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  1. Anyone have one knocking around, to remove the third cat?
  2. Hello chaps! So still very much love the Evora.. but a few niggles are there.. here is an update:
  3. With the weather as it is not got much chance to use the car.. do t want to drive it when salt abounds as it does now. In the meantime I’ve fitted a new weighed gear knob, same as the 400 one I think and also have the K&N to fit. Hoping it gives a little more intake noise! Aside from that still not 100% sure I’ve got to the bottom of the water in driver side mat.. as once dry it did get wet againon the edges. However that may have been residual water in the footwell. I’ve since hosed it down and it seemed to stay dry.
  4. Chaps, gave her a good detail yesterday and love it more than ever. Not been able to drive it much yet. There are quite a few things I’d like to do but I’ve a few questions, especially as money is tight right now. 1. Going to fit a different gear knob, I saw the sports racer all alloy one is the best bet and they’re not expensive so will go for one of those. Also Is the upgraded gearchange cable an easy DIY or not? 2. Do you know if the standard alpine unit has a separate amp? My car has upgraded speakers but midrange is still awful. Don’t want to change whole unit but if there is an amp it could be a cheap upgrade to change 3. Everyone seems to use Pirelli P-Zeros but they’re not very highly thought of in other car makes.. are they really the eBay fitment for the Evora? 4. Does my S have the third cat or not? The delete pipe would be the cheapest way to get more exhaust sound but 2bular told me UK spec S cars don’t have it, only NA cars. Who’s right?
  5. My pick up video and 400 mile drive back!! Few small things I want to possibly do to it, will check back with you guys.
  6. am potentially interested.. tried to PM you on Fb (you also advertised there..) but no reply as yet.
  7. Was weird that, all I’d did was put in a link to my original Esprit post and it came up like that. So don’t know why it is showing it. Possibly your car was mentioned in that thread.. gutted to have missed it when you were selling.
  8. Paul from CMC cars popped down to take a look yesterday. Confirmed car seems good. Next step is CMC will PPi and service the car, rectify any niggles.. and then if all goes well am going to go and pick it up. Possibly a road trip with @JayEmm if we can work out the logistics.
  9. Had a good chat with @The Lotus Position. Car sounds good. CMG are going to go and take a quick initial look today and if all seems ok will get them to the PPi and the service. Craig's got such a good rep that I think it's better than going through Murrays. So far the guys at GTi world have been great and very accommodating. Lets hope it all works out. Jamie at B&C was fantastic but at the end of the day the blue car is just a better car for me, as long as it all checks out. watch this space..
  10. Thanks.. had a read. Useful thread..
  11. Yes totally not bothered personally, was just thinking it would be better to have for resale
  12. not a Lotus dealer but seriously considering this too.. the only downside is wheels are not as nice as on the red car.. and it's not at a lotus dealer but with full yearly Lotus dealer history and I could get a PPi done by Lotus Edinburgh.. Less miles than red car but no rear seats and crapper wheels.. and no dash lift issue. I prefer the red cooer but blue is not bad. New&onesearchad=New&radius=1500&postcode=sw156ep&page=3
  13. yes..just a sticker! B&C have already offered a decent discount over sticker price of £36K, trade cost to them to get this fixed is apparently close to £1K, the dash top alone is about £600. So they won't just swallow that on top of the discount already offered. The question is whether it is possible to get this fixed cheaper with just the clips, I could take the dash out myself. Some have been fixed that way for sure, question is whether this one can be too. I'm working to find out. Thing is price wise and spec wise this is pretty much a good deal for me seeing what else is around, the white car is I think a really good buy but I prefer the red colour wise and spec wise too.. so am trying to decide between the two. Jamie is due to call me today so I'll talk about it further with him. I would have liked a 2012 but they seem to start out at £38-40K from what I've seen and that is generally cars with 40-60k miles on them...
  14. Good spot Pete.. I got quite excited as it has a 380 sticker on the back!! But I can have the red B&C car for £34k and that has half the mileage.. or a white car with even less miles privately for £32k... but thanks for keeping a look out for me! That’s what my research indicates as well but B&C should know and seem to think it’s not fixable without a whole new dash top as the leather has shrunk and pulls the front of the cover back.. I’ll talk to them again tomorrow and find out more
  15. Chaps, thank you all very much! Particularly Trevor and Peter.. both there when the Lotus thing started for me! Always really likes the guys on this forum too so it’s good to be back! Quick question you may be able to help with. One of the cars im looking at has airbag cover lift (the window side is flat but opposite side has lifted about hld and inch) so there is now a visible step. I’ve been told it’s a very expensive fix, requiring the whole dashtop being replaced. I’ve seen some guides from guys in the US fixing theirs but that seemed to be broken plastic clips. Jamie at B&C who are selling this one seemed to think it was due to shrinking leather and that the only cure is a whole new dash top. Any input on this at all? I could easily do the work myself but parts alone would apparlely run into the high hundreds..
  16. Some of you may know me already from the Esprit section on here..More or less 16 months ago I jumped in and bought my boyhood dream.. a Lotus Esprit Turbo S3! This was part of my YouTube series ‘12 cars I always wanted to own’. Trying to get through them in 2 years. I ended up keeping the Esprit for 12 months. Way longer than the 3 I planned. Would have kept it but I could not. Loved it though and became a bit hooked on Lotus. So now I’m up to car number 9 and again looking at a Lotus. An Evora to be precise. Drove one yesterday and adored it! Am considering an red 2011S from Bell and Colvill (Jamie there who I dealt with is a great guy) and a white one advertised privately. Do you guys know of any others on the market that maybe aren’t advertised? My top budget is £35k.. Here is the link to the original Esprit thread..
  17. Hi, my Essex Blue car also has a blue leather interior. Anyone know what code or name that would be? or how I can find out? Thanks!
  18. You can buy transfer kits online ... google it but make sure you use the right typeface and so on! I'm taking mine off as they yellowed !
  19. Chaps, have made the difficult decision to sell. This was only ever supposed to be a short term thing of a couple of months but the Esprit almost ended up being a keeper. I really do love this car but with my 12 Cars films I do need to change. I had a deposit very close to my asking price of £26K within a day of advertising but unfortunately the deal fell through as the guy wanted me to deliver to Lancaster. I think it is priced right but if by chance it does not sell I think I might be quite relived. In any case wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for being so friendly and supportive. I really like Lotus owners.. so much so that the next 12th car is likely to be a more modern Lotus! So if the Esprit goes you might see me again in the Exile (Exige I meant!) forums. In the end my 964 needs too much work and would have been too difficult to sell so I opted for the Esprit and Lancia. See here how close I got to keeping it:
  20. EDIT - Please use
  21. POA is one of my biggest pat hates. It is also often done by unscrupulous dealers who have cars on sale or return, thereby preventing the owner from finding out what money they are actually getting for his car. In any case it is absolutely bollocks. I would not by a POA car on principle. That car does look good though


    Lovely interesting car!! Must be lovely to drive with the Rover V8! I too am a little dubious about the wheels but the main thing is that you like it!

    Nice S4

    Agree with you guys that the rear light conversion is simply hideous. Also the colour mismatch makes me suspicious of what else is going on with this car.. surely someone who has spent so much and pampered it would never put up with that.
  24. Cars are often undervalued at auctions to whip up interest.. this went for over £20K in the end plus the buyer's premium which will be around £1-2K.
  25. Congrats barry... saw this on Facebook too! Looks absolutely lovely. You need to get an S1 now... unless you've already got one?
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