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  1. These were done by BCS, they were completely stripped, refinished, all hardware replaced with new, hardlines were removed (not painted) and we're returned in a bag, but not replaced.
  2. Steve V8

    Gillette new Advert "Anti Men".

    It's about time some of the politically correct took a good look at themselves... I believe to turn a blind eye to one section of society whilst condemning another for the same behavior is in itself racist. The BBC is guilty of this all the time. I'm currently watching a period drama set in Napoleonic France, no expense has been spared on costume, makeup and sceneries, huge efforts go into covering every aspect to lead you to believe you are transported back in time to that era, then they cast a 'token' coloured guy as chief warden of the Bastille, would there really have been a coloured guy running a French prison back then. Perhaps next time they decide on a period drama about slavery we could have some white skinned slaves being bound flogged and transported, just wouldn't happen Until society is able to say and do without fear of offending, or actually offending black white yellow purple red green or blue people, society will remain racist.
  3. Steve V8

    Ceramic coating exhaust manifold - worth it

    I've recently had a quote back from Zircotec, manifolds and hot side of the turbos as per Mikes first photo above, ยฃ630+vat. Yes expensive, but we'll worth it IMO, not only to reduce engine bay temps and heatsoak in such a confined space, but also improves exhaust gas flow, and if extended to the hot side of the turbos promotes faster spool up, reduced intake temperatures and performance gains associated, you could call it a ceramic chargecooler.
  4. Steve V8


    Feck me...they do an azure blue one, got to get me one of them๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘Œ
  5. Steve V8

    S4 timing

    That's a good shout. A partionally blocked exhaust system will overheat the manifold. Of course could also be banana up exhaust pipe.
  6. Steve V8

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Constituency wise it was something like 80% to leave. Remember UK citizens living outside the UK also had the vote (Gibraltar posted over 80% to remain), most of Scotland London and very few other constituencies, the rest were Leave, if this had been conducted on the constituency basis the majority would have been huge.
  7. Steve V8

    Euro question - 23rd June

    The political hierarchy of this country is in for a huge shock come the next general election. The popular support of both main parties have been shit upon from a great height. These are my personal views and may not be correct. I feel that a huge majority of Labour voters, (I'd think 75%), the old stool and Northern core would be those strongly in favour of leaving the EU. The so called people's party have shown no regard for those people it was supposed to represent, instead, and as usual, has been hell bent on opposing and disrupting everything the other party does rather than thinking about the consequences. They will have disillusioned and lost a massive chunk of their support. Again similarly, the Conservative party brought about a referendum they were absolutely sure would end in a remain vote, against the will of its core support but the shit hit the fan, they, in trying to save face have hit the self destruct button by trying to leave without wanting too. And they too now face a huge loss of support, me included. Does anybody fancy Vincent Cable for PM, I don't think so So bring on Lord Bath and the monster raving loony party. Or anyone else for that matter, it's up for grabs...
  8. I find clear silicone is the best for looking into...
  9. Steve V8

    S4 timing

    I'd presumed the '93 S4 had electronic ignition and fuel injection (I could be wrong). Which then leads on to the possibility of the failure of a sensor or a sticking Idle air control valve, causing a lean mixture and hot running. Symptoms would be difficult to start without a bit of throttle. You could check the colour of the plugs. They should be pale brown, if they're pale grey to white you are indeed running lean. Another thought, if the battery or a sensor had been disconnected for a while, the ECU may need to relearn the correct idle settings, this will only happen after the car has been driven above certain speeds for a set duration of time. Had it been driven since the problem started?
  10. Steve V8

    S4 timing

    Also have you checked the exhaust valve clearances, too tight would allow ignition to continue into the manifold. A compression check will ascertain if valves are closing properly too.
  11. Steve V8

    S4 timing

    Have you checked the plugs are correct (ie; not hotter rated than standard)
  12. Hi Jesse, Oh no, what have you done? French fries with fish, no no no, that's not good, what you need with that fish is a good portion of chunky deep fried English chips and a some mushy peas. Beer looks tasty though. By the way, congratulations, the Esprit looks lovely, you're gonna have some fun with it.
  13. Steve V8

    Cool idea or absolute insanity?

    Just do it Dave, don't worry about it, she may surprise you. You won't need any spares, take a roll of wire and some cable ties to reattach the bits you already have.
  14. Steve V8

    Bittersweet Days

    Our condolences Lee, Alex's suffering is over, rest easy now and grieve with your girls, cry with them if you need to. She will always be with you. All our love.
  15. They could call it the Lotus Evite...