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  1. Try South West Lotus Centre, I believe their mail order service is still available.
  2. Slap wrist, didn't update this thread. Thanks to @Kevin Wheelerand the use of his rather distorted original Lotus carpeted cardboard cover, we managed to produce this from flexible ABS plastic ...
  3. Stripping the interior in order to gain access to the master unit is far more difficult than rebuilding it. The sloppy gearchange on mine traced back to this disintegrated nylon bush.
  4. Being a self employed carpet supplier/fitter, I now find myself, as many others in these difficult times, somewhat struggling for an income. So should anyone require new carpets for their Esprit, I'd be in my element self isolating whilst making a few sets, luggage compartment or interior. These great photos of one of our sets were posted on another site this week.
  5. For nearly a decade Team Lotus fettled tweaked and assisted Ford with the further development of the DFV, It's hardly surprising that when tasked to design and build a small lightweight and powerful V8 of their own, Lotus engineers used the knowledge and DNA obtained as usual from F1.
  6. I dread to think what you were doing whilst all this was going on....thank goodness I can't picture this, some things just can't be unseen
  7. So Elon Musk reckons, his batteries will lose 25% of their capacity to hold charge in 3 years, and cost 5-7k USD to replace. All of which means, my new Evija will get me from Bath to the Lotus festival on a single charge this year, but next year I'll need to stop and charge. And if Mr Musk reckons, you might take those figures with a pinch of salt.
  8. When new the battery life on my Samsung mobile phone was three days, after two years use it won't last out the day. Someone remind me the cost of replacement EV batteries. I must go, my battery is abou
  9. If you intend to regularly remove the footwell carpets self adhesive Velcro would be the best method, otherwise a non contact spray adhesive will secure them to the felt sufficiently without being permanent. Later cars (S3/S4) used 5 snap rings to hold the front footwell carpets in place which usually resulted in damage to the carpets on removal.
  10. Sharon had been told about this new Netflix documentary called DON'T F**K WITH CATS Hunting an internet killer... I couldn't believe my eyes, saw a picture of a guy in an Elise, and realised its all about our old friend and the author of this thread Luka-Magnotta. I've only seen S1 E1 maybe TLF will get a mention.
  11. Shirley the first place to look is in the sump. And why's no one mentioned f-ing silicon based sealants.
  12. Drastic measures if all else fails... As Barry said cut either side of the lower link and remove it, the stud is now halved as is its resistance. You can use heat cycles, penetrating fluid, unf nuts to lock and attempt to turn the stud out (keeping within a reasonable torque of course), or washers and spacers to draw it out, you may be lucky...Just leave that hammer in the drawer
  13. No keep at it, they look worse than they are, top arm bushes should press out easily. I also had trouble with the ARB circlips at first. Perseverance, penetrating fluid, wire brushes and good quality picks will eventually release them, then threaded bar, nuts and suitably sized sockets to draw out the bushes as you'll find the leading wishbone arm hampers the use of a press. The lower balljoints needed far more pressure than my small bench press could supply, a local hgv garage popped them out at around 11 tonnes. They'll then clean up like new with a blaster, i opted for powder coat but zinc is just as good. The new bushes will be far easier to insert than they were remove.
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