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  1. Does anyone have the production numbers by color for the 2010 Evora? I believe my car is Ice White it looks like a pearl color.
  2. Good eye. That is a trailer there isn't it? Interesting. I ask because I have something rubbing when taking an extended turn to the right (A turn like you would see on a clover leaf). I'm thinking the ebrake cable needs adjustment? It sounds like it's directly below the ebrake handle. Other than that the car has been amazing.
  3. That's not a fun day. Wow. I saw a youtube video of a guy rebuilding an Evora that flipped and rolled, now here's another. The under side plating comes off. I'd imagine the E-brake cable is under there. Just curious as to what else.
  4. FYI: Master cylinder was changed and everything has been great since. Thanks all!
  5. Does anyone have pictures from under an Evora with the shielding off that they could share? I'm looking for either actual pictures or a diagram from a manual. Specifically interested in what is directly under the front two seats.
  6. I guess that the price of driving an exotic. Might be a much higher rate for a mechanic on a Corvette in the UK? Given there aren't really any dealers and the typical dealership hourly rate is 175 to 200/hr at BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, ... If I'm not mistaken Lotus of Plano is 175/hr. Might be more though. I could get really low rates if I had a Mustang. Maybe as low as 30/hr? haha
  7. Yeah, I understand. I did look into the clutch before purchase. It works great and I agree that I don't need one. I'm fairly certain that the clutch is around 8 to 9k USD. Clam off, engine out, 40hr minimum job at 175 or so per hour. That's $7000 in just labor. My local Lotus dealer said it's a bit more than 40 and that Lotus underestimates the job. Personally, I don't think it's up to the dealer to say how long it actually takes. If they can't get it done in however long the their guide says then it should be their issue. Then they are adding bleeding the system at another 2 hours on top of that. So with parts and everything all in I believe it's somewhere around $8500? My thinking is just buy and automatic and put that $8500 into buying an S instead. You're just hard pressed to find an Evora here is all. Perhaps down the road I'll just buy a 400. I don't know. I do love the car though. Thanks for clueing me in on waiting for the gauges to do their thing before starting the car. Would not have thought about that.
  8. Thanks Steve. It's true I'm a bit down on my car and it's really scary to me at this point. When I did my research I didn't realize that a clutch was around 8 to 9k USD. I had thought it more 4.5k. Had the car 6 days and the clutch and brakes go soft after 188 mile trip of all straight highway with next to no turns or hills (no braking or shifting). My fluid was changed, probably not correctly. No every morning the clutch depresses half way and comes back to life after 2 minutes of idle. Took it to the dealer that sold it to me and they said they couldn't find anything wrong. Pointed them to forum articles where several have this issue. Can't find anything wrong. They said I could still take it to Lotus. Lotus is a 4 week wait since it's the only one in 300 miles. They only have one tech and he is doing a clutch on one car and then has three others in front of mine. My bright lights don't stay on. I wasn't concerned about that because it's minor and who needs their brights to stay on anyhow. Then I get home and notice that the speedo was off. Not sure of the cause but it certain feels like the straw on the camels back. Since I don't know the history of the 23,734 miles that were logged prior to me I'm very concerned over the reliability of the car. I just don't know. I love it but it frightens me greatly. I feel like finding a lovingly used IPS model S is where I should be headed. Again, I just don't know.
  9. Dealer didn't find anything wrong; yet, I know when I go out to the garage in the morning the clutch will be spongy. Just got home and now I've noticed this, which looks to be a completely new problem. I'm not sure how common this is but while completely motionless, the speedo reads 4 mph. In fact, with the car off it still shows 4 mph. *edit: just went back out to the car and noticed that the speedo reads 0. Is this common? What the heck would cause this behavior?
  10. Update: I had the fluid changed/bled. Clutch great.... up until about 10 miles of driving and then overnight parking. In the morning the clutch is spongy. After the is pumped 3 or 4 times with the car running it's back to normal. I'm guessing this is the master cylinder? Thanks!
  11. Gotcha. So I should be fine then I suppose. Or I should say I'll see how the cheap high temp stuff goes and knowing it has to be flushed again at some point I'll have the good stuff on hand and waiting. Thanks again all!
  12. Wow. I just looked up the boiling point of the Castrol SRF and it's wet boiling point is 518F and dry is 590F. I'm not sure what the difference between wet and dry is but this Pentosin is 329F wet and 509F dry. Which is about the same as the ATE Type 200. Has me wondering now.
  13. Picked up some Pentosin Super Dot 4 (supposed to have a boiling point of 509f) Think this stuff will be OK for a while? I'm hoping that is good enough for the moment and I'll order the Castrol srf in a few thousand miles. I was able to pump the clutch with the car running and it magically was back to normal, so I drove it up to my mechanic to bleed and change the fluid tomorrow. He mentioned putting header wrap of some other heat resistant material on the line. What are you'lls thoughts? Thanks!
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