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  1. I think it is section Pflanzgarten of the Nordschleife.
  2. A set of brand new Michelin PS4 was the best tyres I have driven on an (very) wet circuit so far, only about 10% slower than my best dry lap on Pirelli Tropheos. Also very good on dry roads. Here's a video from Zandvoort in 2017. Car is a 2016 Exige Sport 350, absolutely stock in regards of performance parts.
  3. Sorry, page numbers of this documents are somewhat strange. It is page 10 of the pdf, which has no printed page number.
  4. @ Mattmahope: Maybe I am not eagle-eyed enough, but to me it looks like your harnesses are not mounted correctly. The shoulder straps with the yellow ASM labels should be used on the inboard side of the car. These labels cover the ASM cartridge. You might have a look at the fitting instructions of ASM Schroth harnesses, for example: ASM instructions On page 16 it says: Separate SCHROTH asm harnessbelts are supplied for the left and right sides. Black asm cartridge must be on the inboard shoulder strap when system is installed (see illustration). Never install belt on wrong side of vehicle. System will not function properly in an accident and serious injury or death may occur. I personally think it is not THAT dangerous, but I am sure you would do yourself a favour by exchanging the shoulder straps of driver and passenger sides. With the ASM straps mounted correctly, in an accident the upper bodies of driver and passenger tend to turn away from each other. The way they are mounted in your Exige increases the risk that upper bodies and/or heads of driver and passenger collide in a car crash. Regarding the wooden boards you are using: At least they look better than the ones I am using to drive in and out of my garage. 😉
  5. Hi Norbert, yes, I have tried both B5 and B6 in an Exige S2. B6 is no option für me because I would like to keep the seat belts for road use which is only possible with the B5. As far as I can tell after trying them only in a parked car I would say they both support very well. There is the option to keep the seat runner of the driver's seat, so getting in and out of the car shouldn't be a problem, at least with the B5s. Have you already tried Tillet seats yourself? Most other seats are to wide for me, the Tillets are not. I am 1.75m short and try to keep my weight below 67kgs (must not eat to much chocolate spread ;-) ). I'd like to get the seats padded, with black and yellow alcantara and embroided Lotus Logos on the head rest so every German police officer can instantly see they are standard. AFAIK it is not possible to really make them road legal in Germany, which is a pity.
  6. Wow, that was quick, thanks a lot! I have just harnesses in my S1 Elise and I too like the race car feel, but at junctions and when reversing I think they are a PITA. That is why I don't want to go this route with the Exige, which I drive a lot more on the road. Thanks again and have a nice evening! BTW: Steve has sent me some pictures of your car to show how the seats look like in an Exige, very nice! Of course he couldn't know I had seen this in the flesh already.
  7. Hi George, I have read your thread once again and want to thank you for sharing your experiences! Very interesting to read. Maybe you remember our little talk about the Tillet seats at Nuerburgring GP track. I was there with my yellow Sport 350. I’d like to get some B5s too and want to install them together with my original seat belts and Schroth harnesses in parallel. Although I am in contact with Steve Tillett I couldn’t figure out yet if this is possible. I have noticed you have harnesses in your Exige now. Did you keep the seat belts too or could you tell me if this is possible with the Tillet seats and brackets, please? Many thanks in advance, Ulli
  8. Saturday I had a closer look at it and decided to get a 0.5 mm shim before having a go at it. On the left side there is the abs bracket and a 1.5 mm shim, so if I exchange the latter for a 0.5 mm shim I can retain the abs bracket on the left side. On the right side there is only the (1.0 mm) abs bracket which I will remove then. So thanks a lot for all information which encourage me to go for it!
  9. Don't get me wrong, I don't like this idea at all! At a first glance I had the impression there is nothing else that I could use, but I will have a closer look at it. I am pleased to read you seem to have found a much better solution.
  10. That sounds good, thanks a lot for the info! Do you remember if there is something more suitable than the springs to fix the zip-ties to?
  11. Hi all, I am thinking about removing the abs brackets to further increase front camber. I understand the abs brackets are there to mount abs cables and connectors. My questions to those of you who already have removed the abs brackets: Did you mount the cables and connectors in another way or just leave them unfixed? If so, did this cause any problems? Many thanks in advance, Ulli
  12. Hi Gary and thanks for the info! Stiffness of sidewalls isn’t my primary concern as I have a second set of wheels with trofeos for dry track days too. The PS4 seems to be a very good tire for road and wet tracks then. I think I will go for a set. Would be good to know what the cause for the steering wobble is though.
  13. Hi Gary, it was very nice sharing the garage with you at Spa! I hope you and your mate got home without too much hassle. My Corsas had suffered from quite e few heat cycles and had only 5 mm thread left before Saturday and I found them much less confident inspiring and less grippy compared to new so I need new tires for the road and wet tracks soon. I understand you have experienced new Corsas and new Michelin PS4 on wet tracks. How did the Michelins perform at Saturday compared to new Corsas? Cheers, Ulli
  14. Ulli


  15. @ Bibs: Thanks a lot for your welcome! @ Norbert: M.A.S. is very near for me as well, only about 35 ks from Essen. Had test drives of an Exige CR and a Roadster with an automatic gearbox there. Good to hear their workshop service is good.
  16. Hi Norbert, seems I had been totally taken away by all the sensations with the Exige and its first day on track, because even now I can't remember we have been talking. I hope you don't take it personally and that we'll soon get another chance to meet. Zandvoort with LoT in August maybe? I share your views on TLF and the German forum in comparison, especially if you are talking about the 'yellow forum'. Which Lotus dealer are you using?
  17. Hi Norbert, if you are thinking of a yellow Sport 350 at the LoT track day in June, that was my new Lotus. Apart from harness bar and harnesses it was absolut standard, even with Corsas at that time. So I wonder if it could have been louder than other V6 Exiges. After reading a lot here recently your posting motivated mehr to create an account and write my first posting, so hello everybody! At the moment I am in Croatia for some holidays including some track activities at Rijeka/Grobnik with the Exige. Have a nice evening, Ulli
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