back within the next two weeks.
  3. Hi Guys, Not many names up as yet, we will be going. I think my Son ids also bringing his exige. 1. Al. 2. Dude (Mini-me - well all but in physique ) 3. Alfa2Evora 4 & 5. Johnny & Audrey
  4. How about a wee drive round Fifes finest roads, Just a wee suggestion, Maybe Andrew Laing can incorporate a visit to his new foundry.
  5. 1 & 2 Brian & Jackie 3 & 4 Johnny & Audrey - eventually got the motor back after 8 and 1/2 weeks. 220 miles done on Sunday past. Vrooooom.
  6. Hi Roan, Did you have the Flywheel replaced? Johnny
  7. Hi, Where is the best place to buy Rear Brake pads for an Evora S 2011. can anyone send a link. thank you in advance. Johnny
  8. Hi James I hate to be the bearer of bad news but my 2011 Evora S is in at Leven Lotus for exactly the same thing, unfortunately for me it is the clutch, my one had exactly the same symptoms, Mines has only done 25,000 miles not sure what yours has done. The big problem is Lotus don't have spares, mines has been of the road now for six weeks. Major Job, Whole back end off. Please let me know how you get on. Johnny
  9. Hi Folks, Unfortunately my car is still in numerous parts spread over the Ramp and floor of Leven Lotus, so wont be able to attend. Have fun and drive safe.
  10. Hi Folk's Thank you for all your comments, appreciated.
  11. Hi Jairaj, thanks for your response, what is the approximate price for replacement.
  12. Hi, Can anyone advise on the life of a clutch on a 2011 Evora S, my one has only done 25,150 miles and I am having problems.
  13. 1 & 2 Brian & Jackie 3 & 4 Richard +1 (Breakfast only) 5 & 6 Steve & Julie 7 & 8 David & Shirley (breakfast only) 9 & 10 Johnny & Audrey (breakfast only)
  14. Hi We are away with the motorhome this weekend so unfortunately we can't make it.
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