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  1. @BatMobile I removed the kit a year ago. The car ran fine when it was on, it was louder, more responsive and definitely faster but I can't tell by how much since I didn't dyno it. Edit: Just make sure to get the o2 sensors installed correctly, this is the most common mistake I have seen.
  2. Hello everyone, Been driving around today and suddenly got both check engine light and the yellow gear with (!) I hooked up the bluetooth OBD scanner and got this code: So Anyone came a cross this?
  3. Just curious about the guys who did an upgrade and got a tune by email, did you manage to look at the ecu parameters or make any kind of logs to further make the tune accurate? Like Target AFR, timing, fuel trims, shift points\firmness, knock censors etc...,
  4. And finally she’s alive!! I took the car last Saturday to my mechanic and picked it up yesterday. The instructions that [email protected] sent helped a lot. Like we thought before, the problem was with the o2 “Lambda” sensors. They had to redo the whole o2 extensions per komo-tec instructions and voila! Car now runs smooth, no hiccups and no check engine light. I drove it for a few miles with my laptop hooked up to check for codes and so far so good. There is some weird smell! I guess that's normal for new headers? One thing remaining though, they couldn’t reinstall the heat shield back because the oil line needs to be rotated, and to do so, there is a fitting that should have been supplied with the kit but for some reason it wasn’t! I informed Daniel and he said he will send me one. I’m eager to put the car on a dyno and see the difference but until I find a road loading dyno, this will be pending.
  5. Happened twice with me. Dealer said it was loose MAF sensor.
  6. @550superfast Hey Gary, yes I have spoken with Daniel and he explained what was going on. He said: "the problem is that your ECU file is a version we never had, it is not a common style, so we need to do a new file specially for this. This costs a bit time because three different people are involved in this. I will try to push them." I got the new map on April 18th and had it uploaded to the car however, there was no change and still have the same errors and hesitation. I informed him and he said that the lambda (O2) sensors extension must be connected in the wrong direction. Daniel thankfully sent me the instructions file for the EX410 which should make things easier to check. I will take the car to the mechanic hopefully this Saturday.
  7. I agree with you that this could be a hardware issue but still, with the new map the number of codes might be reduced and then, I know where to look. It could be the o2 sensors or an exhaust leak or the maf sensor, that's my guess. For the intake we tried both the stock and k&n filter but not for 15 min as it idled poorly, I didn't want to leave it idle like that because it might foul the spark plugs.
  8. @550superfast Thanks Gary, I have just sent him an email and will see how this goes.
  9. Hey Norbert, The guy who's always replying my emails is called Sascha. Does Daniel have an email? I never called them cuz I'm not sure if they can speak English, the dude replying my emails is obviously using google translate.
  10. Emails going back and forth with Komo-tec since march 27th and still no map! Each reply is "We will send it today" or "Sorry for the delay, we will send tomorrow" I'm not sure what's going on, they are obviously stalling, and the car is just setting at home, I can't neither drive it nor troubleshoot the codes. I would have excused them if they gave a certain time frame for this tune, or a reason why it's taking such a long time when they are fully paid!! This is a really bad customer service in my books. Not sure what can I do at this point, any advice guys?
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