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  1. High chance Colinton Road was me. I went to Meggetland for some Football just down from there
  2. Monday 16th - Passed a lazer blue type S2/3 Elise coming into Biggar. I had the Dark grey Evora with dads Old English White S3 Elise
  3. Weds 11th - Nice light blue S2 hiding in a little courtyard off the main street. Was heading to the orthodontist when it caught my eye
  4. Weds 11th - Dark blue Elise S1 with black soft top driving through penicuik about 3pm. Had the Evora in Tesco petrol station at the time
  5. So after three and a half years of owning an S2 K-series Elise, i decided it was time to cut my losses and move on In those three years ive had many issues from head gasket failure (twice), a hole in the radiator, brakes seizing, battery dying and even the engine not igniting on startup I had a few replacements in mind..Jaguar F Type, Ford Mustang 5L V8 or staying within the Lotus community. I will admit i was so close to walking away from Lotus until this beauty showed up on the works intranet one day. So i enquired and within a week the deal was done 2011, 32k miles, Tech pack
  6. Name: Lotus Evora Click to view: Lotus Evora
  7. Im trying to source myself some Saltires. The Union Jack is beyond disgusting 🤣
  8. Can only see door card covers £79.99 with a stitching, which is fine
  9. Doing some work to my S2 Elise (2001) Looking for some of these without the huge expense: Short tail roof shroud (Any Colour) Interior door cards (Black, non carbon) Wing Mirror Covers (Black, non carbon) Centre gear console (Silver or Black, non carbon) If you h
  10. Spotted a very loud yellow Evora overtaking some slow cars at the end of the Dolphinton Straight...was in my Silver S2 Elise at the time
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