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  1. Ah in line pump..tank strap superfluous, So scavenge from LH tank, pump, filter, PRV return to RH tank. I know FA about the Turbo Esprit, so just putting this out there. Is sufficient fuel returning to LH tank via the balance pipe? (blocked or kinked breather pipes could cause vacuum and imbalance starving pump of fuel, killing pump) try running with fuel caps off. Air leak above fuel level in fuel pipe LH tank to pump. Though I did once have three toilet pans from B&Q that leaked, I don't think it possible to have three faulty fuel pumps so I'd be looking at the PRV before buying another, or finding out why they are failing before destroying another. Do these pumps run constantly? If not surely there's a relay of some description that's shutting down the pump and failing to restart.
  2. I wouldn't bother, it'll cost way too much...I'd also be prepared to offer my garage clearance service for free...
  3. Or the earth strap fuel tank to chassis.
  4. A367 Midsomer Norton, couldn't resist, just had to stop and ask who where why when. Fantastic to meet Nick and his new GT3, and better still it's going to be a local Esprit. In the wrong section, this is why I shouldn't post stuff after going down the pub...
  5. Nice work @Llewelyn82 Great to see another Esprit being maintained and futureproofed. These are the triangulated cooling duct supports as fitted to the later cars, mounted to the front cross member close to where you have yours but triangulated to the ARB mountings, construction solid steel bar. Your idea is spot on, but could do with beefing up a bit maybe. Come on get those carpets fitted, it won't be half as difficult as you think....
  6. Just twist all the glovebox repair threads together and make a new glovebox string.
  7. Nice one Barry...another under rated little British sportscar, you'll have fun with that until you flip it on.
  8. Now who's speculating... As these units are renowned for failure for no reason whatsoever and are unserviceable, so it makes good sense to look there first. I don't believe there's a test for these amplifiers without specialist equipment, @PhilW if you have, or know of someone with a known to be working unit just plug it in to see if it solves the problem to rule it out.
  9. We can't all be scientific geniuses like you Eric. Having had 2 Lucas AB14 ignition amplifiers fail on two different vehicles, both exhibiting the same symptoms (no spark), I'd say that puts me in good stead to offer my input, and is more helpful than anything you've come up with so far.. And I have checked, yes this is exactly the same problematic part as those used on the Jags.
  10. Those Lucas ignition amplifiers were a common failure on the V12 jags, even looks like the same part.
  11. I thought we said 50% of prophet, which means you owe me a grand. I accept cash or cheques
  12. A few years ago a young frizzy haired chap called @Barrykearley asked on here where he might find a set of carpets for his S3. Being a domestic carpet supplier/fitter with a wife who's a wizard with leather, I thought, we can do that, offered my help, and armed with a roll of paper and some carpet samples headed off to Worcestershire. The rest is history. Things have come a long way...Barry no longer has his S3, or any hair, and tomorrow morning our 50th set of carpets will be shipped off to the USA. So a huge thanks to all those people who have recommended, supported, and helped us get our little cottage industry off the ground.
  13. Are you avoiding those lower link studs?... I've not seen corrosion to that degree on a car that's supposedly roadworthy. There must be a worry that the expansion of the corroded steel stud and spacer within those aluminium lugs may have already cracked or weakened the casting.
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