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  1. Hi David, Cheers for the advice. I think that this time the culprit was a blown fuse - changing it has got everything working again. I wonder whether the recent cold weather froze the fluid in the pipes causing a blockage which blew the old one. Thanks again though
  2. Thanks for this, it was something that really bugged me too and I had resigned myself to live with it. Just ordered myself a replacement Out of interest (and sorry if this is too obvious), can you alter where the jets are firing so that they miss the hatch by sticking a pin into the nozzle itself?
  3. Cheers James, worked a treat. Incidentally I'm watching your troubles with interest as mine is one of the early cars too (LOTUS on dash, leather on the pad in the boot, different peddles than older cars.....). So far things are going okay, with the worst I've had to contend with being a dead battery. Hope you find resolution soon.
  4. Morning all, I'm after a bit of problem solving advice. My washer jets seem to have stopped working. This is after I topped up the fluid last week, and also the recent cold weather. Wipers operate fine when I push the stalk up or down, but if I press the button on the end to spray the screen I get nothing - no jet, no sound and no screen wipe. This makes me think it's something electrical rather than a blockage. Has anybody else had this and found a solution? Is there a specific fuse or connection I should be checking? Thanks in advance!
  5. The photos really don't do the car or the weather justice, but it's an absolutely beautiful day in the peaks today. Climbing out of town the fog gave way to beautiful sunshine. Looking back, Buxton was lost in a sea of murk.
  6. As I was no good at the last game, I thought I'd come up with a new one.... Driving through town tonight and I was spotted from a distance of by a group of teenagers. I could see them looking and calling comments as I burbled closer in sport mode.... as I drew level with them I dipped the clutch and gave a good old prod of the accelerator. Cue many expletives and startled chavs as aural hell breaks loose Childish but fun for all parties
  7. Oooooh, I like this game. Is this your car?
  8. There's now also a really good independent beer shop called The Beer District. If you go in mention that Paul with the noisy lotus recommended them and they'll know who you mean, I've spent a bit too much money in there recently...... Buxton and the surrounding peaks really is a lovely place to live. I have to constantly remind myself how lucky I am to daily drive the roads that I do.
  9. Following on from this, I also had my geometry looked at this morning. If anything it was further out than @JayEmm. On the drive home in torrential conditions the car felt much improved to me, more stable and settled through corners. I'm now 2 months and 2000 miles into ownership and I have no idea how much the geometry being out was a result of the suspension settling over time and how much is due to it not having been checked before I collected the car - either way, if you're a new 400 owner is probably not a bad thing to get checked.
  10. I think to be honest it was more about the process and teaching himself new skills than the finished product. Just look at his enthusiasm through all the videos. I personally think he's done a pretty good job, but to judge solely on the quality of the finished product is only considering half of his achievements. @Bravo73 not sure anyone has said this, but thanks for taking the time to post each new video up on this thread and to keep it ticking over. It's very much appreciated.
  11. pickle

    Evora Sport 410

    I like it myself, but I do think that the design has created two hollows for water and leaves to collect in. Something that I've noticed to a lesser extent on the 400. Nothing that would stop me from getting one though....
  12. That's more like it Is that second one on Solomon View? If so, did you turn left at the end??
  13. There's an Evora in that photo?
  14. Did you do a video? I'd love to hear how that sounds in an enclosed dyno room
  15. Morning all, I appreciate that this probably going to be a bit of a niche thread..... First snowfall of the year in Derbyshire last night and I'm a big kid. Hopefully it'll herald a cold and snowy winter! To celebrate I'll invite you to combine two of my favourite things and post photos of your car in the snow (you get extra points if there is a dog in there somewhere too ). There are no rules and no prizes, and it's for no other reason than I like looking at them. I'll start us off with mine from this morning
  16. I thought it probably time to resurrect one of my favourite threads (and not just because of the short skirts....) Found out today that the 400 has excellent environmental credentials. I believe that 'bug hotel' is a no cost option. Sure it's a little additional weight, but it can be offset against my CO2 emissions
  17. pickle

    Evora Sport 410

    'Stering' and 'breaks' isn't right either. @Bibs could you point this out to them? It would be a shame if this detracted from the cars. At the end of the day I'm quite relaxed about spelling and grammar but others are less kind.
  18. pickle

    Evora Sport 410

    I think I'd be speccing the stereo, perhaps not for the music but in order to get the rear view camera which I'm assuming it'd come with. It's proving invaluable on my 400, and let's face it trying to parallel park a 410 is likely to attract some attention..... Last thing I want to do is spoil my CF diffuser on the tow hook of some old barge in front of a crowd.....
  19. Hi Hymo, I've got nothing to report back yet, but I'm planning on upgrading at the end of November. I've been quoted for Fosgate Rockford Power series components which should apparently fit and offer good sound. I've just gone with the recommendation of the fitter as I know nothing about this sort of stuff. Total quote including fitting is around £1200 and I'll update my experiences in here when it's done. I'll also weigh everything going in and coming out to see what difference it makes. To be honest I think it'll be negligible, probably comparble to filling the washer bottle and carrying my tow hook and manual in the car....
  20. pickle

    Evora Sport 410

    It may sound a little strange, but quite apart from the individual merits of the 410, I'm probably most excited about the coverage that Lotus will get in the press and the increase in the profile for the Evora. The Evora really is an amazing car but it seems to get overlooked - hopefully the 410 will go some way towards addressing this. Also, I'm a sucker for shiny bits.....
  21. Excellent, that'll just be around the time that I'm looking to swap my current 400 Would be nice when the time comes if you can spec the the power hike and lightweight alloys from the 410, but keep the everyday usability of the 400. Targa roof panels in clear polycarbonate would be lovely too
  22. @Colin P Are you finding that you hear the boot click but it doesn't unlock when you press the button twice? If so, try unscrewing the two black bungs either side of the hatch half a turn. It worked for me when I had the same problem as it just helped the boot 'pop' a little when the catch was released.
  23. It might be a bit of a long shot, but you haven't set the doors to automatically lock when you drive off have you? When I tried this out myself I think it stopped the boot and petrol cap release, but the remote still opened the boot.
  24. @Ccd I'll leave it to Jayemm for the proper reviews, but thought I'd mention that I have absolutely no issue with rear visibility in the 400. There's just enough of a view through the rear hatch that you're aware of what's behind and the wing mirrors are actually pretty big and offer a good view. So much so in fact that I was frustrated changing back to my 3-er over the weekend. You have the added benefit of seeing the air intakes and swollen hunches
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