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  1. I've just had similar symptoms sorted with a change of the clutch sensor. Funnily enough I've also got a squeak from the pulley. I'm having the dealer look it later in the week whilst it's in with them for some other work to be carried out. I'll report back on what they say.
  2. Hi, I'm after a bit of advice. Just noticed my left side headlight is loose whilst washing the car. Does anybody know whether it's a simple fix to tighten it up or should I be booking it back into the garage? Cheers, Paul
  3. pickle

    Evora GT430

    I love the fact that judging by the lack of footprints the driver must be crouching down in the footwell ?
  4. pickle

    Evora GT430

    I wasn't being entirely serious, but thanks for the clarification anyway.......
  5. pickle

    Evora GT430

    In that case it's a definite conspiracy - surely too much of a coincidence that the noisy exhaust button disappears once they've got the transmission grumble sorted???
  6. pickle

    Evora GT430

    Does this only relate to the manual exhaust button, or does it mean that the valves also remain closed when you switch to sport and race if you're below the rev threshold for them automatically opening? Seems a shame to lose this functionality as it's the only thing drowning out the noise of the bloody transmission at low revs
  7. pickle

    Evora GT430

    @Trevsked I've just sent you the price list by PM. It's dated 26th September 2017. The TTX are a £5k option and are only available on the 410.
  8. pickle

    Evora GT430

    I fully agree. You've also got to add into the mixture that the GT430 variants will be very rare and ownership will come with the satisfaction that only 6 other people in the UK are as lucky as you. The 410 might well be the sweet spot, but that doesn't stop me trying to get the numbers to work on a GT430 sport. Great article by the way ?
  9. pickle

    Evora GT430

    Quote from the article: 'If you could spec a Sport 410 with Ohlins TTX dampers and the titanium exhaust you’d get very close to £100k' I noticed the other day that the dampers have now joined the Ti exhaust on the price list for the 410. Specced up with AC but no stereo I got up to £96300.
  10. +2, apart from perhaps the interior bits
  11. @PaulCPmust be something about people called Paul ?
  12. I bought my 400 new 12 months and 8000 miles ago. We also have a new discovery sport. Both cars have had niggles but the Evora has been the more reliable of the two and the dealers much more efficient in getting things sorted. The problems that I've had have been minor and certainly wouldn't put me off getting another
  13. pickle

    Evora GT430

    I'm not sure that the GT430 or GT430 sport really is GT3 price though. Speccing up a GT430 sport to my taste was circa £110k. Having just done the same for a GT3, without going mad on anything cosmetic, I was coming in at £130k. Even a specced up GTS was coming in at £116k. Throw into the mix that there's not exactly a lot of other manual sports cars out there at this level, the relative exclusivity of the GT430 and the potential of a 50/50 finance deal (if this is available) and it looks pretty tempting to me. Granted not everyone will see it this way though.
  14. Did you resist the temptation to do a lairy powerslide whilst exiting the field?
  15. I'll keep my eyes open for you. If you see a grey Evora 400 be sure to wave. The red accents look great, personally I think that you need something like that on dark cars to finish then off.
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