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  1. I don't doubt your knowledge Filip, but if that were true it's just as well our Esprits don't have pollen filters...we'd have to put the flowers on the inside.
  2. 1, Have you checked the integrity of the latching mechanism (coathanger) under the dash?Specifically the pivoting points. 2, At high speed the downforce will cause greater loading on the strikers relieving the grip of the latches, raise the strikers to stop the latching mechanism from dropping out.
  3. The platers/coaters can mask off or plug any areas where a finish isn't required.
  4. Mel Nichols of car magazine in the late 70's then Haymarket press is now lecturing at universities, close ties with Lotus and Lambo, I'm sure he'd love to sharpen his pencil..
  5. Noooo, you not catching my drift, the long bit looks too long (his is longer than yours) on Paul's piccy, perhaps its an optical illusion or because im looking through one eye.
  6. Long end is too long to be an original Lotus part, probably fitted by a P/O. The vinyl covered metal plate may be a DIY attempt at a battery cover.
  7. Having seen your S1, I very much doubt this TE will end up anything other than perfection. Looking forward to seeing the progress.
  8. So Esprit and Elise = a secret affair with another lover. Evora = a threesome...
  9. Sounds a bit dodgy Lee, no wipers no back lights and a new M.O.T. If it runs and drives it's a shame to break it but you could double your money. Alternatively you could spend 30k and do it up, that way you'll end up with a beautiful ornament and no money at all ever again
  10. It's mockdown here in the south west, the seriousness hasn't really occurred as this is our first wave. Infections are running a mock through the schools and the government can't quite understand why infection rates are rising in young women. Perhaps those clever scientists should come and admire the unmasked habits of the gossiping locked down ladies (and some men) at the school gates.
  11. I used non absorbent closed cell foam gym/exercise mat.
  12. I can Dave but, are you aware that the original luggage compartment and bulkhead carpets used by Lotus in the S1/S2 were a black loop pile cord, we use an automotive needlepuch cord (but in black for the S2) as used S3 on. I believe your interior carpet set is due to be started this week.
  13. I am buddy, though the dark grey is now lighter than the original Lotus anthracite. Alternatively you could have them in black. Cost £150 for the luggage compartment + £35 for the bulkhead window surround and quarterlight carpets. Best regards Steve
  14. Happy 16th TLF, you've come of age And congratulations Bibs on making this the greatest Lotus forum on the planet bar none.
  15. I believe there were three VARI moulds for the Esprit, and vari being a good description. I call them short and long wheelbase, so you may have been lucky to have a repair section from the same mould as the original.
  16. What a great guy and what a huge loss for us all. Sadly life gets in the way and I hadn't seen and didn't know. R.I.P Alan,
  17. Hi Jim, Private message me ref colours cost availability ect. Steve
  18. I hope not, I was looking forward to another self employment support scheme payment, I've named my new Range Rover Borris...
  19. Yes sorry Oscar, I'm a carpet supplier/fitter, the entire country has been decorating for the last 3 months and now all want new carpet at the same time. Have PMed you
  20. I'd be quite happy to look after it for you Dan, I've got no hair left so won't need the shower cap...or would you just swap it for some action shots of you driving your Esprit around Hethel
  21. What a waste of wood, you'd be better off using that to to shore up the gable ends in the garage. Tell Ross and his dad, it's very dangerous putting a low roof above a trampoline. Is that yellow path made from Cotswold shail? Tell the misses you need about 20 tonne, then the kids can barrow and spread the 15 tonne left over to make a nice road up to the workshop.
  22. If you've had it from new, it drives well and the wife loves it, repair and keep. You'll know that car inside out, it's better the devil you know as they say.
  23. Asking for a friend My PCD is 114,3 and not 100 do you now if excel hubs and esprit hubs are changeable thanks.
  24. That's crushed velvet...would look great on the dash in purple with tiger skin seat covers and bouncy air ride..
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