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  1. Happy 16th TLF, you've come of age And congratulations Bibs on making this the greatest Lotus forum on the planet bar none.
  2. I believe there were three VARI moulds for the Esprit, and vari being a good description. I call them short and long wheelbase, so you may have been lucky to have a repair section from the same mould as the original.
  3. What a great guy and what a huge loss for us all. Sadly life gets in the way and I hadn't seen and didn't know. R.I.P Alan,
  4. Hi Jim, Private message me ref colours cost availability ect. Steve
  5. I hope not, I was looking forward to another self employment support scheme payment, I've named my new Range Rover Borris...
  6. Yes sorry Oscar, I'm a carpet supplier/fitter, the entire country has been decorating for the last 3 months and now all want new carpet at the same time. Have PMed you
  7. I'd be quite happy to look after it for you Dan, I've got no hair left so won't need the shower cap...or would you just swap it for some action shots of you driving your Esprit around Hethel
  8. What a waste of wood, you'd be better off using that to to shore up the gable ends in the garage. Tell Ross and his dad, it's very dangerous putting a low roof above a trampoline. Is that yellow path made from Cotswold shail? Tell the misses you need about 20 tonne, then the kids can barrow and spread the 15 tonne left over to make a nice road up to the workshop.
  9. If you've had it from new, it drives well and the wife loves it, repair and keep. You'll know that car inside out, it's better the devil you know as they say.
  10. Asking for a friend My PCD is 114,3 and not 100 do you now if excel hubs and esprit hubs are changeable thanks.
  11. That's crushed velvet...would look great on the dash in purple with tiger skin seat covers and bouncy air ride..
  12. Presuming you have the same UN1 027 as I, I didn't think it possible to separate the gear cases without first removing the shaft nuts and 5th drive and driven gears, to access the secondary shaft taper bearing retaining plate bolts. Have you reinstalled the 5th gear detent spring and ball bearing into the rear cover ?
  13. It's an internal primary shaft bearing and will be bathed and swimming in transaxle oil before final assembly. More chance of gaining some grease in my oven
  14. I never said I was fast, but it's getting there. The one piece primary shaft upgrade is a little more involved than I'd anticipated, notice that first gear is now straight cut which means the secondary shaft also needed attention. The new shaft was too long to fit under my press, so I had some more practice on the kitchen appliances. It's saved me £1500 by doing this myself, it really isn't rocket science, all thats required are a few basic gear pullers and a press. I did damage one of the diff bearings on removal, so have ordered some new ones, but apart from that pleased with the
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