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  1. Thanks for your responses - probably right about getting the new ones! ................ however, having passed a camera van (sitting in the shadow of a bridge) at about 90 I shall see if I get a letter this week!!! Don't think I hit the brakes quick enough, but there was other stuff in front of me so maybe......
  2. I have had my existing calipers fully serviced so no problems with them at all, but they are dull black and the LOTUS words are discoloured, so I wanted to get hold of some old ones that maybe someone had upgraded, kind of doesn't matter condition, as I will send them off for full refurb - when they return and are fitted I would be happy to give my existing ones in perfect condition (bar colour) as p/x for the old ones .... any takers????
  3. Would you believe it - went to start removing the panels from the footwell and thought I would try the key fob boot release - it worked! Going to work much happier today! Thanks for the advice, much appreciated
  4. Seen leaving Truro toward St Austell on Friday - very tidy! And why am I always in my van when I see another Lotus!!
  5. That'd be me then!Live 2 mins away!
  6. Great, thanks for that - I was hoping to find the main feed to the fusebox but wasn't sure if it would be accessible - best solution so far! When it finally stops raining here I will give it a try - the window dropped because the door was opened, and now won't go back up so its all taped up with plastic!
  7. I have an idea, but not sure if it would work as electrics are not my strong point! The trunk release solenoid was working fine before the battery went flat, so the issue is energising the solenoid. If I remove the relay for the trunk release, then put a 12v - from a jump pack on the chassis and touch the 12v+ to the live feed pin to the solenoid, it should trigger the release...................I think! If anyone can advise if this is a bad idea, not going to do it until I have some kind of advice as i don't want to exacerbate the problem. Also in the fuse diagram, there doesn't seem to be a fuse for the trunk release, although it does show the relay position. I'm guessing the fuse is shared with another component, but it is not showing that.
  8. Charging hasn't worked so far, so its gonna be a trailer job to SWLC I think - cable sleeve has come apart so it won't run but it is still intact so maybe they can make it work. Other problem is that the window is also open as it does when you open the door, so now I have a black bag taped to the car!! I saw a black Evora coming out of Truro toward Tresillian on Friday, was that yours?
  9. Yes, i have been pulling the cable directly across the car. Thanks for the info - I think I will talk to my service centre on Monday!
  10. My battery has fully discharged, interior light stayed on I think - so I need to get into the engine /boot compartment, but of course the mechanism will not work without power. Easy you say, lift the back seat and pull emergency cable, except it won't move! Actually bent the retaining metal plate in trying to pull it. So now I am trying to charge the battery through the 12v socket in the car, but that means leaving the key in on first position to keep circuit open - so far after 3 hours not enough power to open the boot, so not sure if it is working. Any ideas on what to do next most appreciated..................
  11. I have an intermittent fault with the handbrake light staying on, then randomly going off, then back on again. Very disconcerting as I know it is also the fluid warning light as well, but i have checked fluid reservoir and checked connections and thats all ok. Occasionally when i put the handbrake off the light goes out then comes back on again. Any one know where the switch is located and how to access it please? Im assuming I will have to remove the centre console to get to it from above - any help greatly appreciated.
  12. Just a little Summer pic! Coming up to one year of ownership, with the exception of the odd orange light coming on, no issues to report - still loving it!
  13. Having only recently started to need the heater since I bought the car in July, I have only just found out that it is difficult to keep the footwells warm when travelling in excess of 70mph - below that they are ok, not hot, but ok. All the controls work correctly at lower speeds, so I assume that somehow external air is finding its way into the cabin although there is nothing noticeable - is this unusual, or is it something you just live with?
  14. Well I now realise how crazy my original question was about can you put an Evora through the car wash! I have never before taken so much pleasure from washing a car - and polishing - and I have loads of weird implements for getting behind the spokes and cleaning the depth of the rims. 4 months of ownership has been fantastic, only a couple of small things have gone wrong, one the door handle inside wouldn't work, took the panel off following Forum assistance and fixed that, then went into limp mode which fixed itself. Indy at Lifton did analysis and it turned out to have been something sticking in the throttle box - hasn't reoccurred so no worries there. Biggest problem is watching the speedo - it just races up there without any effort, and the torque from so low down is fantastic, nice not to have to always keep stirring the stick if you don't want to. Been away for weekends with wife, double duvet, 2 pillows, 2 big holdalls coats etc and could still see out the back window (well, as good as you ever can). The car is so distinctive that someone (unknown to me) posted a selfie on Facebook that eventually found its way to my account. Absolutely LOVE it! And if you are thinking of buying one, just do it. No apologies for posting a couple of pics
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