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  2. Guy buys S3 in need of interior restoration (at least) from Germany for 22500 eur , does nothing to it, moves it to Czech republic price shoots up to 39000! LOL (unless both ads are from same guy which doesn't make it any less ridiculous)
  3. Apart from the lack of use issue I see the interior at least will need some work. In another set of pictures with another dealer we can see the engine bay Can you point me to the overspray?
  4. 993cc


    Sorry no Esprit yet! Just getting educated
  5. So is there anything else wrong with this car except the number plate, handbrake and passenger seat? Price?
  6. 993cc


    Early Esprit fan here (Giugiaro). Trying to educate myself for a while now in this forum. Nikos from Athens, Greece Take care
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