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  1. I'll discuss it privately by all means, I have no problem with that (if it's the 'big enough' point you are relying on) but you can't publicise your thinking then when you are questioned on it want to make everything private. I think the logic behind my point was very clear. It was presented to you as fact a page ago and the same approach was carried forward. It was presented in that way because that is how it reads. It's irrelevant now though, you've made your position clear, as have the forum mods. This forum has a particular approach and it is very very difficult to speak against it. As I said above, I take the points made by Bibs on board.
  2. Comments on other forums are exactly that. Not fight stirring,; Pits comment in relation to questioning belief of what is said by other's was disingenuous to those that make such comments. He publicised that thinking, no one else. And clearly others are thinking the same as their comments are far more direct than mine But I take your points on board.
  3. It's nothing to do with conspiracy theories. And certainly not a 'beef' issue that needs dealing with private email. Your previous (public) post asks us to question claims from people ("even if people claim to have heard it direct from the manufacturer"). You are asking us to question people that make these claims so I am asking you if Crouchy's claim is one I need to question. I didn't publicise that thinking, you did so my question is public in response.
  4. Is Crouchy's account one to believe or not then? You initially question the source of the referred to information, then someone comes along with a plausible account so you then take your scepticism to another level and ask readers to not believe everything we are told, even claims which include manufacturer's comment. Such comments from you sound incredibly disingenuous. Very typical modus operandi for this sort of situation.
  5. Lovely looking motor. That finish can be a bugger to keep nice but its a proper looker. I very nearly bought a matt v6 cup back in the day - looking back I probably should have
  6. Understood. Change of heart, we all have those for sure.
  7. Were you not upgrading the powerplant in your existing car? I assume this is a complete change of plan.
  8. Standard fare for V6, 2bular equipped. Noisy.
  9. The price of these cars is down to lotus' current approach to prices; squirting out rebadged/rehashed versions of the same car, very frequently with a large hike in price and little in difference. The buyback price to you is down to a market that is not completely convinced by the lotus approach and consequently, a dealer network struggling to move big ticket plastic at the rate it would like. It was absolutely bound to happen. An evolution of the brand's approach.
  10. Good review GFwilliams. Thanks for spending time writing it. Great pics as always. What makes you say you couldn't create the car by adding parts? I completely understand that in terms of true provenance, that is impossible but would you not be able to add the relevant seats, suspension etc to yours or are you saying that is not possible? It seems a pretty futile exercise bothering to do that but surely it's eminently possible.
  11. Write up these little things that have been done which make it seem greater than the sum of its parts. I'm intrigued.
  12. Got you This very point was discussed at length elsewhere when debating whether the 380s were truly sold out. I argued they were not as selling lots to the dealer network is hardly a car selling out. So now it's up to the network to sell them. And I agree and sympathise with what you say, it's rather disingenuous of the marque.
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