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  1. So after three and a half years of owning an S2 K-series Elise, i decided it was time to cut my losses and move on In those three years ive had many issues from head gasket failure (twice), a hole in the radiator, brakes seizing, battery dying and even the engine not igniting on startup I had a few replacements in mind..Jaguar F Type, Ford Mustang 5L V8 or staying within the Lotus community. I will admit i was so close to walking away from Lotus until this beauty showed up on the works intranet one day. So i enquired and within a week the deal was done 2011, 32k miles, Tech pack, Sports Pack, Premium Pack, Titanium Tipped Stage 1 Lotus Exhaust, Upgraded Alpine units and the 2012MY dash ...and what a difference it is The power, the comfortability and even the smoothness. Its completely own league compared to the Elise and even many standard cars. The sheer power from the 3.5L V6 (Sports mode on or off) makes it great to drive on the country roads and noisy in the town while taking the corners at maximum speed with little effort Ive put on about a thousand miles in around two weeks and what i can definately say is i will not be getting bored of this anytime soon
  2. Name: Lotus Evora Click to view: Lotus Evora
  3. Im trying to source myself some Saltires. The Union Jack is beyond disgusting
  4. Can only see door card covers £79.99 with a stitching, which is fine
  5. Doing some work to my S2 Elise (2001) Looking for some of these without the huge expense: Short tail roof shroud (Any Colour) Interior door cards (Black, non carbon) Wing Mirror Covers (Black, non carbon) Centre gear console (Silver or Black, non carbon) If you have any new or used going spare then let me know
  6. Spotted a very loud yellow Evora overtaking some slow cars at the end of the Dolphinton Straight...was in my Silver S2 Elise at the time
  7. Sitting at the side of the road down from the old Harley Davidson shop. Looking nice and clean
  8. Bought my K-Series a front splitter to protect the nose cones but unfortunately was sold a 2011 reshape This means this will fit a Toyota S2 Moto-build racing sell these for £118 including postage but I will sell for £50 plus postage (roughly £12) If anyone is interested, drop a message or email
  9. Shared a little drive from the Gyle to Dreghorn in my Elise
  10. See you all after the new year...head gasket has went for the 2nd time in 2 years :(
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