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  1. Does anyone know the paint code for the orange paint on the Esprit engines? I'm not looking to remove, sand, and repaint anything, just want to touch up some paint nicks around the corners. Thank you
  2. When my new exhaust was installed we found out the pipe going from waste gate to the muffler wouldn't fit. A new pipe had to be created by using the ends from the supplied pipe and some other stuff to make a new pipe. It might not be as pretty looking as the original pipe but nobody will see it. Thanks Leon for the exhaust- my car sounds better and seems to run better. While working on the exhaust we decided my next project will be giving the metal frame holding the radiator fans some much needed attention.
  3. It's interesting how every one seems to have their own problems, including me. I stopped by the shop yesterday to re-introduce myself to the car and while BS'ing with the mechanic he told me it took about 7 hours to swap the manifolds over. The support bracket fit well, as did the turbo, waste gate and everything else. However, apparently I have different OEM exhaust system than most people, and the new waste gate exhaust pipe will not fit. My mechanic traded emails and pictures with Leon, who agreed I have a Lotus exhaust system, but he's never seen that specific configuration before. That problem is being worked on and I should get my car back this coming week.
  4. I'm assuming this is a support brace and bracket. Where do they attach?
  5. I (finally) got my system today. It is indeed beautiful and I can't wait to hide it in my car and make it turn blue. Any kind of installation guide would be very helpful.
  6. At least three phone calls per day for the last 2 days. According to UPS, it was still in Louisville at 11:30 last night but is cleared to resume movement south.
  7. I ordered standard 2 1/2" system up to the turbo, without a CAT. I'm keeping the existing muffler/silencer. Leon put the value of my shipment at $2,500 which put me into a different category than everyone else. Why?
  8. I got a call from UPS. They said customs required a tax ID or SSAN from me because the value is listed as $2,500. Apparently anything above $2,300 puts you in a different tax bracket. However, it's been cleared from hold and is now scheduled for delivery on Monday. We'll see
  9. I called UPS and was told customs has my package on hold cause they needed my SSAN number. Has anyone else had this problem, and if not why am I the only one?
  10. Am I the only person having issues with US customs? My exhaust has been stalled in Louisville for 2 days now.
  11. Jon- do they ask for a check at time of delivery or give you a bill to mail in? I've found that everyone has their hand out. When I did the bank transfer to pay for my system, I had two outstretched palms I had to grease, one from a bank on each side of the pond. Welcome to 21st century business. Geez- here we go.
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