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  1. Seems to be fairly common these days. My Cayman GT4 arrived without the books. It's not just Lotus.
  2. Yep, those views ring some bells. Now, go buy one! I'll get some pics up of mine later in the week, not that it hasn't been seen before. A few days in with mine and I'm extremely happy with it!
  3. I can't deny £££££ tipped me toward selling. GT4 is an epic car and also a lot of car for the money, even at current prices. But it's not perfect, steering feel, gearing and it's perhaps a little too nicely appointed. I'd hankered after a 911 engined Cayman for ages, ticked the box and moved on slightly underwhelmed. Exige on the other hand will be a more enjoyable experience I believe, time will tell.
  4. Fatsterjack


  5. Just to fan the flames..... I sold my GT4. I pick up my Exige LF1 on Friday. As a drivers car the Exige is a compelling proposition. Some will love the convenience of a Cayman but from my experience I'm expecting more smiles and miles in my Exige. Fiesta ST will make a great companion car. I've got an Abarth 595 - drove it to Bristol and back over last couple of days. I must be mad! Track them both, I was out gunning 911's in my Abarth on track recently, you'll find it huge fun in both! Cheers FJ Footnote - I obviously can't comment on the quality of the 911 drivers but it was fun none the less!
  6. Not that one, no, although I was tempted to go and have a quick look when I was down that way. I've gone for no. 10 at Westover in Poole.
  7. Well after very short deliberation I've put a deposit down on an LF1. Will stick with the Trofeos to start with and see how I get on with them. Can't wait to get my hands on it. FJ
  8. Well I've decided I'll most likely go for the coupe (having now driven one) and despite the threat of serious harm above ? I'll probably get a soft top conversion. I've got a particular car in mind which has Trofeo tyres, so good to hear they should be ok in the wet on the road. Thanks again for the continued input, all helpful. FJ
  9. "At the first sign of drizzle though, I would turn everything back on!" Wise words I don't doubt! Talking of precipitation.... What are the Trofeo tyres fitted to some cars like in the wet? Just for normal (sensible) road use?
  10. I've been warned then! I guess I just want the best of both worlds! Last two toys have been a Boxster GTS and a Cayman GT4. Coupe's and soft top both have their attractions and the ability to switch between both depending on time of year has its attraction.
  11. Thanks for all the replies, all helpful. As I will be using the car on the track the race pack is pretty desirable for me but I've seen a few roadster's with it spec'd so if I went down that route I'm sure I'd find one..... I do like the coupe styling though (read wing and splitter). What has everyone experienced with the coupe soft top conversion? Any issues or is the coupe roof effectively a roadster hardtop roof anyway?
  12. Looking at likely used up to 18 months old - fair point on some of the cosmetics! I don't like the 350 hatch treatment....
  13. Cheers seems a simple question but suspect I may get some differing views! FJ
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