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  1. V6 Cup for sale on Collecting Cars. I’ve no connection to it.
  2. RobbieB

    MOT Query

    I take mine to Oakmere, the Lotus dealer in Northwich. Have also used a local Porsche specialist, have you got similar locally? I remember when he jacked it on the rear jacking points and it lifted the front wheels he turned and gave me the weariest look I think I’ve ever seen
  3. Lovely car, they really get under your skin. See you’re in Macclesfield, I’m in Ramsbottom, if you ever fancy a meet up or drive out with Cup 079 let me know.
  4. Mounting the wing to the chassis or tailgate makes no difference to the downforce seen at the tyres. Chassis mounting might stop the tailgate getting cracked but that's all.
  5. Photographer on the day was Dylan Reynolds, shamelessly pinched from his facebook gallery Not sure I'd have been standing on the outside of that corner though!
  6. Quite liked this one from Opentrack Angelsey last week.
  7. Oh I'm in north Manchester too and would be up for a drive out.
  8. Another season of sprinting at an end. Here's a lap from Anglesey, I've solved my under steer problem, maybe a bit too well, it's a busy lap.
  9. The video doesn't match the traces, in the video he leaves it in 4th up to rocket which is 120 mph, the traces show he's in 5th with a peak speed of 132 mph, the video does not show his best lap. The lap from the traces is a good lap, not much more to be had.
  10. Here are my trace numbers from an April sprint plus some thoughts. V6Cup, EX430 kit, no chargecooler, Trofeo Rs 205 Front, 265 Rears. Standing start on cold tyres from the old pit lane: Church min speed 77MPH (Evo 85mph) Max speed up to Rocket 130mph (Evo 132mph) It was a good lap from Evo, doubt there was much more, to be had. The gear change up to rocket loses a chunk of time, you change at about 120mph from 4th to 5th, it's a slow change across the gate so you're coasting for quite a distance at that speed. You can see a similar thing in the Evo trace above.
  11. New class record at Aintree. Record previously held by a Porsche 911. Nice that it's now held by a British sportscar at this historic track, for a little while at least. Also, thanks to Seriously Lotus who's spring rates and geo settings I stole!
  12. Any one make it today? Turned round, too much snow for me. Stopped at the services for breakfast and couldn't open my door due to a build up of snow and ice in the intake. A kind fellow, who spotted my dilemma, came and cleared it for me so I could get out of the car.
  13. Waiting for valet parking at the Grand in Brighton. Caused me a moment of Ferris Bueller anxiety!
  14. Thanks for the fast replies. Now booked, see you all there.
  15. Are there still places left? Have sent you a pm.
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