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  1. I might try that with some popcorn..... I was meaning the other front boot. I only found mine the other day. It's a pain to access as I had to undo some torx screws, but it's huge in there. I think I could probably fit a golf bag. It's where lotus place the factory fitted amp, and you can access the track mode for the exhaust.....
  2. There's a tool kit???? Where do I find this? Is it in the front boot?
  3. Congratulations, and welcome to the metallic grey club Have you collected the car yet?
  4. I agree with the comments above. For me one of the most impressive things about the car is just how civilised it can be. You can also put the car in sport with all the changes that brings, and press the exhaust button to close the valves in the exhaust so that things are quieter if you so wish. No good for track days as the valves open again above a certain rpm, but fine for making rapid progress on the road.
  5. Seems bit of an extreme reaction to someone taking an interest in your car to be honest. I think I'd have been more inclined to share the love. Sorry.
  6. It could be, but was the stock battery really that bad? Mine was Bosch which I thought was considered a decent brand. Happy to be educated though....
  7. One month and a 1000 miles in and I've just had a replacement battery fitted under warranty at my running in service. I had to jump start the car first thing to get to the garage and the mechanic had issues too once I was there. I think that my car must have been left standing for a while at the dealers I bought it from before I had it and the battery discharged completely. No harm done though, and glad it only manifested itself today when I was already booked in.
  8. If you're sure.... here it is
  9. I'm over at Nottingham Lotus today for my running in service. Whist the car is up on the ramps with wheels off I decided to grab some photos of less seen parts of the car. If people are interested in seeing any specific parts let me know in the next couple of hours and I'll see what I can do.
  10. We're just doing our bit to spread the word..... Any idea what the collective noun for Evoras is? I like the sound of a 'confusion' or 'bewilderment' of Evora.
  11. I think that the starting point would be the price of a new Evora. Depending on how you spec it, it could be considerably more.
  12. Just watched one of these for the first time and now I'm hooked. Looking forward to the next one. Surely the chap must be aware of this thread by now. If that's the case and you're reading, say hi. The scale of what you've taken on here and the diverse range of skills needed is just gob smacking....
  13. Cheers - I guess that's my question answered then
  14. Hi all, Quick question for those of you with black pack. Does the black of the roof match the other blacks in the car? Mine seems to be a slightly different shade from the A pillars and the black surround above the boot opening. Cheers, Paul
  15. For me, I think that something like an alfaholic GTA-R would have to be on the list....
  16. Hi James, That's really interesting to hear. Were there any other components that you considered but discarded, or was the choice pretty limited? I'd also be interested in hearing a little more about why your OCD isn't happy with the tweeters (photos?). Thanks for taking the time to write this up, this is something I'm planning so it's very useful for me.
  17. @Gm77 I love the color and I love the car. I think that I get less attention in terms of teenagers shouting at me in the street than I did in the orange demonstratori borrowed, but that's only a good thing. The interest I get tends to be from car enthusiasts rather than magpies attracted to something shiny and loud. A few more middle aged women chatting me up in petrol stations wouldn't go amiss though....
  18. Tried to make the most of the sunset this evening. The pictures don't really do the car and surroundings justice though...
  19. Not the best photo on a camera phone, but my attempt to capture the really nice light this morning
  20. @blindside I couldn't agree more with all of your post, but in particular the comments about the gt4
  21. As a measure of this, my wife asked to borrow the 400 today to take my daughter, accompanied by my mum to the park. I can't imagine this happening in my old VX
  22. No, you're still grounded for what I caught you trying to do to the dog
  23. I've had plenty of things to think about this today and I've come up with a list. I'm sure some will have been mentioned before. - It smells lovely - It feels special even at low speeds - The single wiper is pretty cool - 'lotus' people tend to be nice people, and owning a 400 makes me feel like I'm part of something. - makes an excellent pizza warmer - has anyone mentioned the exhaust now yet?? - it has a true split personally which meant that I stepped out of it after a 5 hour journey today feeling pretty good, and yet an hour later the noise and awe made me laugh out loud whilst driving down roads more familiar to me. - The ceiling is lovely and tactile I'm sure I'll have plenty of frustration during my ownership, and I'm not blind to the cars foibles but I'm happy to accept them for what I get in return. Just thought of another one.... - the view of the air scoops in the wing mirrors, and the fact that the wing mirrors are actually a usable size
  24. @Steve V8sounds a bit freaky, but it could work. I do like an older lady
  25. Plenty of positive reactions from other drivers heading back, including being videoed on mobile phones. Still a novelty for me. Finally I had the chance to stretch the Evora's legs over the Cat and Fiddle on my way to collect my stepson this evening. It's such a really impressive car, and the sound is addictive. My wife will hate it!!!
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