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  1. I'm no roofer either, but I do repairs to my own roof. Looking at that rot I'd say that's been leaking for some time, the roofers had no choice but replace the flashing on your sisters side, and they could and should have had the decency to inform her. I see a couple of the cuts on her side of the ridge are broken and need attention, they could have easily been replaced while the ridge was off, but without getting up there are physically taking off a few tiles to have a look, did they damage the felt? is the lead wide enough?, it's just a guessing game, don't blame the roofers until you have some evidence of their wrongdoing.
  2. For me The Emira is just stunning, a masterpiece of design, not quite Bertone or Pininfarina but they're getting there, just needed to loose the still slightly over rounded "boat face" front end and it would have been perfection. The Evora from day one a disasterpiece, an amazing GT but just a bit ugly, beginning of the round boat face front end with too high a waistline leaving a flat and unflattering front clam, the screen angles up rather than flow to that awful bulbous roof line which always reminds me of the cut off top of a pumpkin, down over the over curved engine cover to the high rear end which although aggressive looks a bit like Peppa pig. Sorry deffo not an Evora fan.
  3. Heat soak is a problem with mid mounted turbocharged cars, I'm lucky enough to have a coolant recirculation pump on the V8, but that is Very good advice, something that hadn't ever crossed my mind.
  4. All Esprit with A/C, S2 onwards both RHD and LHD have the little cover on the passenger side sill only, to allow for the passage of the A/C pipes. I should mention up to the face-lift (S4), which then had those covers on both sides.
  5. I painted these magnesium alloy wheels with Smoothrite in 1987, still good after 35yrs.
  6. I've not seen soundproofing under the seats on any post 1994 cars. If you're going to put soundproofing there make sure its between the raised areas or you may hamper seat movement.
  7. My old bellhousing went to the scrapyard months ago, the slave mount had a damaged lug so went with it. I didn't think to make a precise comparison, but did take this photo of the old and new, they look the same.
  8. Yes 1996 V8 (september), I was expecting to find a single plate clutch and that the recall had been missed, but was surprised to find a twin plate under that cast iron housing. The recall for reversal of the recirculation pump had also been missed.
  9. This is where I'm at with my transaxle upgrade, I can confirm the the ball shaped pivot from the cast iron bellhousing does not fit the later alloy one. I had considered fettling (bodging) the old pivot in, but thought better of it, and am currently waiting for a later fork and the later cylindrical pivot. The slave or slave mounting bracket may also need changing or adjustment, but as those parts are external I'll cross that bridge later on.
  10. Steve V8


    I guessed this 5-letter word in 4/6 tries. ⬛⬛⬛⬛🟨 ⬛⬛🟨🟨⬛ 🟩🟩⬛⬛⬛ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
  11. This sign made me chuckle, it was hung in a bachelor pad I was working in today.
  12. Yes it's glued to the wood on the later cars, but you may be able to get to the brackets and remove those panels complete with carpet attached. I've come across two board layouts in the S2, the first having one large piece of carpet folded up the rear and sides and held in place with press studs to the wooden panels. The other has a separate floor and transom carpet glued to the boards, both have piped carpets fitted over the rear arches. We're still searching for a carpet to match the original Lotus loop pile, Martrims Ford/Lotus loop is stupidly expensive and not quite right. We use the black cord as fitted S3 onwards.
  13. Sorry to hear this Barry, its a load of hassle one can do without. Have a great break.
  14. Yes, my 96 V8 had the same sloppy gearchange problem. Removal of the master unit revealed these damaged nylon bushings (the other half had dropped out into the tunnel). The replacement bushings set is available from SJ sportscars, easy job to remove the master unit, easy job to do, be careful when removing the rubber boot (I tore mine, replacement was TR6), selector movement is now faultless crisp and tight.
  15. Not a clue about S2, but a special tool is available for the Stevens cars. Probably not applicable here, so come on S2 guys, member in need of assistance.
  16. Very nice, but where are we supposed to fit the towbar?
  17. There was no discussion with my Boss, whilst my car was in for a main dealer service she saw this...bye bye BMW, now we're a 2 RR household. This is an si4 petrol Evoke Revere, it just about the most unpractical car she could have bought, hardly any boot space, it's been in and out of dealership with problem after problem, she absolutely loves it.
  18. The tail of a jubilee clip interfering with the throttle linkage operation under the plenum has been known to cause loss of boost...after weeks of head scratching removal of the plenum revealed the problem, loosened jubilee clip, twisted it around, tightened it up, full throttle and full boost back. Might be worth a look🤔
  19. Since I'm updating...what a piece of kit this is, I've owned this 3.6td V8 for a few years now, don't it ever go, yes it not cheap to run but I love it, the grandchildren love it, my niece refuses to go in the wife's car if we go anywhere, it sounds like a V8 Hemi and pulls like one, best car I've driven since the Daimler Vanden Plas .
  20. Very little progress has occurred on the big project, but little is better than none. (She said) Some may have noticed my absence over the past 2 years, in October 20 I suddenly lost the use of my left triceps, no pain just couldn't lift my arm, not good news for a carpet fitter, but the eventual diagnosis of nerve damage could have been worse. Anyway, after 18 months things have begun to improve, we're back at it with the Esprit carpets, and I've now sorted the impossible to reach heater valve (broken cable), fitted one of our Wessex wool carpet sets and got the interior refitted.
  21. As promised, I'm back, not from the future, but back on line on TLF. I'll start by going back through the PM's and answering those Esprit carpet enquiries.
  22. Ah, there's a colour matching issue here too, the anthracite corded boot lining has been discontinued, there is only a slightly lighter dark grey available now.
  23. Welcome to the joys of carpet fitting @RobinB5 , make sure when fitting the new carpet to have it correctly positioned before gluing it down, contact adhesive is instant and permanent, if you try to pull it back up the tufts will pull through the backing as you have already experienced with the old. @Giniw only the front section of the footwells has sound proofing mats, there is none directly beneath the seats S4 onwards.
  24. I can't send a photo of it cos I'm on it. This Samsung phone, specifically the camera, for reference images, to see areas of the car you just couldn't see without it.
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