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  1. Ah, there's a colour matching issue here too, the anthracite corded boot lining has been discontinued, there is only a slightly lighter dark grey available now.
  2. Welcome to the joys of carpet fitting @RobinB5 , make sure when fitting the new carpet to have it correctly positioned before gluing it down, contact adhesive is instant and permanent, if you try to pull it back up the tufts will pull through the backing as you have already experienced with the old. @Giniw only the front section of the footwells has sound proofing mats, there is none directly beneath the seats S4 onwards.
  3. I can't send a photo of it cos I'm on it. This Samsung phone, specifically the camera, for reference images, to see areas of the car you just couldn't see without it.
  4. I'm not familiar with carbtune, I use vacuum gauges, (on multi carb bikes not Lotus) balance is normally achieved at tickover, but I notice from your video on throttle your mercury is dropping where I would expect to see it rise.
  5. Your joy could very quickly turn to pain if you jam something in or snap something off in those roll pins, use the correct sizes of punch. Separate the driveshaft yoke only as a last resort.
  6. A nice looking peice of kit, one of the better looking Chelsea tractors.
  7. I think I'd bite the bullet and invest in a new dizzy.
  8. Hi Brett, in my experience with the AB14 in Jags, they either work or they fail completely (no spark), and as far as heat soak goes on the early V12 jags the AB14 is situated between the heads so a much hotter spot than the Esprit, I'd be looking elsewhere.
  9. A standard engine crane won't reach over the luggage compartment so from the side with the car jacked rear wheels off , a load leveler will help if you have one.
  10. Happy birthday young Bibs and congratulations 🍻
  11. The plastic cover @Eriklrefers to is the cover for the A/C pipes, it's located at the forward edge of the inner passenger side sill on all Esprits with A/C up to 1992, it's a good tell tell, no extra hump on the passenger side sill means the car left the factory without air conditioning. However all JT facelift cars '93on with revised tubs (including your S4 @RobinB5)have those extra little covers on both sides attached by 2 rivets to the front of the inner sill cover and a couple of self tappers to the shell. The inner sill covers including those extra plastic covers should be removed as one to fit the new carpets, it's not necessary to separate them.
  12. Your existing carpets will come away from the sound insulation easily. Just be careful with the felt pads on the back of the wheel arches.
  13. Sorry to hear that Bibs, our thoughts are with you.
  14. I don't doubt your knowledge Filip, but if that were true it's just as well our Esprits don't have pollen filters...we'd have to put the flowers on the inside. πŸ˜·πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
  15. 1, Have you checked the integrity of the latching mechanism (coathanger) under the dash?Specifically the pivoting points. 2, At high speed the downforce will cause greater loading on the strikers relieving the grip of the latches, raise the strikers to stop the latching mechanism from dropping out.
  16. The platers/coaters can mask off or plug any areas where a finish isn't required.
  17. Mel Nichols of car magazine in the late 70's then Haymarket press is now lecturing at universities, close ties with Lotus and Lambo, I'm sure he'd love to sharpen his pencil..
  18. Noooo, you not catching my drift, the long bit looks too long (his is longer than yours) on Paul's piccy, perhaps its an optical illusion or because im looking through one eye.πŸ˜†
  19. Long end is too long to be an original Lotus part, probably fitted by a P/O. The vinyl covered metal plate may be a DIY attempt at a battery cover.
  20. Having seen your S1, I very much doubt this TE will end up anything other than perfection. Looking forward to seeing the progress.
  21. So Esprit and Elise = a secret affair with another lover. Evora = a threesome...
  22. Sounds a bit dodgy Lee, no wipers no back lights and a new M.O.T. If it runs and drives it's a shame to break it but you could double your money. Alternatively you could spend 30k and do it up, that way you'll end up with a beautiful ornament and no money at all ever again😁😁😁
  23. It's mockdown here in the south west, the seriousness hasn't really occurred as this is our first wave. Infections are running a mock through the schools and the government can't quite understand why infection rates are rising in young women. Perhaps those clever scientists should come and admire the unmasked habits of the gossiping locked down ladies (and some men) at the school gates.
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