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  1. Thanks Ian for those words of encouragement, I took a look at your refurb thread, apparently yours was already dangling, all i found was a few pictures of @Sparky on his back fiddling with his hose. Thanks Steve, trouble is, I have to work out how to get the thing out first. 52 year old 16 stone carpet fitters aren't that flexible, the steering wheel had to come off just to allow enough neck bend to traverse into the Lotus position, it's going to be one of those that needs a day set aside without interruption. And lots of plasters...
  2. Now for that nice but dull beige 90's interior...time for some 70's electric blue bling. Of course that opens up more cans of worms, broken nylon bushings on the selector master unit, done... But the nightmare will be the jammed heater valve, I can see the cable disappear above and behind the pedal box, I can just about feel the valve with my fat fingers but I ain't looking forward to trying to get it out, SUGGESTIONS...
  3. Updates may be few and far between, mission creep has become near mission stop, after an expensive legal battle with the stepmother from hell has left me broke but now the owner a derelict bungalow with a huge but damp garage. There has been a little progress over the summer but not enough to shout about so here it is. Engine bay and quarterlight panels back from hydrodipping. Happy birthday to me...Quaife TBD and GTO shaft and gear kit, should i by chance get bored over those cold winter months.
  4. Thanks @Mightymetro , most of the originals were coroded, thread damaged or seized into their bushes and had to be cut, so all replaced with suitable substitutes, apart from the front top link and rear lower link studs, not OEM, and definitely not stainless.
  5. Send us some pictures of your knob. Here's mine. I've just replaced my shiny knob with an original leather one, the lever and gear knob are bonded together and come as one assembly on the V8 this may not be the case with the earlier Stevens cars but worth checking out.
  6. Hydro dipping transfer is now available in chrome, so if those reflectors are removable they can be recoloured with a bright chrome film.
  7. Please elaborate... You hold some diverse and interesting points of view, who are these people, and what is their agenda?
  8. Thanks @marchI'll take a look, not something I'd considered.
  9. I Not at all Martin, I see you are from London, your view is probably hugely fashionable there, as it would be in Scotland. The problem seems to be most of our broadcasting associations and media are based in London, most of our MP's live part time work and socialise in London, but London does not share the opinion of the rest of the country, we the majority outside the M25 are sick to death of hearing the doom and gloom, Brexit car crash, off the cliff, do or die propaganda coming from within the capitol every day. Please take a look at the voting map of the UK to see the huge proportion of the country that voted to leave, those MP's who represent that huge proportion should do so, and if they have lost their careers and salaries for refusing to uphold a referendum result, then that's the least they deserve. Let me give you another example of how out of touch London is with the rest of the country... Anti semitism within the labour party, that was headline news for weeks, as if it were the end of the world. Being from outside London it means absolutely nothing, I don't think I've ever even seen a Jew let alone needed to hear about anti semitism every day.
  10. My mid life crisis has decided it needs a Range Rover... For use as a daily driver / company vehicle, to get to those hard to reach jobs in isolated places during the winter months ect and also as a Chelsea tractor for the wife to ferry around our new granddaughter and associated baby manoeuvring equipment. There seems to be a few on here with the knowledge on what problems to look out for, which models to avoid ect, I'd obviously be needing a V8, preferably petrol, anything from 2000-2010, any advice muchly appreciated.
  11. Absolutely ridiculous, another example of an elected representative of the people misusing the powers entrusted to them by their electorate. I'm disgusted by the arrogance of these self important, self centered people, yes people is all they are, in many cases not very bright, I'll informed, and so far up their own asses that they forget those of us who put them where they are. It's just laughable to hear these cretins speak of democracy whilst changing the rule book to undermine a democratic vote. DEMOCRACY IS DEAD
  12. I know on a restomod there's no such thing as supposed to be, but the top of the gearlever gaiter normally goes over the lever inside out to hide the unsightly top edge.
  13. It's just a peice of rubber...order a piece of rubber matting on eBay for pennies and practice cutting circles with a sharp knife.
  14. Why not.? You would need to look hard to tell the difference between a good quality carbon fibre effect wrap and the real thing, also if you didn't like it you can peel it off again.
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